Again, Sen. Binos Empowers Another 150 Constituents

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Sen.Binos Yaroe has launched his 2nd phase of his empowerment project by again giving out empowerment Kita to I50 beneficiaries from the nine (9) local government of the zone.

The empowerment event which took placebeneficiarieseach for the transportation back to their various local government. at Mayo was designed to equip constituents with existing business skills to be self reliant and economically independent.

Speaking at the occasion, Sen. Binos Yaroe said, this phase of his empowerment project was targeted at a different group of beneficiaries unlike the previous one where beneficiaries were trained on various business skills before giving them the necessary equipment to begin their trade.

Binos said this second phase of empowerment is exclusively for the women and the aged who already have an existing businesses.

Binos said, “This is not much but at least it will help our people who are into dry season farming and women who are into small scale businesses boost their trade and improve themselves economically.

“Please, these facilities are provided to help you improve yourselves and boost your personal income, don’t sell it for anything.”

Some of the items distributed at the event included grinding machines, water pumps, knapsack sprayers, machetes and rain boots.

Thirty (30) grinding machines were distributed to about thirty (30) women, 120 water pumps was distributed to about 120 constituents, while others received knapsacks, sprayers, machetes, rain boots and a N5,000 cash support to each of the beneficiaries.

In the first phase of Binos’ empowerment projects, he disbursed various empowerment facilities to over one hundred and fifty constituents.

“We Are Disappointed in FG Over Incessant Attacks On Garkida” Hon. Kefas Laments – As Community Recounts Horror Details of Attacks

