COVID-19: Gov. Fintiri Warns Residents to Brace Up for Fresh Stringent Measures to Curb With New Virus Strain

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The Adamawa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has warned residents that new stringent measures would soon be introduced in the state to contain the possible spread of the second wave of coronavirus spreading fast across the country.
Fintiri said, residents must work hand-in-hand with governmnent to curb the spread of the virus by observing the basic protocols for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 including washing of hands, social distancing, using of hand sanitizers, avoiding over crowded places and wearing of face masks.
This is contained in a press statement issued by the press secretary to the Adamawa state governor, Humwashi Wonosikau, and made available to Newsmen, Wednesday.

Umaru Fintiri is concerned over the new wave of Coronavirus Pandemic which health authorities indicated spreads faster than the earlier.
The statement said, “Governor Fintiri is putting the State on notice of a possible new restrictions because government is not leaving anything to chance in tackling the spike of the Pandemic that has been reported in Nigeria.

“With the confirmation that Nigeria has entered the second wave of the Pandemic that changed developments across the world for much of 2020 we have resolved to ensure citizens observe the protocols of COVID-19 for their own good.”

While regretting the toll it would take on the economy and social activities, Fintiri however assured that, “Government intends to keep businesses open as nobody would want to go through another round of lockdown but residents must adhere strictly to measures to counter the spread of COVID-19 in the State.
“The best thing for both Public health and the economy is for residents to respond to the new measures necessary to stem the tide of COVID-19.

“The time for swift and decisive action is now and we cannot afford to be slow.”
He added that, “As a result of the rapid spread of the new variant of the COVID-19 virus, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri warns residents to ensure use of face mask, avoid crowded places, frequent washing of hands and use of sanitizers, while also observing social distancing and to only travel when necessary.
“Government will need the cooperation and support of club owners, event centres and those operating businesses at night at this time of the second wave of the Pandemic to ensure they close by 10pm in the interest of the public as Government works hard to halt the spread of the virus.
“The new strain of Coronavirus which is spreading faster, calls for the understanding and cooperation of all to stop the virus.
“I wishing the people of the state a prosperous year 2021 and a hope of a better new year with healthy citizens.”

Fintiri’s Spokesman, Kumangar, Fires Back at Desert Herald Over Mischievous Publication

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The Director General media to Governor Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa state has criticised a Media outlet, Desert Herald, over what he called a reckless and irresponsible publication accusing the Fintiri led governmnent of lacking sensitive in the distribution of projects in the state.

Kumangar slammed the media outlet over comments that the Fintiri government was in office for self enrichment, saying the assertion was unfound, reckless and thoughtless.

Kumangar made the remarks on Wednesday in a statement made available to News Rendezvous in Yola, Adamawa State.

Solomon Kumangar said it “dismisses the wicked and unfounded conclusion” in the opinion editorial.

In the opinion article, Desert Herald reviewed the governor’s handling of the state resources, saying” Governor Fintiri lacking of sensitivity and equity in project distribution across the 21 local governments of the state”.

In his response, Mr Kumangar alleged that the article was “not only disrespectful of the Governor and his office, but was also reckless, thoughtless, inflammatory and totally irresponsible.”

The Fintiri led state government dismisses the wicked and unfounded conclusion by a media house that Governor Fintiri is in government for self-benefits and also insensitive to equity distributions of projects across the 21 local councils of the state.

We reject Desert Herald newspaper’s September 15th, 2020, editorial which alleged that Governor Fintiri is in politics for self-enrichment and that his government fails to consult the people of projects to be given priority. The editorial was not only disrespectful of the Governor and his office, but was also reckless, thoughtless, inflammatory and totally irresponsible.

It is steadily becoming clear from the views, news and opinions of this newspaper that it will explore every opportunity and twist every fact to declare every actions of the governor as insensitive.

We believe and strongly insist that criminality perpetrated by previous holders of the office should not be used to demonize other responsible and decent leaders of the state. The collective demonization of Fintiri’s government represents the view and opinion of Desert Herald not that of the electorates of Adamawa.

We all know that the office of the SSG is engine room of every government; Desert Herald fails to understand that from all the appointments made by the governor, His Excellency, Ahmadu Fintiri reflects federal character. It takes into cognisance ethnic tribes of every Adamawa sons and daughters. One wonders how this paper hastily concludes that the flyover projects are immaterial; the writer fails to understand that flyovers are not built for traffic decongestion alone, also for city beautification.

