Covid-19: Fintiri to Shutdown Business, Groups, Not Obeying Containment Rules

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The Adamawa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has warned that though the earlier rules imposed by the state to contain the spread of Covid-19 remains in effect, several organisations, business, have continued to flaunt the protocols.
The governor of warns that gatherings of more than fifty people are still banned, individuals are expected to wear Facemask in public gatherings and washing of hands and hand sanitiser must be observed and that any group found not to be in compliance to these rules would be shutdown.
This is contained in a statement issued by the press secretary to the, Humwashi Wonosikou, ane made available to newsmen, Monday, in Yola, Adamawa state.
The statement reads, “The Adamawa State Government has appealed for cooperation and support from the general public in its efforts to contain the new spike in COVID-19 pandemic.
“Governor Fintiri is worried with the lack of compliance to COVID-19 restrictions as Coronavirus Pandemic has emerged as a truly global health crisis.
“I am disappointment that mandated measures to reduce transmission which include advocacy of behaviours like wearing of face masks, social distancing, washing of hands, and restrictions on public gatherings have not been adhered to by the people as guidelines on Restriction Of Movement and Matters Incidental Thereto issued in March, 2020 that is still in force and advise the public to adhere to the provisions.
“Social gatherings of more than 50 people at a time is also still in force.”
Outlining the protocols for the containment of coronavirus in the state the statement reads, “The general public is hereby called upon to adhere strictly to the provisions of the guidelines namely;
“1. Compulsory use of face masks in any public gathering or public transport.
“2. Social distancing in any gathering.
“3. Ensure washing of hands and use of sanitizers.
“4. Hospitality businesses such as Clubs, Cinema halls, Event centres, Conferences and Congresses and other similar gatherings with population beyond 100 remain banned.
“5. Movement between 10 pm and 5 am is also not allowed.
“6. Leaders at Worship centres are therein advised to ensure use of face mask by all, while ensuring social distancing.
“Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has also pointed out that this is done following identification of a new variant of the COVID-19 virus and directives in line with safety measures by the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 and what Adamawa State Government can do to intensify things to help bring the rate of infections down.
“The Governor has therefore warned that Any Club, Event centre or business premises so directed found contravening this rule will be closed down.
“While security agencies have been directed to ensure strict adherence to these protocols and any other protocol imposed by the Federal Government.
“I am of the view that we should not wait, as happened earlier, for this virus to again spiral out of control before taking action.
“The world is facing a surge in Coronavirus cases and hospital admissions, We want people to follow the rules in order to avoid stricter measures which looks increasingly likely, meanwhile, Government will ensure that all health facilities are prepared and ready to handle any eventualities.”

Adamawa: Fintiri Fixes 12th October to Reopen Schools – State Poly Fabricates 20 Hand washing Machines, Built 30 Washing Points- Dr. Teneke

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The Adamwaa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has directed that all schools from basic to tertiary, public and private in Adamawa state, to resume academic activities on the 12th October, 2020.
The governor who express regrets over the prolonged school closure as well as the shutdown of several sectors of the economy as a result of the coronavirus pandemic urged schools to maintain all the necessary safety protocols for prevention against the pandemic.
Fintiri made the remarks in a Statement issued by his press secretary, Humwashi Wonosikou, Thursday, in Yola Adamawa state.

He said, “The Adamawa State Government has announced Monday October 12th 2020 as date for the reopening of both Public and Private Schools across the State.

“Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri who issued the directive, regretted the long closure of schools due to the crisis of COVID-19 Pandemic alongside other sectors of the economy.”

Fintiri said, “I am pleased to announce Monday October 12th as the date for resumption of academic activities from the Basic to Tertiary levels having wasted so much time.
“As a Government we will not leave any stone unturned towards ensuring enforcement of the COVID-19 Protocols.”
“Consequently, the Governor has directed the Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development to meet with stakeholders in the sector to discuss modalities for the reopening.

“The Governor has also directed school managers to observe the COVID-19 Protocols and provide the necessary requirements needed for the safety of Students.”

