ADSU Schedules 2nd Feb. 2021 for School Resumption -Tells The Public to Disregard Fake News on Academic Calendar

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The Adamawa state university, has fixed 2nd of February, 2021 as the tentative date for school resumption.

The date was scheduled following an emergency Senate meeting held 14 January, 2021.

This is contained in a press statement issued by the university information and protocol officer, Belmond Benson, and made available to newsmen, Thursday, in Yola, Adamawa state.

The statement reads, “The Adamawa State University Senate has approved Tuesday, 2nd February, 2021 as the tentative date for reopening of the Institution for resumption of Academic activities.

“The date was approved by the Senate at an emergency meeting held today 14th January, 2021.”

The statement adds that, “It should be noted that all non-pharmaceutical COVID-19 protocols would be strictly observed everywhere on campus and every student must undertake to abide by all the COVID-19 protocols both within and outside the campus.

“Students are expected to make arrangements to provide themselves with face masks and hand sanitizers to compliment the effort of Management.

“The general public is urged to disregard any information in circulation with regards to academic calendar or resumption date.”

Breaking: Boko haram fighters Sighted Around Garkida Town in 9 trucks, Member Representing Gombi Calls for Help

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The lawmaker representing Gombi Constituency in the Adamawa state house of assembly, Japhet Kefas, has called for immediate military intervention in Garkida to forestall a possible second attack by the Boko haram insurgents on Garkida.
Kefas said local sightngs suggests that some Boko Haram fighters have been spotted in 9 trucks around kalamba, in the outskirts of Garkda, Saturday evening.

He explained that the sightings has triggered panic and unrest in the community adding that movements was similar to the kind which the insurgents made in the attack on Garkida on the eve of Christmas.

Japhet said, his community would not be care free with the information on the movements of the insurgents, because it was in a similar manner that the insurgents operated on the eve of Christmas, resulting in the deaths of six persons.

Kefas said, ” Information has just reached us now that Boko Haram men are mobilizing themselves to Garkida for another attack.
“Now we are mobilizing hunters to Garkida to repel, another possible attack.
“We are working keenly to deploy vigilantes and hunters to Garkida town, the logistics is quite demanding to carter for the hunters who will be camped in the town for sometime.”
Kefas disclosed that, “The casualty from the attacks by insurgents on Garkida on Christmas Eve was six instant deaths and it is still not yet clear if the two persons abducted by the insurgents are dead or alive.
“A search party made up of hunters and civilian JTF, have been deployed to search for the two young men abducted by the insurgents and they are yet to be found.
“Due to similarities of the mode of operation adopted by the insurgents, our communities would not afford to joke with this available information on the sighting of the insurgents in nine trucks heading for Garkida.
“There’s need for precaution, and we have notified all relevant security agencies about the possibility of a second attack by the insurgents on Garkida town because of awkward movements reminiscent of the first attack on the eve of Christmas, resulting in the death of six persons.
“We can’t count the casualties but there were six instant deaths;
“A fourteen year old girl and one vigilante are receiving treatment for gunshot wounds sustained in the attacks.
“The attackers burnt trucks, pay loaders, heavy trucks meant for the construction of Gombi- Garkida and Biu Township roads.
“They also burnt a bus loaded with wrappers, looted shops and houses and set the vigilante and military dent in Garkida ablaze.”
Attacks by Boko Haram elements on Garkida, a town located at the foot of Mandara mountains, exploited by insurgents in the guerrilla warfare, have witnessed recurring attacks, particularly during festive periods.
Early this year attacks by the insurgents left scores killed while churches, hospitals and telecommunication infrastructure in the town were destroyed.
It was one of the worst attacks carried out by insurgents since the recapture of the town from the insurgents in 2014, following the capture of Gombi, Michika, Maiha, Mubi North, Mubi South and Hong by insurgents.

Gov. Fintiri Signs N140.340 Billion 2021 Adamawa Budget Into Law

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The Adamawa state Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has on Saturday December, 26th signed the 2021 budget of One hundred and Fourty Billion naira, Thirty Four million, Four Hundred and Nine Thousand, Four and Fourty (N140,340, 409, 440.00) Naira into law.