The governor is not the first governor in Adamawa history to build a new house or to renovate old one that is obsolete in office, Ex Governors that governed Adamawa built houses for themselves, Messrs Boni, Nyako, Ngillari and Bindow all built houses of their taste when serving as the governor of the state.

No Governor of any state in Nigeria can ensure even distribution of projects across all the local governments in his state at a time, even with the meagre resources, Governor Fintiri continue to flagon projects across the three senatorial district of the state, for instance Maiha, Michika, Madagali, Toungo, etc lacks any tangible projects during the administration of his predecessor and hell was not let loose.

Desert Herald article is, therefore, sheer blackmail and mischief designed to push its own sinister and unpatriotic agenda disguised as free speech. By inciting the people against the government that carried people along in projects distribution.

Rather than proffer solutions, the article only regurgitated simplistic narratives of complex state issues, deliberately neglecting the broader and unbiased understanding and interpretation.

After the highly biased and misleading articles, the newspaper could not but come to terms with the established fact that Governor Fintiri is yet to commission projects due to the lean resources coming into the state as a result of deduction of loans collected by successive government.

Currently, massive projects are on-going across almost all the local councils of the state, these projects are all elephant’s projects not petty projects. Desert Herald fail to understand that every government has her priority in regard to governance style, as citizens don’t dictate to leaders on projects to execute and those to abandon.

The Governor’s commitment to the security and wellbeing of all Adamawa residents is unwavering and total, and no criminal group, or ethnic militias, will be spared the wrath of the law.

In its attempt to build a case against the Governor and tarnish his hard-earned reputation, the newspaper misquoted and removed from the actual context words attributed to him, one or two of which we wish to clarify here.

In pointing out that “some major projects including a housing project for which the state government borrowed a whooping N10 billion is still a pipe dream, more than one year after the project was flagged off as a visit to the site by our reporter indicated that even foundation for the multi-billion project did not commence”.

“Similarly, another multi-billion road project is still a mirage more than a year after the government awarded it. In addition, the government has since its coming borrowed about N30 billion without commensurate projects to justify such massive borrowing”.

Desert herald assertion is woefully wrong, most of the contractors handling roads like the Bachure are not owed by the government to warrant the delay been experience in completion of that particular road, in my own imagination, Kaduna state government whose Desert herald office is situated cannot justify the billions of naira it collected via local and foreign loans.

The two thousand housing units bidding were done openly as the Fintiri led government need to assuage the feelings of locals farming on the land before the commencement of such projects; it is inhuman for the state government to bulldoze people’s farm land to embark on such projects now. Most locals are yet to harvest their farm produce, immediately after the harvest the building of the housing units will commence.

The question to ask the newspaper is simple: are we to ask every citizen of Adamawa state to decide the project to start with in the state? Is it out of place to commission a project after a year in office by this administration?

For the second issue, if the governor enters the site to today to destroy people’s farm to commence the building of the two thousand housing units, will Desert Herald not call it insensitive? The governor did nothing wrong in building or renovating his personal residence as a former governor built new residence in his home town and also built another in Yola in office as a governor. Without a safe, peaceful and stable state, it is difficult to imagine how newspapers can prosper in their trade.

Under this administration, no media, no matter how provocative, will be fettered in their freedom of expression. Rather, we will continue to appeal to their conscience to place Adamawa interest and professionalism above narrow concerns.

Kummangar advise members of the media to exercise restraint and good judgement for the larger good of the society. We must not forget the significant and unsavoury roles played by journalists in the Rwandan genocide of 1994, which claimed almost one million lives.

We should all work for the good of Adamawa state and all citizens

Boom!!!: Dogo Takes Desert Herald to the Cleaners – Says Fintiri’s Amazing Progress Driving the Media, It’s Supporters, Crazy

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The Senior Special Assistant to the Adamawa state governor on Social Mobilisation, Victor Dogo, has slammed a local media, Desert Herald, over its persistent spurious and misguided attacks on the government of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and the person of the SSG, Bashir Ahmed, discribing it’s recent publication, “Adamawa in The Sludge” as a cheap but failed attempt at blackmail and mischief.

Dogo rubished the publication as a horrible combination of falsehood, misrepresentation, distortion and a peddler of fake news.

Victor Dogo made the remarks in a statement made available to News Rendezvous, Wednesday, in Yola Adamawa state.