News RendezvousThe member Representing Gombi constituency in the Adamawa state house of Assembly, Kefas Japheth, has criticised federal government’s neglect of his community to be attacked repeatedly by suspected Boko Haram insurgents.Kefas said, incessant attacks on Garkida has left the entire Gombi local government in distress and members of the community hopeless over governnents failure to halt repeated attacks on their community.Kefas made this known in a chat with News Rendezvous, in Yola, Adamawa state.Kefas said, the recent killing of six members of his community in a Christmas eve attacks and the kidnapping of five members of the community who were subsequently killed in cold blood has left the entire community in shock at the failure collapse of security in the country.Japheth Kefas speaking with Rendezvous on the details of the horror experience of the Christmas Eve attacks and effect of the incessant attacks on Garkida, said, the unabated attacks has created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty not only in Garkida but in the entire local government because no one feels safe or has confidence in the military to defend them.Kefas said, “This consistent and unrelenting attacks has created an atmosphere of great fear in all our communities in Gombi LGA not only in Garkida town alone.”We feel that the federal government is not doing its job or performing up to expectations in terms of security and defending our people.”The sole responsibility of government is to protect lives and properties of its citizens but in the case of Garkida town reverse is the case.”These so-called unknown gun men suspected to be Boko haram insurgents succeeded in killing six gentlemen on the day of the attack, abducted five youths and subsequently three days later, we saw in a viral video clip how they were executed in cold blood, shot to death in the eyes of the world.”Speaking on whether his community has confidence in military protection and the impact of the attacks on locals he said, “We have lost hope as to whether this year our people will go to farm because it seems as if the insurgents can abduct us and kill us and there is nothing anyone can do about it.”This is the the fourth time this ugly situation has happened to my people.”Our greatest worry is that in all these attack in Garkida, we always have information about it and the information were always passed to the relevant law enforcement agents, a day or two before it happens, we always report Boko haram sightings close to Garkida area but no effort seems to be made to stop them and the attacks still happen anyway.”Its sad and we are disappointed and our federal government has to do better.”Kefas added that, “The level at which the insurgents target the community is alarming and an embarrassment to the nation.“I am sad as a person and disappointed that these attacks happen again and again.”Our people are bitter because of the suffering inflicted on them as a result of the losses from the incessant attacks.”Some travelled from far and wide to celebrate Christmas with their families but spent it in the bushes, hiding.””We reliably gathered from our local intelligence, that as at boxing day, about nine (9) trucks carrying the insurgents were sighted hovering around and we might be attacked again.”We have however, resorted to self help and we are mobilising vigilante groups to Garkida, the logistics is quite challenging but that is our best option for now.”We need help, and we cannot be the subject of attacks without end, our people have lost everything.”A local, who spoke to Rendezvous from Garkida said, “We are had to run into the bushes, with my our family members, young and old, all the preparations we were making for Christmas, we have left behind and ran away for our dear lives.“We were just informed that they were on their way to our town again in several trucks, like it happened in February this year, no military was on the ground to help us, so we ran away to the nearby bushes and trees and rocks, hoping they would not follow us there, both the old and young, men and women.”Again, we were forced out of the comfort of our homes, and right now, no one can tell you the scale of destruction they are wrecking on our community because we are all hiding, hoping for the best.”Another residents told Rendezvous, “I am just returning from a journey now, from what I can see, they have burnt down living faith church, about 19 vehicles belonging to a construction company, working on some road projects in the area, shops, homes, and personal properties have been set ablaze.”I don’t think we are part of Nigeria, because these people just come to our community anytime they want, take whatever they want and leave however they want unchallenged, whenever, there are military in this town, there are no Boko Haram and whenever Boko Haram come, there would not be military, I think we are on our own, if you build a house, they will destroy it, if you rebuild it, they will destroy it again, so, what us the point?” he lamented.Garkida Community, a home to the current chairman of the North East Development Commission (NEDC) General Paul Tarfa and to the former Governorship candidate of the SDP in the 2019 general elections, Emmanuel Bello, has become the epicenter for recurring Boko Haram incursions and consistent attacks in Adamawa.The attacks has continued to leave members of the community despondent and perplexed as members cry out to government for intervention as the attacks happen again and again without military intervention.Gombi local government, one of the seven local governments in northern Adamawa that was occupied by the Boko Haram insurgents during Boko Haram invasion of the state in 2014, Garkida, a community under Gombi local government was one of the places worst hit by the attacks, now six years later, no one wondered that it would again become a place for regular attacks and invasion in 2020.In early 2020, February 21st to be precise, Boko Haram insurgents, The Sun reported, invaded the town hours after federal military forces left the community and held the community ransom for about three hours, killed several, looted shops, homes, burnt down churches and left the community members devasted, mulling over their loss as they were working hard to rebuild their lives from the losses of 2014.Just on the eve of Christmas 2020, again, Boko Haram struck Garkida, as community members left everything behind, spent their Christmas Eve in the bushes, watching and waiting, while the insurgents ransack their homes, burn down churches, and killed at least six people, community members told Daily Sun, without any government intervention.So, it was a Christmas, Garkida would never want to remember as residents recount the horror details of their ordeals.

Buba Sinks Over 300 Boreholes in His Constituency -Calls on Other Elected Officials to Deliver on Promises

News RendezvousThe Adamawa lawmaker representing Gombi/Hong at the federal house of representatives, Yusuf Buba Yakub, had called for wider participation of political stakeholders towards deepening the gains of democracy across the country.Buba said wilder participation by all stakeholders to address the developmental needs in his constituency, has become critical and paramount.Buba Yakub Said, “I’ have sunk over 300 hundred boreholes across my onstituency.”Speaking against the backdrop of pictures making the rounds on the social media depicting acute water shortages in Kulda, a village in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Yusuf Buba Yakub says, “Have personally sunk over 300 boreholes in the entire Federal Constituency and calls on other stakeholders to contribute their quota.”Buba in a statement issued by his media aide, Nkem Anyata-Lafia, “As at the last count, I have sunk over 300 boreholes personally in the whole of the Constituency.”This represents one borehole for each of the 254 Polling Units of the Constituency.”If the Local Government Area whose primary responsibility is to provide such basic needs of the people like water, primary health care and rural roads can do half of what I have done, such villages like Kulda and the reported lack of water will not be existing in Hong LGA or in any part of the Constituency today.”I am proactive and developmentally minded that was why I set up the Captain Buba Industrial Village to train and empower Constituents in various skills.”But this is a clarion call by all principal stakeholders in the State, Local and National leadership spectra to do more to develop their land and offer a new lease of life to the people.”Some few weeks ago, the Member representing the area had flagged off a number of projects and commissioned some completed ones; one of which was at the behest of President Muhammadu Buhari.”Some of these projects, included a hospital project at Gombi North, a flood and an erosion- control project, a road project, a water project at Gombi, Garkida, Hong, Pella, Uba, among other areas.”It was important to highlight some of the above realities in the light of the prevailing circumstances in some areas of the Constituency and as part of efforts towards addressing part of the infrastructural deficits in the area and more commitment was required by all to achieve comprehensive results.”