He warned that “Schools must ensure Washing of Hands at entry points, use of Facemask and Hand Sanitizers, as well as, Social Distancing and proper Hygiene as any institution or school found wanting risk closure and sanctioning.”
The governor also called on parents to take interest in the well-being of their Children and Wards by supporting schools with the provision of basic requirements needed for their Children to observe the basic safety guidelines in the fight against the coronavirus Pandemic.
In a related development, the Adamawa State Polytechnic, Yola, has fabricated about 20 water dispensing machines, three thousand of hundred millimetres hand sanitizers, one hundred, hundred millimetres of liquid soaps, among other facilities, provided by the school management in preparation for school reopening in Adamawa state.
The Director Academic Planning of the Polytechnic, Gabriel Gladstone Teneke while giving details of the polytechnic’s readiness for resumption said, “We are fully ready for school resumption and the school management led by the Rector, Professor Ibrahim Umar, has set machinery in place to ensure that every protocol for the prevention of coronavirus pandemic is observed and respected.

“Besides several other facilities obtained by the school management, the school has first of all, set up a Covid-19 Task Force, and the committee has swung into action setting up all the necessary facilities and guidelines for the school resumption in view of the COVID-19 Protocols.
“We have received several facilities as support from relevant school bodies including the donations of infared thermometers, liquid soaps, among other items,” Teneke said.

Teneke added that, “We have also initiated measures for classroom management in view of the pandemic.
“We have already set up hand wash facilities in all lecture theaters, departments, and and colleges and have purchased thousands of facemask to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

“We have already designed strategies to break large classes into smaller classes as is consistent with COVID-19 social distance safety protocol.

“Furthermore, we have stipulate that diploma one would have their classes in the morning periods up to noon time, while diploma two will take all their classes from the noon time up to the evening session.
“We have fumigated all classrooms, lecture theatres and have embarked on the complete mowing of the school premises, so we are fully ready for resumption.”

r-PDP Members Ditch Ardo for Fintiri, As the State EXCOS Defect to PDP – Fintiri’s Lost Relevance, Only 8 members Left -Dr. Ardo

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Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has Friday received the entire state and local government excos of the r-PDP who shifted their loyalty from their Dissident PDP member, Umar Ardo to team up with Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri in building Adamawa state.

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri while welcoming them at the event said their return to the party point to the fact that he is on the right path and in pursuit of a people friendly course and that their return will only strengthen the party.
Fintiri assured the r-PDP returnees that the party is still their home and that he is ready to work with them in delivering the dividends of democracy that the state has been deprived of for decades.
Some of the former r-PDP said, their decisions to return to the party was largely due to the positive direction the party took since coming into office and the projects being implemented by the governor are exactly what he said he was going to do at campaigns.
Speaking exclusively to Daily Sun, the state chairman of the party, Tahir Shehu said, “R-PDP members finally saw through the lies and the merchandising that Ardo has been using them for.

“Ardo is not a member of the PDP, he has been sacked out of the party, the group called r-PDP never really existed and it was never a registered political body, so they had to ditch him
“The truth cannot be hidden, if anyone claims it was a, the pictures of the mammoth crowd that graced the occasion speaks for itself, at least three thousand members of the r-PDP returned to the mainstream of the PDP.
“We had already lodged a complain about the actions of Ardo, because he has been peddling membership cards and registration forms said to be signed by the national chairman of the party, Uche Secundus, but Secundus has already confirmed to us that he did not issue such cards and forms, so it is a clear case of forgery.”

Reacting to the abandoning of his faction of the party, Umar Ardo told Daily Sun that he has never seen a government lost so much relevance in a very short time like the one led by Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.
Ardo in a statement issued by the state Publicity secretary of the party, Ibrahim Ahidjo Karlahi said, “I am sure by now it is no news that some few members of rPDP including the acting state chairman and acting Secretary and few miscreants have left us to join forces with the decadent regime and the illegal PDP structures in the state.
“They are about eight of them, otherwise the entire structures of the rPDP from ward, Local Governments to State remain intact.
“Actually those that left are men with little or no value who think only of their stomachs.
“Their main reason for leaving rPDP is that our leader, Umar Ardo, has distributed rice in his home local government and did not give them.