Dogo said, publishers of the said media are desperate attention seekers who turned their platform into a point of convergence for those who maliciously refuse to see anything good in Gov. Fintiri’s sterling performance.

Victor Dogo addressing the medium said, “Desert Herald it is game over for your quackery. When an outfit decides to use its pages to beg for meals by write-ups that do not add up.

“Desert Herald as unprofessional as it has been in degrading females in politics referring to one of its recent reports that should have been in court. In search for acceptance Desert Herald has degenerated to the point of nothingness but wishing that it’s fallacy on paper will attract stipends.

“I am sorry to disappoint them that this is a government that walks the talk. The era when writing in quote ‘nonsense’ they will call you to the table for dinner is over.

“I am pleased to say that I would have wasted so much of my ink to tell you of our numerous projects not until the folly of the Desert Herald normally described in pidgin English as “abeg give us something make we keep quiet, Keep quiet on what,” the lies or assumptions, well it is now clear that the impenetrable SSG Bashir Ahmed is your nightmare. Instead of your planned disdain you instead advertise our government gigantic projects all over the place.”

He said, “Desert Herald ended up explaining the open door policy of the governor in peeping into areas that needed to be part of the communal integration of the state. Furthermore, they unconsciously mentioned his great love for the various clans in Adamawa state by doing everything to make sure they have equal benefit and dividends of democracy.

“The picture they ended up painting is that of a Governor always looking out for opportunity to be a father to all and not someone that shows favouritism to someone or group.

“The trophy has just been handed to the Governor for fighting to transform a backward state into an ideal module for the nation.

“Now, we see why credible Media outfit like the “Leadership News awarded the Executive Governor recently great recognition for performance and certainly good governance.

“Desert Herald should be learning fast that when its writeup is clearly indicating that they are rather groping in the dark and yet to settle down into real journalism
Once again, our attention has been drawn to the barrage of attacks from this already obscure media known as the “Desert Herald.”

“I have had to grapple with a poorly written and lackluster reportage, trying to make sense of it, to no avail. The quality of write-ups in any print media tells a lot about the quality of its editors and ultimately, its publishers.

“It is rather unfortunate that the publishers of Desert Herald surreptitiously sometimes back used a photo shot opportunity with the revered Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to launder its image in a previous publication.

“Certainly HRH Sanusi is not privy to the derogatory and denigrating story the publication has recently carried about a lady politician in Adamawa State calling her unprintable names on the basis of her gender. HRH Sanusi Lamido definitely would not have given the publishers any audience.

“The defamed lady is still in consultation on the best legal action to take against the publishers of Desert Herald.”

Explaining governor Fintiri’s position, he said, “The Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri led administration has chosen to ignore all infinitesimal attention seekers and march on with its giant developmental strides for the State.

“However, in the interest of the good people of Adamawa state, let us set the records straight.

“It is on record that the ATM Governor ran an extremely lean cabinet for the first year of his administration to save cost. Even when the Governor eventually made appointment of commissioners, advisers and assistants, he kept it lean and cut off all frivolous allowances, all in a bid to reduce the cost of Governance in the state.

“Consequently, it is out of place for Desert Herald to insinuate that the Governor would allow any frivolous spending or financial impropriety. Every project in the state undergoes due process and legislative approval. The bidding processes, award of contracts and financial implications are open for public scrutiny.”

Educating the medium on the scope and vision behind governor Fintiri’s outstanding work in Adamawa, he said, “The Desert Herald ought to do its due diligence. Furthermore, the Publication referred to the construction of the first flyover and interchange in the state as irrelevant projects.

“It is on record that this projects is arguably the largest in the whole of Northern Nigeria ( many roads to and fro the roundabout).It takes a visionary leader to think futuristically and avoid the obvious bottleneck that is bound to evolve in no distant future.

“For the purpose of enlightenment to Desert Herald, an interchange is defined as “a road junction that uses grade separation and ramps to permit traffic in at least one highway to pass through the junction without interruption from other crossing traffic streams” Put simply, the interchange makes driving easier more convenient and faster, that project is already a tourist attraction.

“Most unfortunately the publication refers to the construction of roads, bridges and electrification, as “projects not in tandem with the needs of the people,” a large population of the good people of Adamawa state are farmers that need roads to transport their farm produce to the markets, artisans and small scale businesses need electricity to function, yet the publication is oblivious of these facts.

“It is preposterous to even fathom the idea that the Governor didn’t consult with the people before embarking on infrastructural projects.