I am Working Hand-in-Hand With Gov. Fintiri to Build Adamawa, I am A PDP Man-Binos

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The senator representing Adamawa South senatorial zone, Rev. Binos Dauda Yaroe, has refuted as false and misleading, any rumoured claims that he would be leaving the PDP for APC saying he has an excellent working relationship with members of his party at state and National level.

Binos made this known while addressing newsmen, said he has no problem with either the state governor, the party chairman or any other person at the state or national level to warrant leaving the party.

“I’ve no reason to defect. I don’t have problem with anybody in my state or the nation.

“In fact I will say I’m working hand-in-hand with the governor in the interest of the state and I am working with the chairman of the party chairman A.T Shehu in the interest of the state.

“I am a PDP man, I’m going nowhere,” Yaroe said.

Speaking on some of the progresses recorded, he said the senate has passed the bill for the establishment of the school of Geological studies Guyuk for second reading.

Sponsor of the bill and the senator representing Adamawa south senatorial zone, promised to work with key stakeholders to ensure the development of the state.

Leading the debate on the establishment of the school, senator Yaroe said the establishment of the school in the area will address unemployment crisis in the area.

“Unemployment is a very serious challenge in the country. Like agriculture, the mineral and mining sector has a great potential in reducing the unemployment problems.

” But the sector itself is facing shortages of skilled, middle and junior man power.

“The establishment of school of Geological studies Guyuk will go a long way in providing the needed manpower for the industry.

Guyuk is endowed with large deposit of limestone, Gypsium and coal among many minerals and is centrally located in the north east Geopolitical zone which makes it ideal for the location of the school,” Yaroe emphasised.

While supporting the motion, senator Ibikun Amosun, and Tanko Almakura said establishing the school is consistent with president Muhammadu Buhari’s economic diversification policy and will add the much needed impetus to the country’s economy and reduce over dependence on the oil sector.

It is Gender Discriminatory, Tribalistic, to Call Me “Non-Indigene,”-Grace Bent Slams Adamawa PDP Chair

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The former Senator representing southern Adamawa, Grace Folashade Bent, has described the reference to her person as “Non-Indigene” by the Adamawa state chairman of PDP, Tahir Shehu, as a cheap resort to tribalistic Slur and that only a woman can be conveniently and demeaningly called a non- indigene after being married to a man for over four decades.

Bent contended that the state chairman should have denounced her position with superior facts instead of condescending to making globally unacceptable comments on ethnicity and gender that degrades commonness of humanity and portrays Adamawa and Nigeria in a disgraceful and demeaning light in the eyes of the world.

The senator states strongly that, after over forty years of marriage to her husband, it is only ignorance of the law and a chronic sense of treachery, that would make a man in the position of the state chairman of a party, to make such a derogatory and backward statement about her and that his comments is a reflection of his awareness, exposure and pedantry resort to tribalism.

This is contained in a press statement issued to News Rendezvous, over the weekend in Yola, Adamawa state.

Grace Bent while making reference to the statement made in his rejoinder concerning her interview with Daily Sun, where she remarked that her return to the Senate was frustrated by the state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri said, “I didn’t make “spurious allegations” against Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and the person of A.T. Shehu as the state chairman of the PDP, neither did I misrepresent any fact in the said newspaper interview regarding happenings in Adamawa PDP pre-2019 elections and thereafter.