“On this, we plead guilty, because the rice Ardo distributed was to the less privileged Adamawa indigenes who are ravaged by the poor, bad and corrupt government policies in the state which is accentuated by the Coronavirus lockdown.
“The rice was not meant for political jobbers, hangers-on and leaches like them who depend on such handouts for their survival.
“In any case, for the rPDP, their going is a huge relief; it is a good riddance to bad rubbish – puerile eggs have been discarded! Now we will inject real people with real political values in our movement. You have seen their own, wait and see our own.
“I therefore, on behalf of all genuine rPDP members, advise the good people of Adamawa state to stay clear of the present system in the state; it is corrupt, venal and bereft of all good ideas. Except urgent and concrete steps are taken the system is geared to doom the future of this potentially great state.”

Boom!!!: Dogo Takes Desert Herald to the Cleaners – Says Fintiri’s Amazing Progress Driving the Media, It’s Supporters, Crazy

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The Senior Special Assistant to the Adamawa state governor on Social Mobilisation, Victor Dogo, has slammed a local media, Desert Herald, over its persistent spurious and misguided attacks on the government of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and the person of the SSG, Bashir Ahmed, discribing it’s recent publication, “Adamawa in The Sludge” as a cheap but failed attempt at blackmail and mischief.

Dogo rubished the publication as a horrible combination of falsehood, misrepresentation, distortion and a peddler of fake news.

Victor Dogo made the remarks in a statement made available to News Rendezvous, Wednesday, in Yola Adamawa state.

Dogo said, publishers of the said media are desperate attention seekers who turned their platform into a point of convergence for those who maliciously refuse to see anything good in Gov. Fintiri’s sterling performance.

Victor Dogo addressing the medium said, “Desert Herald it is game over for your quackery. When an outfit decides to use its pages to beg for meals by write-ups that do not add up.

“Desert Herald as unprofessional as it has been in degrading females in politics referring to one of its recent reports that should have been in court. In search for acceptance Desert Herald has degenerated to the point of nothingness but wishing that it’s fallacy on paper will attract stipends.

“I am sorry to disappoint them that this is a government that walks the talk. The era when writing in quote ‘nonsense’ they will call you to the table for dinner is over.

“I am pleased to say that I would have wasted so much of my ink to tell you of our numerous projects not until the folly of the Desert Herald normally described in pidgin English as “abeg give us something make we keep quiet, Keep quiet on what,” the lies or assumptions, well it is now clear that the impenetrable SSG Bashir Ahmed is your nightmare. Instead of your planned disdain you instead advertise our government gigantic projects all over the place.”

He said, “Desert Herald ended up explaining the open door policy of the governor in peeping into areas that needed to be part of the communal integration of the state. Furthermore, they unconsciously mentioned his great love for the various clans in Adamawa state by doing everything to make sure they have equal benefit and dividends of democracy.

“The picture they ended up painting is that of a Governor always looking out for opportunity to be a father to all and not someone that shows favouritism to someone or group.

“The trophy has just been handed to the Governor for fighting to transform a backward state into an ideal module for the nation.

“Now, we see why credible Media outfit like the “Leadership News awarded the Executive Governor recently great recognition for performance and certainly good governance.

“Desert Herald should be learning fast that when its writeup is clearly indicating that they are rather groping in the dark and yet to settle down into real journalism
Once again, our attention has been drawn to the barrage of attacks from this already obscure media known as the “Desert Herald.”

“I have had to grapple with a poorly written and lackluster reportage, trying to make sense of it, to no avail. The quality of write-ups in any print media tells a lot about the quality of its editors and ultimately, its publishers.

“It is rather unfortunate that the publishers of Desert Herald surreptitiously sometimes back used a photo shot opportunity with the revered Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to launder its image in a previous publication.