The Budget which is Tagged Budget of Stability, was earlier passed into Law by the State House of Assembly on Thursday December, 24th.

Governor Ahmadu Fintiri while performing the ceremony at the Dougerei Government House Saturday, said the budget is designed to strengthen and sustain the government’s massive projects in the state and to revamp the economic and infrastructural landscape of the state.
Fintiri said, “Democracy without human and infrastructural development amounts to nothing because governmnent must add value to the lives of its people.

“For the first time in the history of the state, about 52% of the budget is earmarked for capital expenditure while 48% of the budget is for recurrent expenditure.”
He noted that his government has earmarked N11 billion in the 2021 budget for youth and women empowerment explaining that his governmnent is committed to addressing youth restiveness experienced in the country in the wake of the EndSARS protest which he said was a result of unemployment and that his governmnent intends to address that challenge through economic empowerment of Youths and women in the state.
The governor challenged the media to keep track of his government’s activities in order to ensure that the budget is fully implemented.

I am Working Hand-in-Hand With Gov. Fintiri to Build Adamawa, I am A PDP Man-Binos

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The senator representing Adamawa South senatorial zone, Rev. Binos Dauda Yaroe, has refuted as false and misleading, any rumoured claims that he would be leaving the PDP for APC saying he has an excellent working relationship with members of his party at state and National level.

Binos made this known while addressing newsmen, said he has no problem with either the state governor, the party chairman or any other person at the state or national level to warrant leaving the party.

“I’ve no reason to defect. I don’t have problem with anybody in my state or the nation.

“In fact I will say I’m working hand-in-hand with the governor in the interest of the state and I am working with the chairman of the party chairman A.T Shehu in the interest of the state.

“I am a PDP man, I’m going nowhere,” Yaroe said.

Speaking on some of the progresses recorded, he said the senate has passed the bill for the establishment of the school of Geological studies Guyuk for second reading.

Sponsor of the bill and the senator representing Adamawa south senatorial zone, promised to work with key stakeholders to ensure the development of the state.

Leading the debate on the establishment of the school, senator Yaroe said the establishment of the school in the area will address unemployment crisis in the area.

“Unemployment is a very serious challenge in the country. Like agriculture, the mineral and mining sector has a great potential in reducing the unemployment problems.

” But the sector itself is facing shortages of skilled, middle and junior man power.

“The establishment of school of Geological studies Guyuk will go a long way in providing the needed manpower for the industry.

Guyuk is endowed with large deposit of limestone, Gypsium and coal among many minerals and is centrally located in the north east Geopolitical zone which makes it ideal for the location of the school,” Yaroe emphasised.

While supporting the motion, senator Ibikun Amosun, and Tanko Almakura said establishing the school is consistent with president Muhammadu Buhari’s economic diversification policy and will add the much needed impetus to the country’s economy and reduce over dependence on the oil sector.

Danger Alert!!! (Video) Adamawa Residents Seen Watching A Tanker Spilling Fuel, Next Time Run!!!

News RendezvousWhile it has become a common site in most communities in Nigeria to gather around a common event to watch, there are however certain things that demands just by common sense, that one should take to their heels and head for the best hiding place or the safest place or distance.Quite to the contrary in Yola, Adamawa state, a petroleum tanker loaded with petroleum products capsized and spills fuel products and instead residents keeping their distances, they rather thronged to the venue of the accident along Jambutu-Bye-Pass road to watch while the danger unfolds.Fire explosions involving filling stations or Tankers are really dangerous and can spread to some distances and no one in their right minds should approach a fallen tanker with fuel oozing out of it to watch because it is a potential time bomb.

Husseni is A Rabble-Rouser and a Political Jobber, Fintiri Won’t Be Conned-Dogo

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Good Intentions And Giant Strides Of The ATM Governor Wins Again.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Adamawa State Governor on Social Mobilisation, Victor Dogo, has cautioned the oppostion, frantically aiming a dig at the governor, suggesting that the looted palliatives were consignments received from federal government but not given to the people.