“Secondly, he rightly said the people of Adamawa South senatorial district were magnanimous to me having “overwhelming” voted for me in 2007 against the choice of Senator Jonathan Silas Zwingina not minding that I was a “non-indigene”.

Denouncing Shehu as a tribalist, she said, “Only a tribalist like A.T. Shehu believes that people of same ethnic groups are related by blood, hence his coinage of “blood brother” like that of “non-indigene” – one against conventional English and the other against the law of the land respectively.

“For someone like Shehu, who claims to be a Lawyer by training, to refer to a bonafide Nigerian in Nigeria as a non-indigene (whatever the coinage means) is an exhibition of crass ignorance of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution (as amended) – Section 42 sub-section 1.

“His ignorance is an embarrassment to the Bar and I hereby call on the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to call A.T. Shehu to order if he is truly a member of the noble profession.

“In this 21st Century of Universality, a Lawyer is still beclouded and myopically tribalistic to still see a woman that has lived with her Adamawa husband for 40 years as a non-indigene.

“What a shame to the Lawyer like Shehu, who has little or no knowledge of the Nigeria’s Constitution and the Electoral Act, 2010 (as amended) regarding qualifications for election.

“Also, there is a subsisting order of a competent court of law in Nigeria that affirms the use of the coinage – “non-indigene” – on any public document as unconstitutional.”

While making reference to her towering legacy as a politician, Bent said, “On winning my election in 2007, If I was not loved by the teeming populace of Adamawa South senatorial district, I wouldn’t have won overwhelmingly as attested to by A.T. Shehu.

“This is a clear testimony to my popularity and good works to my constituents.

“If I was a “non-indigene” in Adamawa, was it only the Yorubas that overwhelmingly voted for me in 2007? This is a poser for A.T. Shehu and his ilks to ponder on and provide an answer.

“After my first four-year stint in the Senate between 2007 and 2011, I was conspired against and was stopped from returning to the National Assembly, thereby denying the good people of Adamawa South the kind of representation they deserve.

“My good works while I was representing the Adamawa South electorate still speak for me, contrary to the futile attempt by Shehu and his paymasters to poison their minds against me.”

Describing the Adamawa state chairman of PDP as a serial political looser, she said, “It is on record that he who is supposedly an indigene of Adamawa State has never won election in his unit in Ganye LGA for PDP, the party he chairs now.

“As we speak, Shehu’s State Constituency of Ganye is being represented by APC in the State House of Assembly.

“While Grace Bent, who he claims is a “non-indigene” has consistently delivered her unit, ward and indeed Demsa local government area with landslide victory in the whole of Adamawa South senatorial district in all elections.

“The records are in the public domain for confirmation.”

She maintained that, “In the November 29, 2020 newspaper interview in question, I responded to a question thus inter alia: “…I happened to be the only female in PDP that contested the primary election in 2019 and won the election, but the political party withdrew the ticket and gave it to someone else.

“My governor, Ahmadu Fintiri, played a key role in that regard. Perhaps, because of his personal interest.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the original result as compiled by the electoral committee sent from Abuja is still domiciled at the PDP national headquarters for verification.”

Restating her position in the interview and the instability the leadership of Shehu is causing in the party in the state she said, “I am not a desperate politician and I am not an ingrate as Shehu and his paymasters will want the good people of Adamawa South and the Nigerian public to believe, hence, I let go of the injustices meted against me in 2011 and 2019 elections.

“The revelations of their lack of dynamism and not being team players in my recent newspaper interview are statements of fact and I stand by them.

Adding that, “Was it not the same “ungrateful” Senator Bent who fought assiduously to nominate Shehu as the state party chairman despite protests from some quarters about his suitability?

“Could he say with all honesty that I was not instrumental to his emergence as the PDP State chairman?

“It’s laughable today to hear him ranting in his so-called rejoinder.