“Certainly HRH Sanusi is not privy to the derogatory and denigrating story the publication has recently carried about a lady politician in Adamawa State calling her unprintable names on the basis of her gender. HRH Sanusi Lamido definitely would not have given the publishers any audience.

“The defamed lady is still in consultation on the best legal action to take against the publishers of Desert Herald.”

Explaining governor Fintiri’s position, he said, “The Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri led administration has chosen to ignore all infinitesimal attention seekers and march on with its giant developmental strides for the State.

“However, in the interest of the good people of Adamawa state, let us set the records straight.

“It is on record that the ATM Governor ran an extremely lean cabinet for the first year of his administration to save cost. Even when the Governor eventually made appointment of commissioners, advisers and assistants, he kept it lean and cut off all frivolous allowances, all in a bid to reduce the cost of Governance in the state.

“Consequently, it is out of place for Desert Herald to insinuate that the Governor would allow any frivolous spending or financial impropriety. Every project in the state undergoes due process and legislative approval. The bidding processes, award of contracts and financial implications are open for public scrutiny.”

Educating the medium on the scope and vision behind governor Fintiri’s outstanding work in Adamawa, he said, “The Desert Herald ought to do its due diligence. Furthermore, the Publication referred to the construction of the first flyover and interchange in the state as irrelevant projects.

“It is on record that this projects is arguably the largest in the whole of Northern Nigeria ( many roads to and fro the roundabout).It takes a visionary leader to think futuristically and avoid the obvious bottleneck that is bound to evolve in no distant future.

“For the purpose of enlightenment to Desert Herald, an interchange is defined as “a road junction that uses grade separation and ramps to permit traffic in at least one highway to pass through the junction without interruption from other crossing traffic streams” Put simply, the interchange makes driving easier more convenient and faster, that project is already a tourist attraction.

“Most unfortunately the publication refers to the construction of roads, bridges and electrification, as “projects not in tandem with the needs of the people,” a large population of the good people of Adamawa state are farmers that need roads to transport their farm produce to the markets, artisans and small scale businesses need electricity to function, yet the publication is oblivious of these facts.

“It is preposterous to even fathom the idea that the Governor didn’t consult with the people before embarking on infrastructural projects.

“Certainly, the publishers were oblivious of the various consultations and town hall meetings with relevant stakeholders and reputable media houses embarked upon by the Governor before embarking on the projects.

“The ignorance of the Desert Herald cannot be excused.
For many years Infrastructural Development in Adamawa state had become moribund and comatose.

“With the advent of the AUF administration, it is obvious that Adamawa State has become a huge construction site with caterpillars and cranes in every nook and cranny of the state yet, a few disgruntled politicians are using Desert Herald as a smokescreen to vent their anger towards a Governor that has rejected the personal aggrandisement of a few individuals that see Adamawa as a cash cow.

“This cheap publication has been trying to play on religious and tribal sentiments is an exercise in futility. Adamawa is one of the most heterogeneous states in Nigeria in terms of tribe, culture and religion.

“It is common place to find families comprising of both Muslims and Christians. It takes a unifier and bridge builder as AUF to accommodate the various diversities in the state and create a sense of belonging for all. Even his cabinet is heterogeneous with a unique mix of all the major tribes and the two dominant religions.

“As far as the AUF administration is concerned, all tribes are equally important, none superior, none inferior.

“Every part of the state finds adequate representation in his cabinet thus the allusion that some tribes are favoured, holds no water.
The publication particularly alluded to the Bachamas and ffulanis.

“The Deputy Governor is of the Bachama extraction but relates to the Governor as a brother and ally. More so, the Chief of Staff to the Governor and some key commissioners are from the Numan federation so one tends to wonder where the allegation of nepotism or religious bias is emanating from as reported by the said publication.”

And on the mediums attacks on the SSG, he said, “The SSG, Bashir Ahmed is of the Fulani extraction and well loved and respected amongst his people. He has proven himself to be a reliable ally to the Governor and a grass root mobiliser.

“The SSG has been a bastion for his people and instrumental to a forthcoming event where massive defectors from other parties would be formally welcomed into the PDP in Yola North and Yola South respectively.

