Again, Sen. Binos Empowers Another 150 Constituents

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Sen.Binos Yaroe has launched his 2nd phase of his empowerment project by again giving out empowerment Kita to I50 beneficiaries from the nine (9) local government of the zone.

The empowerment event which took placebeneficiarieseach for the transportation back to their various local government. at Mayo was designed to equip constituents with existing business skills to be self reliant and economically independent.

Speaking at the occasion, Sen. Binos Yaroe said, this phase of his empowerment project was targeted at a different group of beneficiaries unlike the previous one where beneficiaries were trained on various business skills before giving them the necessary equipment to begin their trade.

Binos said this second phase of empowerment is exclusively for the women and the aged who already have an existing businesses.

Binos said, “This is not much but at least it will help our people who are into dry season farming and women who are into small scale businesses boost their trade and improve themselves economically.

“Please, these facilities are provided to help you improve yourselves and boost your personal income, don’t sell it for anything.”

Some of the items distributed at the event included grinding machines, water pumps, knapsack sprayers, machetes and rain boots.

Thirty (30) grinding machines were distributed to about thirty (30) women, 120 water pumps was distributed to about 120 constituents, while others received knapsacks, sprayers, machetes, rain boots and a N5,000 cash support to each of the beneficiaries.

In the first phase of Binos’ empowerment projects, he disbursed various empowerment facilities to over one hundred and fifty constituents.


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The Adamawa APC has shown an outrageous act of civil disobedience to the measures put in place to curtail the spread of COVID-19 by wilful breaching and ignoring the state restrictions.

We condemn this act in its totality considering the efforts the State Government has and is still making to secure the freedom of the citizens as they implement successful public health policies in response to the COVID—19 pandemic.

To be clear: we all know in modern day politics in this part of the world, most crowds around desperate politicians are rented. But it should not be at the detriment of our lives and safety.

The truth is that only few politicians excite crowds to such a point where many would brave the odds and flock to rallies to listen to them. Gone are the days of speakers like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Bola Ige and maybe Tafawa Balewa. Gone are the myths that surrounded men like Awolowo and J.S. Tarka that made many troop out to come and see if it was true that they grew so tall while speaking that their heads reached into the sky.

Gone are the entertainers like Adegoke Adelabu who once drove his Volkswagen car to a political rally and allow crowds to enter in through one door and out the other to spite Awolowo whom he claimed was too elitist to permit such a thing. Politicians these days are too predictable, rhetoric too common and the only person I can think of who still draws huge crowds without mobilisation is Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

Now, crowds do not necessarily translate into acceptability or votes. Uncle Bola Ige in his book People, Politics And Politicians Of Nigeria: 1940-1979 said in relation to crowds that spectators will always be drawn to spectacles – people come to political rallies for different reasons and crowds are not always an indication of acceptance so I think the APC might be counting its chicks before they are hatched with the celebration of the carefully taken pictures of crowds they see at their political rallies. The desperation to make APC appear to many as an acceptable party in Adamawa may not be an exact reflection of what is actually on ground.

Now, crowds work in curious ways but usually in tandem with crowd mentality – a coinage from herd mentality where one goat jumps over a cliff and the rest follow – crowds tend to think in a particular dimension and here, I have a small concern for APC’s image in the mind of the crowds. They see the fanfare, they see the carefully sewn clothing and adornment but they also notice the fact that when they were in power, APC could not pay workers salaries, students couldn’t seat for WAEC and NECO, Hospitals were dilapidated, insecurity rising, gratuities increasing, education only for the rich, communal clashes always on the news, to mention but a few.

The crowds would notice that APC has nothing to tell them in respect to development because Governor Fintiri has now defined development in a way they can see, feel and touch.

A long shot to the way crowds think of course but then again: it’s called crowd mentality and it can work for or against a politician.

We hold that Adamawa APC should apologise to the government and people of Adamawa State for breaching and ignoring the state restrictions.