“Has he quickly forgotten the enormous role I played alongside a few major stakeholders in constituting the present State Working Committee (SWC) of the party that he is enjoying today with others?

“My doggedness and determination alongside a few other stakeholders repositioned and stabilised the PDP in Adamawa State, which produced the Governor Fintiri-led administration today. But here we are, most of the stakeholders that repositioned the party for its success today have been alienated and marginalised.

“So, where is the dynamism and teamwork by Shehu and his paymasters, who are at the helm of affairs of governance and party in our State?

“How would A.T. Shehu explain that under his watch, his deputy chairman defected to APC and few days ago, the Senator representing Adamawa North, Elisha Abbo, elected on the platform of the PDP in 2019, defected to the same APC?

“I have been a very loyal member of the PDP from inception, never have I for once, cross-carpeted to any other political party.

“Prior to my becoming a member of the PDP, I was the Deputy National Chairman of the then Progressive Liberation Party (PLP), which later merged with the PDP. I subsequently became the first female Political Adviser to the then National Chairman of the party.

“By God’s divine providence, I went on to become the the first female Senator in Adamawa State, and also in the North-East geo-political zone.

“My being a member of the BoT was earned and well merited, its most uncharitable of A.T. Shehu to adduce that he did me a favour by ‘making me’ a member of the BoT.

“Therefore, A.T. Shehu’s latest tantrums against me can be best described as a defeatist stand of a treacherous person.

“It’s bizarre and incomprehensible that Shehu, whom I single-handedly influenced his emergence as the Adamawa State PDP chairman against the wishes of the larger stakeholders, who knew him to be a betrayer, will turn around to betray me now just because of the crumbs he get from the table of his paymasters.

“The hatchet job by A.T. Shehu, which he dubbed ‘press release’, as a purported rejoinder to the newspaper interview I granted was done in bad faith, and it exposed him as ignorant, ethnic jingoist and a betrayer that he is for the world to see and know him better.”

Nigerian Army, Neutralise 75 Boko Haram Terrorist, Seize Ammunitions, Vehicles

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The troops of Operation Lafiya Dole in its operation Fire Ball , has confirmed the killing of about 75 Boko Haram insurgents Or Members of the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) and the seizure of several of its operational vehicles.

This is contained in a press statement issued by the acting Director Defense Media Operations, Briigadier General, Bernard Onyeuko, and made available to News Rendezvous, Tuesday.

Bernard Onyeuko said the military has recorded a successful operation against the insurgent and that the military is committed clearing the north east and the country at large of the activities of the Boko Haram insurgents and other security threats.

Brig. Onyeuko said, “Sequel to the commencement of Operation FIRE BALL, a subsidiary operation under Operation LAFIYA DOLE which is meant to clear the remnants of the Boko Haram/ Islamic State West Africa Province terrorists from their identified enclaves in the North East region.

“The Operation has recorded tremendous successes within the short period from its existence with the last week of the preceding month proving to be the deadliest against the criminals.

“The troops in the various Sectors of the Theatre have continued to carry out their tasks relentlessly. The successes so far achieved wouldn’t have been possible without the sacrifice, commitment and gallantry exhibited by the well motivated troops some of whom have paid the supreme sacrifice.

“Within this period, the troops have carried out aggressive clearance operations, ambushes, robust day and night patrols in order to finally decimate the remnants of the Boko Haram/ISWAP criminals.

“Consequently, as a result of the aggressive offensive action carried out by the troops, several terrorists elements have been neutralized as large number of their equipment were captured while some were equally destroyed in the process.

“In this regard a total of 75 Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists were neutralized within this period. In terms of the criminals equipment 4 x Gun Trucks, 1 x Bedford Truck, 3 x Anti Aircraft guns,were destroyed. The captured weapons include: 6 x Gun Trucks, 4 x Anti Aircraft guns, 1x PKT gun, 4 x General Purpose Machine Guns,1 x Automatic Grenade Launcher, 1 x Dushka Gun, 1 x Light Machine Gun, 48 x AK 47 Rifles, 1x Locally made Pistol and 10 x AK 47 magazines.