“Certainly, the publishers were oblivious of the various consultations and town hall meetings with relevant stakeholders and reputable media houses embarked upon by the Governor before embarking on the projects.

“The ignorance of the Desert Herald cannot be excused.
For many years Infrastructural Development in Adamawa state had become moribund and comatose.

“With the advent of the AUF administration, it is obvious that Adamawa State has become a huge construction site with caterpillars and cranes in every nook and cranny of the state yet, a few disgruntled politicians are using Desert Herald as a smokescreen to vent their anger towards a Governor that has rejected the personal aggrandisement of a few individuals that see Adamawa as a cash cow.

“This cheap publication has been trying to play on religious and tribal sentiments is an exercise in futility. Adamawa is one of the most heterogeneous states in Nigeria in terms of tribe, culture and religion.

“It is common place to find families comprising of both Muslims and Christians. It takes a unifier and bridge builder as AUF to accommodate the various diversities in the state and create a sense of belonging for all. Even his cabinet is heterogeneous with a unique mix of all the major tribes and the two dominant religions.

“As far as the AUF administration is concerned, all tribes are equally important, none superior, none inferior.

“Every part of the state finds adequate representation in his cabinet thus the allusion that some tribes are favoured, holds no water.
The publication particularly alluded to the Bachamas and ffulanis.

“The Deputy Governor is of the Bachama extraction but relates to the Governor as a brother and ally. More so, the Chief of Staff to the Governor and some key commissioners are from the Numan federation so one tends to wonder where the allegation of nepotism or religious bias is emanating from as reported by the said publication.”

And on the mediums attacks on the SSG, he said, “The SSG, Bashir Ahmed is of the Fulani extraction and well loved and respected amongst his people. He has proven himself to be a reliable ally to the Governor and a grass root mobiliser.

“The SSG has been a bastion for his people and instrumental to a forthcoming event where massive defectors from other parties would be formally welcomed into the PDP in Yola North and Yola South respectively.

“Furthermore, the publication desperately seeks to conjecture that there is a tribal rivalry amongst the various tribes in the state due to citing of projects.

“They refer to the loan obtained by the Government for construction of a residential estate in Yola South.

“If they had done a due diligence, they would have discovered that the project is on course pending the end of the harvest season so as to give the indigenous people the opportunity to harvest their crops before construction would commence in earnest.

“The Governor has a humane heart and would rather allow the people harvest their crops before work in earnest commences.

“The publication went further to erroneously state that Mubi and Maiha do not have state projects ongoing oblivious of the fact that the hospital in Mubi is being upgraded to a general hospital while the secondary school is being refurbished and equipped with better learning facilities. In the same vein, construction of the Maiha-Pela road which had been abandoned for ages is ongoing and the hospital in Maiha is being upgraded to a cottage hospital.

“At least clearly, the publication recognizes that Yola, Michika and Madagali have been littered with projects. If only they knew that literally every local government is experiencing a litany of massive infrastructural development and people oriented projects.

“Sensationalism is an integral part of journalism but when a print media continuously and consistently reports “ONLY” fake news, and fallacies, then there is more than meets the eyes. Where then lies the maxim of balanced reporting in journalism….where lies the ethics of responsible journalism?

“For the few that are yet to know, Desert Herald desperately made overtures to the State Government in the past for a business opportunity which was declined in the interest of state owned media firms.

“Resorting to wild goose chase to tarnish the image of the administration would not change the resoluteness of the AUF administration.

“Obviously, due to the vicissitudes of the times, and financial desertification, Desert Herald is becoming more desperate and has made itself readily available as an appendage and propaganda office for any disgruntled politician.
When a media firm becomes nebulous, obscure and irrelevant, it often resorts to desperate measures.”

Dogo warned that, “It is high time Desert Herald came to terms that their overtures were then rejected in the past, and would still be rejected if ever they came back cap in hand.

“A perusal of the said publication reveals unfortunately, that no reputable organization advertises in their publication, only strange products that promote lewdness. No wonder the desperation.

“Desert Herald is quickly becoming a show of shame of beggars at the gate waiting for crumbs instead of doing the job of rightly informing the people on facts.