Concern Northern Zone Forum

Covid-19: Fintiri to Shutdown Business, Groups, Not Obeying Containment Rules

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The Adamawa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has warned that though the earlier rules imposed by the state to contain the spread of Covid-19 remains in effect, several organisations, business, have continued to flaunt the protocols.
The governor of warns that gatherings of more than fifty people are still banned, individuals are expected to wear Facemask in public gatherings and washing of hands and hand sanitiser must be observed and that any group found not to be in compliance to these rules would be shutdown.
This is contained in a statement issued by the press secretary to the, Humwashi Wonosikou, ane made available to newsmen, Monday, in Yola, Adamawa state.
The statement reads, “The Adamawa State Government has appealed for cooperation and support from the general public in its efforts to contain the new spike in COVID-19 pandemic.
“Governor Fintiri is worried with the lack of compliance to COVID-19 restrictions as Coronavirus Pandemic has emerged as a truly global health crisis.
“I am disappointment that mandated measures to reduce transmission which include advocacy of behaviours like wearing of face masks, social distancing, washing of hands, and restrictions on public gatherings have not been adhered to by the people as guidelines on Restriction Of Movement and Matters Incidental Thereto issued in March, 2020 that is still in force and advise the public to adhere to the provisions.
“Social gatherings of more than 50 people at a time is also still in force.”
Outlining the protocols for the containment of coronavirus in the state the statement reads, “The general public is hereby called upon to adhere strictly to the provisions of the guidelines namely;
“1. Compulsory use of face masks in any public gathering or public transport.
“2. Social distancing in any gathering.
“3. Ensure washing of hands and use of sanitizers.
“4. Hospitality businesses such as Clubs, Cinema halls, Event centres, Conferences and Congresses and other similar gatherings with population beyond 100 remain banned.
“5. Movement between 10 pm and 5 am is also not allowed.
“6. Leaders at Worship centres are therein advised to ensure use of face mask by all, while ensuring social distancing.
“Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has also pointed out that this is done following identification of a new variant of the COVID-19 virus and directives in line with safety measures by the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 and what Adamawa State Government can do to intensify things to help bring the rate of infections down.
“The Governor has therefore warned that Any Club, Event centre or business premises so directed found contravening this rule will be closed down.
“While security agencies have been directed to ensure strict adherence to these protocols and any other protocol imposed by the Federal Government.
“I am of the view that we should not wait, as happened earlier, for this virus to again spiral out of control before taking action.
“The world is facing a surge in Coronavirus cases and hospital admissions, We want people to follow the rules in order to avoid stricter measures which looks increasingly likely, meanwhile, Government will ensure that all health facilities are prepared and ready to handle any eventualities.”

Gov. Fintiri Signs N140.340 Billion 2021 Adamawa Budget Into Law

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The Adamawa state Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has on Saturday December, 26th signed the 2021 budget of One hundred and Fourty Billion naira, Thirty Four million, Four Hundred and Nine Thousand, Four and Fourty (N140,340, 409, 440.00) Naira into law.

The Budget which is Tagged Budget of Stability, was earlier passed into Law by the State House of Assembly on Thursday December, 24th.

Governor Ahmadu Fintiri while performing the ceremony at the Dougerei Government House Saturday, said the budget is designed to strengthen and sustain the government’s massive projects in the state and to revamp the economic and infrastructural landscape of the state.
Fintiri said, “Democracy without human and infrastructural development amounts to nothing because governmnent must add value to the lives of its people.

“For the first time in the history of the state, about 52% of the budget is earmarked for capital expenditure while 48% of the budget is for recurrent expenditure.”
He noted that his government has earmarked N11 billion in the 2021 budget for youth and women empowerment explaining that his governmnent is committed to addressing youth restiveness experienced in the country in the wake of the EndSARS protest which he said was a result of unemployment and that his governmnent intends to address that challenge through economic empowerment of Youths and women in the state.
The governor challenged the media to keep track of his government’s activities in order to ensure that the budget is fully implemented.

Christmas: Gov. Fintiri Calls For Peace And Love Among Citizens

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The Adamawa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has called on Christians and citizens in the country, to celebrate the Christmas season bringing into mind the legacy of peace, harmony and love that Jesus preached.

Fintiri said, the yelutide should be used as a moment for prayers for love, unity and prosperity of the state and the nation at large.

This is contained in a press statement issued by his press secretary, Ahamadu Umaru Fintiri, and made available to Newsmen, Friday.