“Furthermore, large cache of ammunition were captured also.

“This include: 1 x 36 Hand Grenade, 567 rounds of 7.62mm Special ammunition, 448 rounds of 12.7mm ammunition, 50 x Rocket Propelled Grenade bombs, 17 locally manufactured rounds, 3 shells for making Improvised Explosive Device, 1 x Smoke Grenade and 2 x belts of PKT rounds. Other assorted non lethal items were also captured from the criminals.”

He added that, “Regrettably, one officer and 2 gallant soldiers paid the supreme price while 4 other soldiers were wounded in action over the period.

“However, the wounded soldiers have since been evacuated to a military medical facility and are currently responding to treatment.

“The troops of Operation FIRE BALL under Operation LAFIYA DOLE are hereby commended for their resilience, doggedness and commitment exhibited since the beginning of the Operation.

“They are equally encouraged not to rest on their oars but build on the successes recorded so far.”

Assuring Nigerians and members of the north east he said, “The entire populace of the North East region are hereby assured of the Nigerian military high command determination to finally rout the remnants of BHT/ISWAP criminals from their enclaves in this zone.

“To you the members of the Press, I want to thank you most profoundly for your cooperation and commitment in covering our activities.

“You are well appreciated.”

FG Opens Portal for N75 Billion Investment Nigeria Youth Investmewnt Fund (Check it out and Apply)

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The application portal for the N75 Billion Nigeria Youth Investmewnt Fund, #NYIF is officially open for registration.

Youths (18-35 years old) with business ideas that require funding can apply for N250,000 – N5,000,000 through the following link: 8


Copy this link and paste in your browser to go into the funds site to submit your application👇

Husseni is A Rabble-Rouser and a Political Jobber, Fintiri Won’t Be Conned-Dogo

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Good Intentions And Giant Strides Of The ATM Governor Wins Again.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Adamawa State Governor on Social Mobilisation, Victor Dogo, has cautioned the oppostion, frantically aiming a dig at the governor, suggesting that the looted palliatives were consignments received from federal government but not given to the people.

This notion was also voice by a known rabble-rouser, Husseini Gambo, whose utterances have been mischievously aimed at causing chaos and inviting some misguided youths to continue looting against the governments best wishes and intentions.

Gambo, the mastermind of the fake viral audio blackmail against Gov. Fintiri, is a man who has the habit of cooking up lies and hurling insults at elders in the state.

Dogo made this known in a statement made available to the Media Newsmen in Yola, Adamawa state.

He has in the past rained insults on some leaders in the state including former vice president Atiku, Boni Haruna, Nyako, Bindow, SGF present and immediate past, just to get financial benefit from them.

Now he seems to be applying the same evil tactics on the now passionate Governor of Adamawa state but Fintiri is not such a man to condescend to cheap blackmail.

It is however shocking to see a man who should play the role of an elder mischievously doctoring an audio and making comments tantamount to creating disturbing public peace, all aimed at gaining financial reward..

It is only apt and timely that the youth of the state call for investigation into his utterances and activities of this man as part of the process of getting to roots of factors instigating the recent unrest that led to the looting of government warehouses.

“We are totally disappointed and wish to call on the Executive governor to call him as a father to order because we are worried at the unwarranted and misguiding words.

“The first time my boss His Excellency heard of Husseni instigating unrest he was calm, yet Husseni went further trying to cause division until it has now become a habit.

“It is likely he instigated the recent comments that mislead the hoodlums and the Governor is not happy with this, so he should please desist from such actions.

“He is becoming a security risk in the state. The same man went further sending around his doctored audio pretending he is an innocent baby cat. But thank God we are aware of the long patience of the Governor all this while.”

His said, “The narrative is false, misguided and mischievous in all fronts.

“The mare endorsement of looting of public and private property by Husseni Gambo is enough to trigger an outburst of disdain.