This notion was also voice by a known rabble-rouser, Husseini Gambo, whose utterances have been mischievously aimed at causing chaos and inviting some misguided youths to continue looting against the governments best wishes and intentions.

Gambo, the mastermind of the fake viral audio blackmail against Gov. Fintiri, is a man who has the habit of cooking up lies and hurling insults at elders in the state.

Dogo made this known in a statement made available to the Media Newsmen in Yola, Adamawa state.

He has in the past rained insults on some leaders in the state including former vice president Atiku, Boni Haruna, Nyako, Bindow, SGF present and immediate past, just to get financial benefit from them.

Now he seems to be applying the same evil tactics on the now passionate Governor of Adamawa state but Fintiri is not such a man to condescend to cheap blackmail.

It is however shocking to see a man who should play the role of an elder mischievously doctoring an audio and making comments tantamount to creating disturbing public peace, all aimed at gaining financial reward..

It is only apt and timely that the youth of the state call for investigation into his utterances and activities of this man as part of the process of getting to roots of factors instigating the recent unrest that led to the looting of government warehouses.

“We are totally disappointed and wish to call on the Executive governor to call him as a father to order because we are worried at the unwarranted and misguiding words.

“The first time my boss His Excellency heard of Husseni instigating unrest he was calm, yet Husseni went further trying to cause division until it has now become a habit.

“It is likely he instigated the recent comments that mislead the hoodlums and the Governor is not happy with this, so he should please desist from such actions.

“He is becoming a security risk in the state. The same man went further sending around his doctored audio pretending he is an innocent baby cat. But thank God we are aware of the long patience of the Governor all this while.”

His said, “The narrative is false, misguided and mischievous in all fronts.

“The mare endorsement of looting of public and private property by Husseni Gambo is enough to trigger an outburst of disdain.

“This is a man bent on using lies to plough evil at every given opportunity, this makes Husseni Gambo an enigma to the people it seeks to impress, it also leaves such a politician with the heavy duty of explaining how towing away of tractors, removing roofing sheets, brandishing knives and clubs, in any way resembles attempt to get food items.

Dogo said, “Since the flagging off of this Fresh Air government, it has been unapologetically committed to addressing the needs of the people of this state especially the young and the poor.

“So, for anyone to suggests that there exist federal government Palliatives lying dormant in the stores while our people languish in hunger is absolutely absurd and irresponsible.

Dogo put to rest the misconception peddled by some that federal government palliatives were the items stored to date.

The items looted by the mob action were the ones sent in by donors (CaCovid partners led by Dangote and other international partners). Noting that a larger part of the items are yet to arrive in particular rice.

Drawing attention to his previous radio interview a week back were he (SSA) revealed that plans are on the way by the ATM Governor for the disbursement of another phase of palliative sharing in Adamawa state.

“This was barely a week before this recent ugly incident, which we pray is not connected to the various instigating utterances by Husseni Gambo.

“The entire essence of governor Fintiri’s conversation was to the effect that the palliatives looted were not the ones received from the federal government as being twisted to suggests that the state government never received any palliatives from the federal.

“That answer was specific and a direct response to a question as to whether the state government had at this period received palliatives and had failed to deliver it to the people.”Dogo explains.

He added this in the response, “I must say that as painful as the situations are, the truth about some things that happened in this state recently was not the doing of Governor Fintiri but the response polluted hearts of some few that no matter how you explain they feel it is just right to give out anything in the government stores, forgetting the essence of state stores at emergency, and rescue situations.

“Well the truth is that I have not even mentioned the policy behind palliative, which in real practice during pandemic situations requires that it is to be given in batches within the period of events from the warehouses to cushion and manage the demands of the people as long as that situation lingers.

“This means they are meant for control so that suddenly it never goes empty. But I thank God the main stock of rice from CaCovid partners have not arrived.

“Also, note that what we feared at the beginning actually came to pass, some people wanted food but you must have seen that there are some evil people who have been lurking in the corner, seeking for opportunity to wreck havoc on the society, and that was what actually happened.