“Furthermore, the publication desperately seeks to conjecture that there is a tribal rivalry amongst the various tribes in the state due to citing of projects.

“They refer to the loan obtained by the Government for construction of a residential estate in Yola South.

“If they had done a due diligence, they would have discovered that the project is on course pending the end of the harvest season so as to give the indigenous people the opportunity to harvest their crops before construction would commence in earnest.

“The Governor has a humane heart and would rather allow the people harvest their crops before work in earnest commences.

“The publication went further to erroneously state that Mubi and Maiha do not have state projects ongoing oblivious of the fact that the hospital in Mubi is being upgraded to a general hospital while the secondary school is being refurbished and equipped with better learning facilities. In the same vein, construction of the Maiha-Pela road which had been abandoned for ages is ongoing and the hospital in Maiha is being upgraded to a cottage hospital.

“At least clearly, the publication recognizes that Yola, Michika and Madagali have been littered with projects. If only they knew that literally every local government is experiencing a litany of massive infrastructural development and people oriented projects.

“Sensationalism is an integral part of journalism but when a print media continuously and consistently reports “ONLY” fake news, and fallacies, then there is more than meets the eyes. Where then lies the maxim of balanced reporting in journalism….where lies the ethics of responsible journalism?

“For the few that are yet to know, Desert Herald desperately made overtures to the State Government in the past for a business opportunity which was declined in the interest of state owned media firms.

“Resorting to wild goose chase to tarnish the image of the administration would not change the resoluteness of the AUF administration.

“Obviously, due to the vicissitudes of the times, and financial desertification, Desert Herald is becoming more desperate and has made itself readily available as an appendage and propaganda office for any disgruntled politician.
When a media firm becomes nebulous, obscure and irrelevant, it often resorts to desperate measures.”

Dogo warned that, “It is high time Desert Herald came to terms that their overtures were then rejected in the past, and would still be rejected if ever they came back cap in hand.

“A perusal of the said publication reveals unfortunately, that no reputable organization advertises in their publication, only strange products that promote lewdness. No wonder the desperation.

“Desert Herald is quickly becoming a show of shame of beggars at the gate waiting for crumbs instead of doing the job of rightly informing the people on facts.

“I think I rather say like the good man “Silver and Gold have I non but I give to you good knowledge on issues as they stand not assumptions as Desert Herald.
This movement is not just the Governor alone but the loving people of Adamawa state united by the ATM governor’s agenda of a state bound by one purpose irrespective of tribal,religious or political affiliation.
Social Mobilization
Dogo Victor

Fintiri Debunks FAAN’s Breach of Protocols Claims as False and Misleading

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The Adamawa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has rejected in its totality, claims by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN’) saying the Adamawa state governor has breached COVID-19 safety protocols.

While the statement failed to mention any specific area where the governor breached any of the protocols, its general accusative slanting was false, misleading and a total distortion of happenings in the travel in question.

This was made known by the press secretary to the Adamawa state governor, Humwashi Wonosikau, in a chat with News Rendezvous in Yola, Adamawa state.

Humwashi said, “The Adamawa state governor should be commended by FAAN not critcised because he was a stickler for the COVID-19 protocols during the travel.

“First things first, there were only six people on the governor’s entourage not eight as FAAN’S statement wrongly stated.

“FAAN’s claims that the rivers state government’s entourage drove into airport premises in violation of Its protocol was also false because nothing like that happened.”

Humwashi explained that, “The Adamawa state governor on arrival insisted that everyone body’s temperature must be tested and ensured that every necessary protocols was observed to the letter.

“To avoid the going back and forth with FAAN’, the airport in question is an international airport, we challenge them to release the security footage to show whether their claims are true.

“The Adamawa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has been consistent in his principles and policies and has continued to act responsibly and insisted that everyone around him maintains the level of discipline in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The success in handling the COVID-19 in the state is a testament to this and we encourage FAAN to desist from issuing false and misleading statements aimed at tarnishing the image of the governor.”