“This is a man bent on using lies to plough evil at every given opportunity, this makes Husseni Gambo an enigma to the people it seeks to impress, it also leaves such a politician with the heavy duty of explaining how towing away of tractors, removing roofing sheets, brandishing knives and clubs, in any way resembles attempt to get food items.

Dogo said, “Since the flagging off of this Fresh Air government, it has been unapologetically committed to addressing the needs of the people of this state especially the young and the poor.

“So, for anyone to suggests that there exist federal government Palliatives lying dormant in the stores while our people languish in hunger is absolutely absurd and irresponsible.

Dogo put to rest the misconception peddled by some that federal government palliatives were the items stored to date.

The items looted by the mob action were the ones sent in by donors (CaCovid partners led by Dangote and other international partners). Noting that a larger part of the items are yet to arrive in particular rice.

Drawing attention to his previous radio interview a week back were he (SSA) revealed that plans are on the way by the ATM Governor for the disbursement of another phase of palliative sharing in Adamawa state.

“This was barely a week before this recent ugly incident, which we pray is not connected to the various instigating utterances by Husseni Gambo.

“The entire essence of governor Fintiri’s conversation was to the effect that the palliatives looted were not the ones received from the federal government as being twisted to suggests that the state government never received any palliatives from the federal.

“That answer was specific and a direct response to a question as to whether the state government had at this period received palliatives and had failed to deliver it to the people.”Dogo explains.

He added this in the response, “I must say that as painful as the situations are, the truth about some things that happened in this state recently was not the doing of Governor Fintiri but the response polluted hearts of some few that no matter how you explain they feel it is just right to give out anything in the government stores, forgetting the essence of state stores at emergency, and rescue situations.

“Well the truth is that I have not even mentioned the policy behind palliative, which in real practice during pandemic situations requires that it is to be given in batches within the period of events from the warehouses to cushion and manage the demands of the people as long as that situation lingers.

“This means they are meant for control so that suddenly it never goes empty. But I thank God the main stock of rice from CaCovid partners have not arrived.

“Also, note that what we feared at the beginning actually came to pass, some people wanted food but you must have seen that there are some evil people who have been lurking in the corner, seeking for opportunity to wreck havoc on the society, and that was what actually happened.

“We all protested for SARS reform because of its several human rights violations records but cautioned saying “I voiced out that it was wrong to demand for its scrapping without an alternative as it would create a security vacuum.

“I maintained that we could maintain SWAT as an alternative, while the endSARS advocates discuss details of gradual reforms and changes in the Police force as Nigerians cries have reached a crescendo.

“But this urge for drastic collapse of certain security units without immediate remedy always creates a security vacuum which breeds recklessness that only lend sleeper criminal cells like the “Shila Boys” the opportunity to once again unleash terror on innocent citizens of Adamawa after their activities have been eliminated.

“The truth is always seen as lies when it is laced with sentiments especially political ones.

“Governor Fintiri has by far, the best record as the most listening governor and a people friendly government.

“When public outcries began to register across the Country, what we expected and hoped for was that it would be done with grace, respect for one another and with caution because when good causes are intercepted by criminal elements, disgruntled few, the good message could be lost in the band wagon effect.

“What we witnessed in Adamawa in the past two days was a mob action and not a protest, this action rather lends a helping hand to criminals and men of the underworld who went about wrecking havoc and threatening innocent citizens with violence and unfortunately led to so many bad situations.

“The Governor is saddened by this because he would not have been moved (though not endorsing the action) had it been just food items were carted away and no man was hurt in the process, but this extent of destruction is disheartening.

“This is not what the initial protest wants to achieve and not what well meaning citizens looked forward to.

“The ATM Governor will put in more to improve the situation of willing youths through the ministry of entrepreneur, continue the open access to employment policy.

“The ATM vision remains the only way forward.”

Breaking: Fintiri Relaxes Curfew, Assures Adamawa Residents of Better Days Ahead

News Rendezvous

Fellow Citizens, circumstances that have unfolded since my last Address to you necessitates that I Address you once again.