“We all protested for SARS reform because of its several human rights violations records but cautioned saying “I voiced out that it was wrong to demand for its scrapping without an alternative as it would create a security vacuum.

“I maintained that we could maintain SWAT as an alternative, while the endSARS advocates discuss details of gradual reforms and changes in the Police force as Nigerians cries have reached a crescendo.

“But this urge for drastic collapse of certain security units without immediate remedy always creates a security vacuum which breeds recklessness that only lend sleeper criminal cells like the “Shila Boys” the opportunity to once again unleash terror on innocent citizens of Adamawa after their activities have been eliminated.

“The truth is always seen as lies when it is laced with sentiments especially political ones.

“Governor Fintiri has by far, the best record as the most listening governor and a people friendly government.

“When public outcries began to register across the Country, what we expected and hoped for was that it would be done with grace, respect for one another and with caution because when good causes are intercepted by criminal elements, disgruntled few, the good message could be lost in the band wagon effect.

“What we witnessed in Adamawa in the past two days was a mob action and not a protest, this action rather lends a helping hand to criminals and men of the underworld who went about wrecking havoc and threatening innocent citizens with violence and unfortunately led to so many bad situations.

“The Governor is saddened by this because he would not have been moved (though not endorsing the action) had it been just food items were carted away and no man was hurt in the process, but this extent of destruction is disheartening.

“This is not what the initial protest wants to achieve and not what well meaning citizens looked forward to.

“The ATM Governor will put in more to improve the situation of willing youths through the ministry of entrepreneur, continue the open access to employment policy.

“The ATM vision remains the only way forward.”

Breaking: Fintiri Relaxes Curfew, Assures Adamawa Residents of Better Days Ahead

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Fellow Citizens, circumstances that have unfolded since my last Address to you necessitates that I Address you once again.

I have moved round and assessed the damages and the extent to which the latest mayhem visited on our State has reversed the progress we have made in recovery from the backwardness we inherited.

I do admit that it is colossal even as I feel and share the pains of all our well-meaning citizens.

In the midst of all these, we must all resist the actions and utterances of those whose aim is to gain political mileage over our collective tragedy and misfortunes. Turning the unfortunate mayhem into an issue for political discourse, is the height of insensitivity whose level we cannot be reduced to.

I have reviewed the situation in the State with Security Operatives and duly observed that relative calm is returning across the State.

May I acknowledge and commend the conduct of our citizens who have remained law abiding in spite of the extreme difficulties they had to endure as a result of the measures taken to restore normalcy.

Once more, I feel indebted to all those who have openly and quietly supported and encouraged us to be firm and decisive in dealing with this matter.

As I have always emphasized, this is about the collective progress of Adamawa State regardless of which side one belongs.

Let me commend our citizens generally for their compliance with the curfew and sincerely appreciate those who were misled into participating in the loot, pillage and plunder of our common patrimony, for seeing reason in returning the looted items.

So far, over 50% of the looted items have been recovered and more are being surrendered.

It is not in the character of our citizens to break the law neither are we known for involvement in brigandage.

This is partly why there has been a tremendous response in the voluntary return of the valuable items that were carted away.

Based on the current outcomes and the fact that there is considerable demonstration of remorse and regrets from most of the good citizens who were misled into this unholy act by a few mobsters on the return of the loots, we have resolved to review the implementation strategy of the Executive Order which I signed yesterday.

Part of this review is the fact that the House-to-House search will no longer necessarily be in the form initially envisaged. We encourage landlords to talk to their tenants; Neighbours to talk to each other and parents to talk to their children, should there be any remnants of the loot in any of the households. Whistle blowers are doing their best in the recovery process, I encourage them to do more.
Consequently, Government has relaxed the current curfew regime from 8am to 6pm beginning from Friday 30th October 2020.We shall review this timings as situation warrants.

Meanwhile checkpoints will be mounted at all the entry and exits points of the State. This, for the moment is a measure taken to stop any attempt by the thieves to escape with the looted items out of the State.

Fellow citizens, you must bear with us as these measures are in our collective interests. They are noted to be the best way to prevent further attempts by recalcitrant hoodlums to railroad us into anarchy.