“I think I rather say like the good man “Silver and Gold have I non but I give to you good knowledge on issues as they stand not assumptions as Desert Herald.
This movement is not just the Governor alone but the loving people of Adamawa state united by the ATM governor’s agenda of a state bound by one purpose irrespective of tribal,religious or political affiliation.
Social Mobilization
Dogo Victor

COVID-19: Adamawa CAN chairman Recovers from Coronavirus – Calls on FG to give Special Attention to Frontline Workers and improve Medical Facilities in the Country

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The Adamawa state Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) chairman, Dami Mamza, has called on the general public to take all the necessary prescribed measures to safeguard themselves from contracting coronavirus saying the virus is real and anyone who gets it can recover from it even though he thinks the effect of the disease has been over exaggerated in Nigeria.
Dami said, the fear that has been attached to the virus is over exaggerated and too much and it has been responsible for many deaths.

It is not a death sentence and it is not as bad as people are saying, if you get it, you can get well.
Mamza made remarks at a press briefing over the weekend in Yola, Adamawa state.
He said, “I want to use this opportunity to inform everyone that I have been declared free of Coronavirus and I want to assure everybody that I am now physically well.”
Dami Mamza said, “I have contracted and recovered from coronavirus and no one suffering from it should despair, because it is not a death sentence.
“The fear of coronavirus has been blown out of proportion in Nigeria and many who contracted it died from fear of it than the effects of the virus.
“While I was down, I had time to pray more and reflect and read more.
“Coronavirus is not as bad as people think, and I think it has been highly exaggerated in Nigeria.
“Many people have been made aware and afraid of it that they die from the fear of it than the actual sickness.”

He added that, “Many would be wondering how and why I contracted the disease, being a member of the containment committee in the state.
“I have always maintained all the safety protocols and have been a stickler for the rules and yet I got it.
“My answer is simple, it is because I am human and God allowed it to use me to educate people about the reality of the disease.
“I want to inform the public that they have nothing to fear from it and if you get it, you can recover from it and this includes those having underlying ailment.
“So, I want people to face it with confidence and faith, not with fear.
“I will also like to inform those that are doubting whether Covid-19 is real, that it is real but it is nothing to be alarmed about.

“I would like people to maintain all the precautionary measures of social distancing, washing of hands with running water and wearing of face mask.”
Speaking on state of healthcare in the country, Dami Mamza, called on the Federal government to first of all intervene immediately to prevent the proposed strike by health workers in the country scheduled to commence on Monday.
He said, the country is in a fragile and volatile situation as a result of the global pandemic and any inattention by the medical workers could lead to loss of lives and every government has a responsibility to forestall that.

Mamza notes that, Nigeria has poor medical facilities across the country and it is in fact a miracle that the effect of Coronavirus has not been far more than this in the country and the continent where there has been poor medical facilities.
Mamza said, “Coronavirus has exposed us, we do not have good medical facilities and we have to say big thanks to God that Coronavirus has not taken serious toll on us than it has done in other countries like America, Italy, who have more advanced medical facilities than us.
“Our government must invest and improve on our medical facilities and show respect and appreciation to the frontline responders in the face of this pandemic.”

COVID-19: Escaped Coronavirus Patient Nabbed, Moved to Yola Isolation Center

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The Coronavirus patient who escaped from vehicle transporting them to Yola has been found and moved to Yola Isolation Center.
A mild drama was reported to have however happened in the state as one of Adamawa indigenes, a returnee from Lagos via Gombe, is reported to have escaped from the bus transporting him and thirty seven other passengers to Adamawa after testing positive at Gombe Isolation center.

The news of his escape is said to have caused no small scare among community as he was reported to have ran into Numan, then into Lamurde and into Waduku, a suburb of Lamurde local government in Adamawa state, based on a viral audio recording by a community leader appealing to the patient to return.

Giving details into the incident the Adamawa state commissioner of Health, Prof. Abdullahi Isa, explained that the state government has been briefed by the Gombe state government that certain Lagos returnee Adamawa state indigenes detained in Gombe quarantine facility, would be returned to the state.

While they were being returned, the person that tested positive, alighted the bus and trails of him went cold in Ngurore.

Explaining the incident Isa said, “There were some indigenes of Adamawa who were detained at Gombe isolation Center.

“Gombe state government has made it a rule to detain all travellers returning from other parts of the country, to Gombe or through Gombe and have them tested.

“So, some of these returnees who happened to be Adamawa state indigenes were detained and tested in Gombe and one of them was positive.”

Abdullahi Isa noted that, “The mistake they made was that they bundled them together in some vehicles to be returned to the state.

“While on transit, the person who tested positive alighted from the vehicle and and ran away, the person was followed up to Ngurore from where he disappeared.