I have moved round and assessed the damages and the extent to which the latest mayhem visited on our State has reversed the progress we have made in recovery from the backwardness we inherited.

I do admit that it is colossal even as I feel and share the pains of all our well-meaning citizens.

In the midst of all these, we must all resist the actions and utterances of those whose aim is to gain political mileage over our collective tragedy and misfortunes. Turning the unfortunate mayhem into an issue for political discourse, is the height of insensitivity whose level we cannot be reduced to.

I have reviewed the situation in the State with Security Operatives and duly observed that relative calm is returning across the State.

May I acknowledge and commend the conduct of our citizens who have remained law abiding in spite of the extreme difficulties they had to endure as a result of the measures taken to restore normalcy.

Once more, I feel indebted to all those who have openly and quietly supported and encouraged us to be firm and decisive in dealing with this matter.

As I have always emphasized, this is about the collective progress of Adamawa State regardless of which side one belongs.

Let me commend our citizens generally for their compliance with the curfew and sincerely appreciate those who were misled into participating in the loot, pillage and plunder of our common patrimony, for seeing reason in returning the looted items.

So far, over 50% of the looted items have been recovered and more are being surrendered.

It is not in the character of our citizens to break the law neither are we known for involvement in brigandage.

This is partly why there has been a tremendous response in the voluntary return of the valuable items that were carted away.

Based on the current outcomes and the fact that there is considerable demonstration of remorse and regrets from most of the good citizens who were misled into this unholy act by a few mobsters on the return of the loots, we have resolved to review the implementation strategy of the Executive Order which I signed yesterday.

Part of this review is the fact that the House-to-House search will no longer necessarily be in the form initially envisaged. We encourage landlords to talk to their tenants; Neighbours to talk to each other and parents to talk to their children, should there be any remnants of the loot in any of the households. Whistle blowers are doing their best in the recovery process, I encourage them to do more.
Consequently, Government has relaxed the current curfew regime from 8am to 6pm beginning from Friday 30th October 2020.We shall review this timings as situation warrants.

Meanwhile checkpoints will be mounted at all the entry and exits points of the State. This, for the moment is a measure taken to stop any attempt by the thieves to escape with the looted items out of the State.

Fellow citizens, you must bear with us as these measures are in our collective interests. They are noted to be the best way to prevent further attempts by recalcitrant hoodlums to railroad us into anarchy.

Finally, let me appeal for calm and assure our citizens that together we shall overcome this misfortune.

Long Live Adamawa State.

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Govt Dismisses Viral Audio As Doctored

News Rendezvous

The Governor of Adamawa State, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has denied the threat audio circulating on social media.

Social media went agog yesterday with claims that the Governor threatened one Gambo Hussani alias Nakura for making uncomplimentary remarks about him.

But reacting on Thursday, Solomon Kumangar, Fintiri’s spokesperson, in a statement, said the report on Mr Fintiri was not correct.

He disclosed that the Governor is known for his human nature and soft approach to all things and that the governor is too busy with governance to issue a threat to Nakura.
“The Governor’s aide wishes to advise Adamawa residents to ignore determined agents of fake news bent on spreading false stories to the public.
“We react to the utter falsehood and disgraceful lies, a report by so-called social media agents of the opposition in Adamawa which, Wednesday, claimed that Governor Fintiri threatened one Gambo Useni for making uncomplimentary remark against Him.

“This report is sheer fabrication and brazen effort by social media agents of the opposition in Adamawa and an online news medium to mislead the public.
“if you recall, the governor publicly announced that his administration is open to constructive criticism, I believe the audio was doctored as this is not the first time a governor’s voice will be doctored in Adamawa and Nigeria, a former governor of Adamawa’s voice was doctored to rehearse “Ojippa Tan” so anything is possible in this digital age.

“The general public is hereby advised to ignore such stories that are intended to mislead the people and create unnecessary anxiety, as an irate Senator has made unguarded utterances against the governor but he never one day responded but kept calm. What is so special about Hussaini Gambo that the governor will threaten him”, the statement read.