Finally, let me appeal for calm and assure our citizens that together we shall overcome this misfortune.

Long Live Adamawa State.

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Govt Dismisses Viral Audio As Doctored

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The Governor of Adamawa State, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has denied the threat audio circulating on social media.

Social media went agog yesterday with claims that the Governor threatened one Gambo Hussani alias Nakura for making uncomplimentary remarks about him.

But reacting on Thursday, Solomon Kumangar, Fintiri’s spokesperson, in a statement, said the report on Mr Fintiri was not correct.

He disclosed that the Governor is known for his human nature and soft approach to all things and that the governor is too busy with governance to issue a threat to Nakura.
“The Governor’s aide wishes to advise Adamawa residents to ignore determined agents of fake news bent on spreading false stories to the public.
“We react to the utter falsehood and disgraceful lies, a report by so-called social media agents of the opposition in Adamawa which, Wednesday, claimed that Governor Fintiri threatened one Gambo Useni for making uncomplimentary remark against Him.

“This report is sheer fabrication and brazen effort by social media agents of the opposition in Adamawa and an online news medium to mislead the public.
“if you recall, the governor publicly announced that his administration is open to constructive criticism, I believe the audio was doctored as this is not the first time a governor’s voice will be doctored in Adamawa and Nigeria, a former governor of Adamawa’s voice was doctored to rehearse “Ojippa Tan” so anything is possible in this digital age.

“The general public is hereby advised to ignore such stories that are intended to mislead the people and create unnecessary anxiety, as an irate Senator has made unguarded utterances against the governor but he never one day responded but kept calm. What is so special about Hussaini Gambo that the governor will threaten him”, the statement read.

Fintiri Reads Riot Act to Looters: – Issues 12 Hours Ultimatum, Arrests 155 Looters