The statement said, “Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has extended his heartiest felicitations to the people of Adamawa State and to all Christians as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

“While wishing Christians a successful Yuletide celebration, Governor Fintiri urged them to use the festive season to pray for unity, peace and prosperity of the State.”

“The Yuletide season presents us an opportunity once more to love, share and forgive.

“I urge all to utilise the period to pray for unity, peace and prosperity of Adamawa State.

“We must also rededicate ourselves to the true virtues of faith in God, love for one another, honesty and peaceful-coexistence.” it added.

Gov. Fintiri use the occasion to challenge Nigerians and the people of Adamawa state to make the virtues of Christ more evident and practical in their daily dealings through spreading love to their neighbours and remember the underprivileged as they celebrate Christmas.

He described Jesus Christ as, “An embodiment of sacrificial love and advised Adamawa residents to exhibit unconditional love to one another, saying the impact will bring about a positive change that will lead to unity and development towards moving Adamawa and the Nation forward.

Saying, “We must therefore rededicate ourselves to the service of humanity in line with the true teachings of Jesus Christ which emphasises tolerance, patience, brotherly kindness, care for the needy and love for one another.

“Over the years, the teachings of Jesus, an apostle of peace, compassion and brotherhood, had guided human beings on the path of righteousness and perhaps more relevant today than ever before, when the world is facing increasing hatred, intolerance and violence.

“I hope the celebration of this joyous occasion will strengthen the bonds of communal harmony, brotherhood and reinvigorate the secular and pluralistic traditions for which our people were known for in the past.”

While wishing, “All Christians and the entire people of Adamawa State a bright and merry Christmas urging for prayers for peace and prosperity in the state.

“Such occasion reminds us to rekindle the spirit of harmony, brotherhood and lead a virtuous life.”

Fintiri Reads Riot Act to Looters: – Issues 12 Hours Ultimatum, Arrests 155 Looters