“As at the moment, his number is still switched off but Gombe state government has provided us with their phone numbers and contact details, so we are still tracking him.”

Speaking to Daily Sun, the chairman Numan local government area, Innocent Koto said, “We have been able to find him this morning and we have sent him to the Yola Isolation center.

“When we found him, he was not showing any symptoms and his temperature was still normal, but we have followed all the laid down protocols to ensure public safety based on information gathered from the Executive Secretary, Public Health of my local government.

“We are currently advising the public who had contact with him to come forward so as to forestall against any public health crisis.”

Speaking to Daily Sun, a resident of Demsa local government Kuti Laori said, “I have not heard about any escaped Coronavirus Patient but I believe he will be found.”

On whether there have been complaince in the area with respect to lockdown and other public health guidelines, he said, “Yes of course, here in Demsa, everyone seems to be aware of the Coronavirus guidelines.

“If you extend the hand to someone here, no one will even take it.

“The use of hand sanitisers are still very common and in most communities and churches, there are facilities for hand washing.”

COVID-19: Gov. Fintiri Confirms a Second Case – Makes Face Mask Compulsory

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The Adamawa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has made the use of face mask compulsory in public as the state records another Coronavirus case.
The governor said the second case, being a medical practitioner, has thrown a new challenge into the contact tracing management of the disease in the state, as now there is the possibility of a wide range of contacts.
Fintiri made remarks during a statewide broadcast in Yola, Adamawa state.

“At this point I hereby declare that the wearing of mouth and nose mask is compulsory for all citizens whenever they go out and in all public functions.

“Our Disease Surveillance Officers are in all the Communities and they are there to serve you,” Fintiri has said in a statewide address.

With the new case, the state has so far recorded a total of two confirmed cases.
The governor noted that the new case which is not connected to the index case presents another difficult challenge in the management of the disease as fear of community infection heightened.
”What is striking about this case, is the fact that it is not linked to the index case.
“Last week, we sent 8 samples to Abuja. 5 were direct contacts of the index case as traced; while 3 were new suspicious cases who were showing symptoms.
”Having additional case in the State is truly worrisome.
“More disturbing is the fact that the victim is a Medical Doctor in one of our hospitals in Mubi, who must have had contact with many people in the course of discharging his duty lawfully.
“This indeed places on our shoulder, a herculean task of contact tracing which is not only tedious but strenuous.
“While the contact tracing is no doubt daunting, more scaring is the fact that we may be sliding into the most dangerous phase of the pandemic, which is Community transmission of the virus.
”It is on note that our Index Case is a returnee from Kano; and therefore we are certain of how the disease was couriered into the State.
“But when the case is a doctor, resident in a public hospital with access to colleagues and countless patients, the level of Community Infection can best be imagined.
”Fellow citizens, this calls for both caution and action. It reinforces the need to stay safe and adhere to the pandemic’s prevention and management etiquette.
“Stay at home; if you must go out, wear your mouth and nose mask; uphold personal and environmental hygiene; avoid overcrowding; maintain social and physical distancing; be vigilant and raise alarm whenever you notice any symptom on a neighbor, a family member or yourself.
“This will go a long way in early detection and possible isolation, where necessary.
“At this point in time, what is required is care not fear, hope not despair,” he said.
The Adamawa state ministry of health had earlier confirmed the second case of Coronavirus virus in the state in its situation report.
The second case involves a thirty two year old man who was presented with cough, fever and body weakness prior to investigation and sample was collected on the 21st or April, 2020.
The report explained that the second case is however unconnected to the index case as it involves a health worker from Mubi south, in Adamawa state.
The report also points out that a total of twenty six cases have been investigated, two have been returned as positive, thirteen returned as negative and eleven are still pending.
A total of 94 contacts have been registered, while 84 are under follow up and about 9 others are yet to be seen.

COVID-19: Fintiri Imposes Another 14 Day Lockdown – To Set Up Mobile Courts to Prosecute Offenders

News Rendezvous

The Adamawa state governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has imposed another fourteen day lockdown on the state effective Friday, 24th April, 2020 midnight, following the register of a first case of Coronavirus in the state.
The governor said, his government has already commenced contact tracing of the index case and a lockdown has become a painful but mandatory step forward in order to safeguard the overall best interest of the people of Adamawa state.
He made this known in press statement issued by the Director General, Media and Communications to the Governor, Solomon Kumangar, and made available to Newsmen Friday.
Fintiri said, “The Adamawa State Government has imposed a lockdown throughout the State for another period of fourteen (14) days with effect from midnight Friday April 24th 2020 and to end on Friday midnight 8th May 2020.