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Fintiri Issues 12 Hours Ultimatum on Looters Before Security Clampdown
– Arrests 155 Looters, Impound 12 Tricycles of Loot
The Adamawa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, said he would sign an executive order for a house-to-house search for looted goods after his 12 hours Ultimatum elapse at 6am Wednesday.
Fintiri said, homes found harbouring Looters and looted properties, could have their Certificate of Occupancy revoked and risked having homes demolished.
This is contained in an official state broadcast made by the governor on Tuesday in Yola, Adamawa state.
Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri said, he has issued a 12 hour ultimatum to Looters in the state to return all properties carted away, explaining that after the grace period of 12 hours which elapse at 6am Wednesday, he would sign an executive order for a house-to-house search by security and any home harbouring looted properties would have its C of O revoked.
Fintiri notes that about 155 Looting suspects are already in police custody, 12 Tricycles loaded with looted goods have been impounded, and 9 stolen vehicles have been recovered.
Fintiri said, “We condemn in strong terms the outright demonstration of brigandage as barbaric, criminal and a recipe for anarchy.
“As a responsible government, we cannot fold our hands, while criminals are trying to take over our society.
“We are working round the clock to ensure that peace is returned to our society.
“Working with the security agencies, we have activated the necessary instrument for a return to normalcy and arrest of the looters.
“So far, our efforts is yielding result, relative peace is returning as no new attack has been reported in the last 24hrs.
“Arrest have been made so far, 155 suspects are in police custody, 9 Vehicles and 12 tricycles loaded with the loot have also been impounded.
“On this note, I assure every resident of the State of our continuous commitment to the protection of their lives and properties. Consequently, I am giving a 12 hour ultimatum (6:00 pm – 6:00 am) to the hoodlums to return whatever they looted from public and private warehouses and homes to the nearest Police Station and traditional rulers house (from the ward to the district level), whichever is nearest to them.
“This ultimatum will expire at 6:00 am on Wednesday, 28th – October, 2020, after which I will sign an Executive Order for a house-to-house search to commence by 7:00 am of the same day.
“Part of the provision of the order is a sanction that will attract withdrawal of C of O and if necessary, demolition of every house that habours any of the Stolen properties.
“Law abiding citizens should cooperate with the Security agencies to ensure this is enforced to the later. “
Appealing for calm and apologising to the public over the hardship the curfew and looting might cause he said, “As a Government, we take full responsibility for all the hardship attendant upon by the curfew era on decent and hardworking citizens.
“The other two categories of people I greatly owe apologies to, are the vulnerable especially at the 21 LGAs who would have been the beneficiaries of the looted goods but were denied because of the activities of the hoodlums; and the owners of the private warehouses, shops and properties looted. I truly feel your pain.”
Giving details into the amount of destruction caused by the looters he said, “Whatever charity one confers on the description of the perpetrators of this heinous act, they can’t be anything short of criminals.
“Once the warehouses are emptied, the next destination as already manifest in the last two days, are private businesses and individuals’ homes.
“I received briefings from relevant stakeholders on the level of havoc rendered in the last two days.
“With shock, we received the report of attacks on the Customs Office, Road Safety, Primary Healthcare Development Agency, NEMA office, COVID-19 Isolation Centre at Kofare, North East Commodity Association (NECAS) Kofare, public and private warehouses in Demsawo, Nyako Quarters, opposite airport, behind Zenith bank, bakin kogi, Mayanka, Upper Benue, AADP, LEA, Yola South, Red Cross opposite FMC, Aliyu Mustafa College; Belel’s workshop, Private farms, etc.
“we are still taking stock of extent of loot and damages to properties of government and private entities.
“The loss is materially colossal but more enormous is the loss of moral values driven by greedy criminal urge to steal.”
Speaking on the efforts of the state government in curbing youth restiveness he said, “As a government, we saw this coming, right from inception, we knew no government can take all the army of the youths into its employment.
“Even if it can, in this age of enterprise creativity and entrepreneurship, it is the dumbest decision to take. We therefore created the Ministry of Entrepreneurship to build the capacity of our investments and manage them successfully.
“We are training many youths who are willing to be off the street and creating enabling environment for SMEs to thrive.
“We have advertised for employment of 2000 teachers for secondary schools in the State. I urge qualified candidates to take advantage and collect employment forms free from any zonal office close to them
“We have been doing our best in the development of the State, especially with the Adamawa peace project.
“This indeed is a major setback. With your support we shall overcome it.
“Fellow Citizens of Adamawa State, today, 27th October, is my birthday. The best gift you can give me on a day like this is a commitment to making Adamawa peaceful.”

Fintiri@53: Nigerian Youth Congress Salutes Fintiri at 53

News RendezvousThe Nigerian Youth Congress and the state chairman, Abdulrahman Bapullo, heartily felicitate with His Excellency, Gov. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, as he celebrates his 53rd birthday.The youth Congress said, it is confident in the leadership ability of the governor, to deliver good governance and a better Adamawa as he is already doing.The Congress said, “On behalf of the Nigerian Youth Congress and my humble self, I wish to celebrate you on this special day and occasion of yours. As you add another feather of year in your cap of years, I wish you more wisdom to steer the state in the right path and I pray that Allah will guide and protect you in all your endeavors, especially as it concerns delivering the full dividend of Democracy to the good people of Adamawa state.“We recognize the peculiar times we are in as a state and nation especially as we (youths) the most populous group of our nations population’s age demography totalling about 70%, press home our demands for a better Nigeria.”Expressing confidence in the governor’s leadership ability, it said, “I am confident in your resolve to address all concerns of law abiding youths of the state, just as I seize this ample opportunity to condemn in very strong terms the wanton looting by some irresponsible members of the public, I also call on the government to ensure that in the distribution of the wealth of our dear state no persons or groups are left behind, as hunger gives no room for reasoning.”I once again want to reiterate our support and commitment in making our state, the dream state. As we recognize that for such to be a reality, all hands must be on deck.“On the occasion of today which marks another milestone in your life Mr Governor, we wish you hearty felicitation as you celebrate this no mean feat of yours. We join your family, friends and well wishers to raise a glass to this occasion of yours just as we give three hearty cheers in full celebration of you.”Happy birthday your Excellency. Abdulrahman.M.Bapullo”State Chairman, Nigerian Youth Congress.”