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Fintiri Issues 12 Hours Ultimatum on Looters Before Security Clampdown
– Arrests 155 Looters, Impound 12 Tricycles of Loot
The Adamawa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, said he would sign an executive order for a house-to-house search for looted goods after his 12 hours Ultimatum elapse at 6am Wednesday.
Fintiri said, homes found harbouring Looters and looted properties, could have their Certificate of Occupancy revoked and risked having homes demolished.
This is contained in an official state broadcast made by the governor on Tuesday in Yola, Adamawa state.
Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri said, he has issued a 12 hour ultimatum to Looters in the state to return all properties carted away, explaining that after the grace period of 12 hours which elapse at 6am Wednesday, he would sign an executive order for a house-to-house search by security and any home harbouring looted properties would have its C of O revoked.
Fintiri notes that about 155 Looting suspects are already in police custody, 12 Tricycles loaded with looted goods have been impounded, and 9 stolen vehicles have been recovered.
Fintiri said, “We condemn in strong terms the outright demonstration of brigandage as barbaric, criminal and a recipe for anarchy.
“As a responsible government, we cannot fold our hands, while criminals are trying to take over our society.
“We are working round the clock to ensure that peace is returned to our society.
“Working with the security agencies, we have activated the necessary instrument for a return to normalcy and arrest of the looters.
“So far, our efforts is yielding result, relative peace is returning as no new attack has been reported in the last 24hrs.
“Arrest have been made so far, 155 suspects are in police custody, 9 Vehicles and 12 tricycles loaded with the loot have also been impounded.
“On this note, I assure every resident of the State of our continuous commitment to the protection of their lives and properties. Consequently, I am giving a 12 hour ultimatum (6:00 pm – 6:00 am) to the hoodlums to return whatever they looted from public and private warehouses and homes to the nearest Police Station and traditional rulers house (from the ward to the district level), whichever is nearest to them.
“This ultimatum will expire at 6:00 am on Wednesday, 28th – October, 2020, after which I will sign an Executive Order for a house-to-house search to commence by 7:00 am of the same day.
“Part of the provision of the order is a sanction that will attract withdrawal of C of O and if necessary, demolition of every house that habours any of the Stolen properties.
“Law abiding citizens should cooperate with the Security agencies to ensure this is enforced to the later. “
Appealing for calm and apologising to the public over the hardship the curfew and looting might cause he said, “As a Government, we take full responsibility for all the hardship attendant upon by the curfew era on decent and hardworking citizens.
“The other two categories of people I greatly owe apologies to, are the vulnerable especially at the 21 LGAs who would have been the beneficiaries of the looted goods but were denied because of the activities of the hoodlums; and the owners of the private warehouses, shops and properties looted. I truly feel your pain.”
Giving details into the amount of destruction caused by the looters he said, “Whatever charity one confers on the description of the perpetrators of this heinous act, they can’t be anything short of criminals.
“Once the warehouses are emptied, the next destination as already manifest in the last two days, are private businesses and individuals’ homes.
“I received briefings from relevant stakeholders on the level of havoc rendered in the last two days.
“With shock, we received the report of attacks on the Customs Office, Road Safety, Primary Healthcare Development Agency, NEMA office, COVID-19 Isolation Centre at Kofare, North East Commodity Association (NECAS) Kofare, public and private warehouses in Demsawo, Nyako Quarters, opposite airport, behind Zenith bank, bakin kogi, Mayanka, Upper Benue, AADP, LEA, Yola South, Red Cross opposite FMC, Aliyu Mustafa College; Belel’s workshop, Private farms, etc.
“we are still taking stock of extent of loot and damages to properties of government and private entities.
“The loss is materially colossal but more enormous is the loss of moral values driven by greedy criminal urge to steal.”
Speaking on the efforts of the state government in curbing youth restiveness he said, “As a government, we saw this coming, right from inception, we knew no government can take all the army of the youths into its employment.
“Even if it can, in this age of enterprise creativity and entrepreneurship, it is the dumbest decision to take. We therefore created the Ministry of Entrepreneurship to build the capacity of our investments and manage them successfully.
“We are training many youths who are willing to be off the street and creating enabling environment for SMEs to thrive.
“We have advertised for employment of 2000 teachers for secondary schools in the State. I urge qualified candidates to take advantage and collect employment forms free from any zonal office close to them
“We have been doing our best in the development of the State, especially with the Adamawa peace project.
“This indeed is a major setback. With your support we shall overcome it.
“Fellow Citizens of Adamawa State, today, 27th October, is my birthday. The best gift you can give me on a day like this is a commitment to making Adamawa peaceful.”

POLITICS: Adamawa APC Members Regroup in Abuja – Strategise on the Way Forward

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Stakeholders of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State meet in Abuja to discuss to Strategise and chart a way forward for the Party in the State.

The meeting which was led by the Senator representing Adamawa Central, Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed, was attended all members of the house of representatives elected on the platform of the APC, including Yusuf Buba Yakub, Namdas Abdulrazak, Dasin, Ja’afar.

Other party stakeholders at the meeting include those formerly elected on the platform of the Party and some Party leaders and groups from the State.

The meeting is expected to evolve strategy to put the party in a strong position to challenge the incumbent governmnent PDP governmnent of Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, towards reclaiming the lost glory of the party in the state.

Numan-Jalingo Road: Sack Contractor Now, Sen. Binos, Chief Timawus, Tell FG -Partially Rehabilitated 2.4% of Entire Project in Four Years

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The senator representing southern Adamawa, Binos Yeroa working with a veteran broadcaster and media consultant, Timawus Mathias, have jointly called on the federal government to immediately revoke the contract of the about 126 kilometers Numan-Jalingo road project over shoddy implementation of work after four years since the project was awarded.

The duo in separate accounts maintained that the contractor has displayed little or no capacity to handle the job after only partially working on about 3 kilometers of of the 126 kilometers roads in four years which amounts to only 2.4% of the entire road project. They raised the alarm that the company in question has never undertaken a job of such magnitude and that the only reason it was probably awarded the contract might not be disconnected from its relationship with the former Lagos State Governor and the current minister of works, Raji Fashola.

This is contained in separate remarks by the duo and made available to News Rendezvous in Yola, Adamawa state.

Binos Dauda who was a guest at the documentary presentation on the poor state of road project could not hold back at the despicable performance of the contractors handling the about 126 kilometers of road projects, observed that the project failure is amounting to shortchanging of his constituents and the residents of the northern senatorial zone of the neighbouring state, Taraba.