“Painful as the decision is, it is the aftermath of the First COVID-19 index case recorded in the State through a returnee from Kano.
“The Adamawa State Government is therefore left with no option than to go for lockdown in the overall interest of saving lives and to contain the spread.”
He added that, “Government has successfully commenced contacts tracing and testing which will be followed by isolation and treatment of positive cases.

“Movement and gatherings in whatever form are prohibited throughout the period, except for those on verifiable essential duty such as Security, Media, Health and Water Board Personnel, while Financial Institutions like Banks, will operate skeletal services.

“Government will not allow the irresponsibility of a few to lead to the death of many. “
While encouraging the public to maintain basic hygiene habits, he announced that a mobile court will be set-up to try and prosecute offenders within the period of the lockdown.
The governor had earlier Wednesday, the 22 April, 2020, that it might review its relaxation of a Lockdown following the discovery of an index case of the disease in Adamawa state.

COVID-19: Boom!Nigeria Records 117 New Cases

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Coronavirus cases in Nigeria has spiked to about 117 as of 11:25 pm of 21st of April, 2020.

The alarming rise in cases of the disease came amidst extension of lockdown in the three epicenters of the disease in the country, namely Lagos, Ogun and Abuja.

The recent record of the cases suggests the spread of the disease into new states like Borno and Katsina as Kano records a bump in the number of cases.

Below are the details:

117 new cases of #COVID19 have been reported;

59 in Lagos
29 in FCT
14 in Kano
6 in Borno
4 in Katsina
3 in Ogun
1 in Rivers
1 in Bauchi

As at 11:25 pm 21st April, there are 782 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria.

Discharged: 197
Deaths: 25

It is of note, however, that this rise in the number of cases comes at a time when the Adamawa state government decided to relax its lockdown order, even though movement into the state was still in effect.

The state has been awashed with a disturbing rumour of 100 factory workers returning from Lagos and Ogun, who were remanded in isolation centers in Numan and Demsa, escaping from the quarantine.

Though News Rendezvous can not confirm the details at this moment, if the rumour is anything to go bye, then Adamawa should brace itself for the worst.

COVID-19: Gov. Fintiri Lifts Lockdown Order in Adamawa – Bans Inter-State Travels – Restricts “Keke” to 2 Passengers

News Rendezvous

The Adamawa state governor Ahmadu Umaru, has lifted the two weeks lockdown order imposed on the state following the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country.

Lifting the ban, the governor said his government is committed to keeping the state off the COVID-19 map and would however maintain a ban on movements into and out of the state as a necessary but painful measure to protect the lives of citizens.

Fintiri, made this known in a statement issued to Newsmen, Tuesday, in Yola, Adamawa state.

Fintiri who salutes the efforts of medical practitioners, security agencies, Coronavirus Containment Committee among other relevant government bodies, that have worked round the clock to make it possible for the state to remain free of the disease saying the state government will however not relent in its efforts to maintain complinace to stringent measures of social distancing, limits on number of gathering within fifty persons, among other hygiene habits that must be maintained to ensure public safety and to keep the state free of the virus.

The government however maintains that all private and public schools will remain locked down and tricycle operators would be restricted to carrying not more than two passengers.

Fintiri said, “It is with a deep sense of responsibility that I address you on the progress and challenges that we have all encountered since I signed the Executive order for a 2-Week Stay-at-Home and Restriction of Movement with the exception of only those on Essential Services, as part of measures to prevent COVID-19 from getting into the State.

“Government is fully conscious that Adamawa State has no single positive index case so far but this could not be a reason not to take stringent measures against the spread. Although the measures taken to keep the State Corona virus free are painful, they are temporary but necessary measures that must be taken to protect our people from getting exposed.

“It is my fervent belief that we must endure the pains of today to avoid the consequential damages of an advent of COVID-19 tomorrow, in a vulnerable state like ours.

“This administration will not relent in its commitment to keep Adamawa State off the COVID-19 pandemic Map and no effort will be spared to do so.”

Explaining his decision to relax the lockdown, Fintiri said, “Fellow citizens, having assessed the development in the past two weeks and the overwhelming compliance with the preventive measures, Government, has decided to relax the Restriction Order for the time being.