Binos lamented that, “The contractor does has shown capacity to undertake the project after being mobilised four years ago and only partially rehabilitated three kilometers (2.4%) of the road work.

“The poor condition of our roads in the state especially the Numan-Jalingo road is without mincing words, a direct result of the incompetence and lack capacity of the contractor in question.

“The contractors failure and inability is also direct afront to the economy of the north east and a serious blow to the region that has already suffered too much from insurgency and other security challenges.”

Binos said, “I will work with other Lawmakers representing Adamawa and Taraba at the National Assembly to have a joint motion that will see to the total rehabilitation of the road and Revocation of the contract from this contractor because the road is of huge economic significance not only to the region but to the country at large and it is important to note that it has already suffered decades of neglect by the Federal government and it is high time we have it fixed.”

Speaking to Daily Sun at the occasion, veteran broadcaster and media consultant, Timawus Mathias, highlighting the immense significance of the road eloquently and poetically narrating the words of his 26 minutes documentary that sparked the conversation said, “This is the story of a spectacle so beautiful, a story of hope but sadly, a story of despair, frustration and failed expectations.

“Every storm that gathers marks the rise of life over death, hope over despair and happiness over suffering given the greater promise of a bumper harvest from such vast arable land.

“Here the high way to and fro Adamawa South and beyond up to Onitsha, converge to create a melting pot of sorts. But the beauty ends here.

“The Numan, Jalingo Road is worse than a nightmare.

“The road is a contract in peril, hope into despair to the people of Adamawa and Taraba”

Investigation shows that, the company implementing the road project, Deux Project, is working on project of such magnitude for the first time and that this is first time Deux would be working for the Federal Ministry of Works.

Its track record also suggests that before now, they only worked on some small road projects in Lagos when Fashola was the governor of Lagos State and they were at a point black listed by the Ambode led government.

Fintiri’s Progress Confuses Outdated Politicians Like Nakura-Dogo Slams Misguided Politician

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The Senior Special Assistant to the Adamawa State Governor on Social Mobilisation, Victor Dogo, has blasted Husseni Gambo Nakura, over his misguided and uninformed rating of governor Fintiri’s performance, claiming that previous governments like that of Boni Haruna, Nyako and even Bindow, funded education while the Fintiri administration has not done anything to that effect.

Dogo while condemning the statement said, it was an expression of outright lies and a compendium of inaccuracies deliberately concocted to deceive and mislead.

But Adamawa peope have seen the light and cannot be distracted by such cheap attention seeker trying to keep Adamawa backwards.

Dogo made the remarks in a press statement made available to Daily Rendezvous, Wednesday, in Yola, Adamawa.

Dogo said, “Nakura is easily noticed for his backward and stale knowledge from what he thinks and phantoms within his limit of exposure on what politics and governance really is.

“It is wrong sitting under the tree as a local champion to voice the figment of ones imagination as an opinion of the people.

“The shocking display of shame by such a person does not come as a surprise, saying that the people’s Governor was booed is only known to him and whoever is with him in his bedroom.

“The passion expressed to the Governor is rather a response to how he esteems the Mubi- Madagali axis highly and upholds them equally as other parts of the state.

“The Mubi market known for it’s much activities but in need of serious upgrade was recently getting the attention it needed from the ATM Governor, but for Nakura to stoop so low to speak evil of the good works being done in that market makes me wonders if he is not the chairman of “Unconcerned people or something else.”

” It is now clear that Nakura is wallowing in pains and still dreaming, shocked at the speed of transformation taking place at that axis. What this entails is that his strategy of hiding behind miscreants to perpetuate evil and pushing it on others is over.

“Well, a man that has to pay for his comic story to be interpreted from Hausa to English while forming his story is not worthy of response.

Dogo added that, “In verbal rampage and confusion he unknowingly admitted that Governor Fintiri is building serious physical infrastructures but someone I think it is beyond his imagination or scope of understanding or too advanced for now, this is disgraceful and unimaginable.”

Dogo blasted the confused politician saying, “Nakura fails to see the area of Health, Education and improved standard of living ongoing in the state.

“The Cottage hospital turning into the general and standard hospitals, the over five thousand schools getting great renewal.

“May be he is just too worried that the administration of the present Government sets the bar too high for his low standards?

“This year the ATM Governor visited the Damare fertilizer plant which is right now in the process of been brought to life meanwhile the farmers were also given fertilizers after the personal effort by our Governor to obtain permission to bring in fertilizers while a ban from the federal government existed with a higher cost than ever because of the COVID19.

“Also he seems not to be in Adamawa if he fails to see that the ATM Governor has commenced free education, scholarship home and abroad.

“Education is priority goings by latest development the State University in Mubi is experiencing with massive construction and renovation of the campuses.

“The immediate past government have done what they could but this is the time to fix the errors, move ahead, bring the needed transformation to meet the new phase of Adamawa which “Nakura is not in tune with.

“But funny is his inability to come in terms with the policies on ground.

“The complete ignorance expressed by Nakura on the Fintiri led government’s projects is astounding, it shows that he is a drowning man clutching at every political straw to hold unto.

“Adamawa has moved on beyond story telling unto doing great things. The open bidding for contracts, opportunities are not what” Nakura is used to yet his noise cannot distract the Fintiri’s vision for Adamawa state.

“The train is a speed train not the type Nakura has in his head. I hope he gets who will translate this response or preferably next time, I will write in Hausa so he gets to learn about policies and promises, where politicking ends and governance commences.

“Adamawa is the project for concern citizens led by decent men, meaning his name should give way for a better person to chair a group of concerned citizens.”

Setting The Record Straight: Fintiri’s Mida’s Touch is Causing Mass Hysteria Among Oppostion in Adamawa-Victor Dogo

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The Senior Special Assistant to the Adamawa state governor on Mass Mobilisation, Victor Dogo, has aimed a dig at the opposition in Adamawa saying the opposition in the state are already sulking and grieving over their missed opportunity, as governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s Mida’s touch is already changing the landscape of the state and exposing the lapses of their failed, woeful governmnent and governance style and how Adamawa state has been pushed several years backward as a result of poor leadership.

Dogo while making reference to some recent a spurious and mischievous publication targeted at governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri by the opposition, Dogo explained that, the desperation of the opposition is now coming to the surface and is evidently expressed in series of faceless attacks in media publications, seeking to masquerade outright lies as some form of truths.

Dogo made this known in a statement made available to Newsmen, Thursday, in Yola, Adamawa state.

Victor Dogo said, “For the umpteenth time,the opposition in Adamawa state has found another proxy and willing ally who purportedly writes for an online media to carry out its venomous propaganda against the person of His Excellency, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri the ATM Governor and his administration.

“The well defined grassroot politician AUF is extremely busy executing the numerous projects he promised the good people of Adamawa State and will not be distracted.

“Technology has made it so easy to copy and paste newspaper or magazine reportage without knowing the facts of the case in question.”

He added that, “The writter has turned himself into a judge in a case he knows little or nothing about except a stale report he gleaned from the internet, yet he resorts to distort facts and figures deliberately to mislead the public.

“However the good people of Adamawa have left the realms of conjectures to that of reality of an administration that is determined to make the lives of its citizens much better at all cost and is willing to go to any length to put smile on the faces of its populace.

“However, in the interest of the good people of Adamawa State, let us set the records straight.”

He buttresses that, “The writter alludes to the period the Governor served in acting capacity in 2014 for a period of 3 months.

“It is on record that AUF’s outstanding and stellar performance within that short period earned him the name “ATM Governor” and threw his detractors into disarray.

“AUF was praised particularly for clearing in batches, the backlog of payments to pensioners who used their youth and most productive years to serve the state, the Governor also reverted to timely and accurate payment of civil servants in the state.

“It seems the opposition and their proxies still take offence at the humane gesture of the ATM Governor for achieving what seemed impossible.

“Narendra Modi said
“Mere good governance is not enough; it has to be pro-people and pro-active. Good governance is putting people at the center of development process.”

“His excellency Ahmdu Umaru Fintiri literally epitomises a people oriented leader that considers the exigency of any situation in making decisions to favour the masses.