“Consequently, all Private and Public Schools remain closed till further notice, while movement will only be allowed within the boarders of the State.

“Travels into and out of the State remains banned and our international borders will also remain closed. Here, I urge our security agents to enforce the Closure Order to the later in view of reports that there have been cases of people defying the closure order and coming into the state from neighboring Countries where the scourge of the COVID-19 virus has reached an alarming rate.”

Explaining the measures taken by the state government to ensure compliance and ensure public safety, he said, “For the avoidance of doubt, any vehicle conveying passengers into the State will be impounded at the entry point and the occupants moved into a quarantine Centre, in the boarder Local Government, to be established by the State COVID-19 Containment Committee.

“Fellow citizens, as a responsible Government we remain on high alert and will do everything to keep the State COVID-19 free.

“Consequently, funds have been released for the renovation of the Psychiatric Unit of the Specialist Hospital as another Isolation Centre added to the facilities at the Specialist Hospital, Saint Peter’s Minor Seminary, and Madugu VIP Resort.

“In addition, screening and detection of suspected cases will be maintained at all entry points while internal surveillance will be sustained across the State.”

Covid-19: Adamawa State Govt. Wants FG’s to Commence Coronavirus Testing in Yola

News Rendezvous

The Adamawa state Coronavirus Containment Committee has asked the Federal government consider the possibility of allowing the Federal Medical Center (FMC) Yola to commence immediate testing for Coronavirus.

The Adamawa state commissioner of Health, Abdullahi Isa, explains that the FMC Yola has the relevant technology and equipment to commence testing for the virus.
He explained that the state has been grappling with challenges of sending samples to Abuja and had to rely on the magnanimity of the air force to transport samples to Abuja as a result of the lockdown situation in country.
Abdullahi Isa made the remarks during the Containment Committee briefing in Yola, Adamawa state.
Addressing the press on the preparedness of the committee he said, so far, there has not been any confirmed case of the virus in the state, explaining that of the six suspected cases in the state, four have returned negative and the other two on close examination, did not fall within the profile of Coronavirus cases.
Isa Abdullahi said, “We want to give special thanks to the Nigerian Air force who have been helpful and instrumental in the transportation of samples for testing in Abuja, which has been a difficult task so far.
“But, we would want to appeal to the federal government to look into the possibility of reviewing the status of Adamawa state and allow the Federal Medical Center Yola to commence testing for Coronavirus in the state, giving the challenges of sending samples to Abuja.
“The FMC Yola has optimal facilities to commence testing for the virus and it is expedient that we begin testing here because we would have been in a mess if not for the Air Force.”
Giving update on the Coronavirus status of the state he said, “We had six suspected cases in the state but four of them have returned as negative.
“While the other two upon close examination by our surveillance team, the indices did not meet the criteria for Covid-19, so the cases were dismissed outrightly and the patients have been doing fine after treatment.”
Explaining the capacity of the isolation center in the state he said, “We are aware of the federal government’s requirement for a three hundred bed isolation center, we are working on it.
“Magnanimously, the Catholic Bishop of Yola, has closed down the seminary in Yola and has offered the facility to the state government when the need arises, to be used as Isolation center and that place can contain about two hundred beds.
“Also, Musa Garba, has offered his annex to be used as Isolation center, the facility can contain about ten to fifteen beds, so we are gradually inching towards the three hundred mark but we are not there yet.
Also reacting on the whether there is a possibility for extension of the lockdown in the state he said, “The decision to extend the lockdown depends on the review of the situation but the situation in Bauchi calls for concern but so far there is no case in Gombe and Taraba but we are monitoring the situation but the decision would be after the review of the lockdown situation.”
The commissioner used the occasion to the commend the people of Adamawa for their support to the Fintiri led Adamawa state government and for complying to the lockdown regulations which helped in still keeping the curve flat in Adamawa state.
He also commended a philanthropists, Emeka Ofor for donating a trailer load of medical supplies to the state government.
He explained that the donation contains testing kits, personal protection gears for medical practitioners, among other valuable materials.
Speaking at the occasion, the Adamawa state commissioner for information, Garba Umar Pella, said the state government doors are opened for donations and assistance from well-meaning individuals in order to aid the state’s effort in combating virus.
Garba notes that the pandemic is a health crisis that has crippled the global economy and individuals support could go a along way in empowering the state to respond effectively to the crisis at hand.
So far, the testing centers for Coronavirus in the country have been few and in some cases too far certain states in the country.