“Adamawa state has always been refered to as a civil service state and Governor Fintiri would leave no stone unturned to make civil servants comfortable as much as possible because they are the instrumentality by which the Government executes its policies, plans and programmes thus thier welfare has always been his priority wayback in 2014 and now.

“Furthermore, the Governor has the constitutional powers to source for, or deploy funds to ensure ciivil servants are paid as at when due.

“It is heart warming that the civil service status of Adamawa would soon change to “Commercial capital of the north east,” “home of agriculture and industralisation” and “Tourists destination”.

“With the present AUF administration in power, it is just a matter of time the name civil service state will be a thing of the past.

“The writer also alludes to constructions without approval. The people using the roads are rejoicing while detractors are sulking.

“The transparency and oppenness of the AUF administration is unrivalled in the history of Adamawa state since its inception anybody could easilly approach the Ministry of finance to clarify any enquiry. It is vividly clear that the writter failed to do his due diligence.

“The Executive and legislative arms of Government in Adamawa state are in sync and share a most cordial relationship. We must remember that the Governor is a product of the legislature thus they are his ally in progress.

“It has become obvious to all and sundry that the ATM administration is unequivocal about bringing massive development to Adamawa State.”

Dogo further said, “The writer also seems unaware or refuses to aknowledge the aggressive internal revenue drive of the ATM administration that has been comended by well meaning personalities both within and outside the state.

“It behoves on the writer and his likes to do their research properly. Revenue generation has been a forte of this administration.

“Regarding projects such as the Mararaba Garta road and Yola town roads, if only the writter carried out his research properly he would have known that construction of roads sometimes fall in the purview of the federal government,while others are state projects and sometimes it is a collaboration of the federal and state government,in the situation in question, the Fintiri administration fully paid its own part of the bond for the construction as required .
All the contracts awarded by the ATM administration as an Acting Governor were dully awarded with requisite processes.

“The Yola township roads were also awarded and duly paid for and embarked on accordingly.

“The AUF administration has awarded many more road contracts currently in the same Yola town and environs which are at various stages of construction.

“More so, currently critical infrastructural developments litter the nooks and cranny of yola town and the state at large.

“The Boko Haram insurgents deliberately attacked and destroyed critical infratstructure mostly within the mubi,madagali and michika axis thus making life difficult for the populace.

“The AUF administration has prioritised reconstruction of such infrastructure in the affected areas,some have been completed,,some are ongoing.
Recently the pela maiha road and others are at various stages of construction.

“Rural electrification is history and expanding within the Michika Madagali axis today.

“The writter has also projected himself as an unsolicited mouthpiece for the APC by casting aspersion on President Goodluck Jonathan and Admiral Nyako who ought be accorded due respect as an elder statesman in Adamawa state, the use of subterfuge to disparage him would not be condoned by the ATM administration who place high regards on elder statesmen both past and present.

“Also regarding the faculty of the Adamawa State University ,the ATM administration has advanced beyond the writers insinuations in fulfilling all requirements by upgading the school of legal studies yola to serve as the law faculty of ADSU so as to enable all structures at the Mubi campus be put into thier original use as intended by the institution’s management.

“This administration is intent on realising the commencement of the law faculty which his Excellency was and is still the brain and initiator of the law department right from his days as a member cum acting governor.

“Today this has reached advanced stage and the people of Adamawa would be the prime beneficiaries.

“The AUF administration has never been aversed to constructive criticisms but when such criticisms take an insidious dimension to deliberately run down this administration,it must be condemned by all well meaning persons.

“It is increasingly obvious that the opposition is recruitting more stooges and conspirators to blackmail the ATM admiinistration with falacies and kindergarten stories in a bid to peddle fake news against a Governor that is working more than he is speaking. However the commitment of the AUF Administration remains resolute, determined and foccused to diliver the dividents of democrecy to the good people of adamawa state

“When Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri was Governor in acting capacity he earned the name ATM.

“He is certainly going to earn the name Mr Projects before the end of his first tenure.

“Adamawa is working again and the wailers would continue to wail until Adamawa is totally transformed and takes its place as one of the best states in Nigeria.”