Idi Amin, Other Top Govt. Officials, Storm Cameroon Republic for Joint International Security Rendezvous

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The Executive Chairman Of Maiha Local Government Council Hon. Dr. Idi Aminu (Rumbun Adamawa) stormed Bachoe of Garwa State Cameroon Republic for Second International Security Meeting regarding the insecurity of Communities borders between two Countries of Nigeria and Cameroun.

The Idi Aminu along side the Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Hon. Mohammed Umar Madagali with Hon. Ibrahim Italiya, Member representing Mayo Belwa who is Chairman house Committee on Security Umar Nashon and others top Government officials were among Adamawa’s delegation to the border town to discuss matters of mutual security concerns on the border of the neighbouring communities.

Idi l, who expressed his sincerest gratitude to the Executive Governor of Adamawa State Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri who is deeply concerned with the security of lives and properties of people of Adamawa State and it’s boarder areas of Nigeria and Cameroon.

The council boss also appreciated the people of Cameroon for honoring
the invitation from the state on the 27th June, 2020 to attend a similar meeting at Maiha.

Speaking at the occasion, Idi Aminu said, “It is with great joy and excitement that we have this Historic Security Committee Meeting in Basheo, Cameroon Republic.

“This meeting we hope will go a long way in fostering unity and strengthening security in both communities.”

The joint security meeting had in its previous meeting at Maiha outlined key strategic areas of mutual cooperation which included:

a. The Establishment of operational camp at Wuro-ladde to accommodate at least 100 men of joint forces that cut across vigilantees, Hunters and Fulani Association which would be supervised by security agencies.

b. The Local Government would establish a layout camp as
discussed in the last security meeting held in Maiha local government,
Adamawa State Nigeria.

Maiha Local Government on its end has organized joint patrol which
consist of the Military, Police, and security agents. Similarly, other agent like Vigilantes, Hunters and Miyetti-Allah are not left out.
As part of readiness to curtail security problem in the area.

The State through the local government has made it possible by organizing Security agents like vigilante’s, Hunters, Fulani Miyetti Allah for community policing with about fifty trained personnel (50) on patrol at the boarder communities;

Giving updates on the progress of cooperation between neighbouring communities, they outline the following:

1. Provision of vehicles and other Logistics to security agents: The Local Government hires vehicles and motor cycles, with the help of Nigerian Army vehicles to patrol the boarder communities prior to the State and local Government support.

2. Multi-National Border Patrol: The matter has been forwarded to the appropriate authority for approval.

3. Sharing of Information across the border by Security operations and Traditional Leaders: The Local Government and Cameroon border communities have good a rapport especially in the aspect of sharing relevant information that are related to promoting security, as Cameroonian security agents have been repatriating some Nigerian citizens who commit crime at Cameroon Republic for appropriate disciplinary action just as Nigeria does the same.

4. Establishments of Peace Community Committee: The peace committee is already in existence, and it involves the District
Head, Village Head, Ward Head, with Community Leaders, Elites, of both Boarders areas who are negotiating from time to time when the need arises.

Idi Aminu, enumerating achievements of the joint border security said:

1. The issue of trans boarder banditry activities has drastically been
reduced to a minimal level

2. Based on the security meeting between the two boarder communities, the cordial relationship has been greatly improved security
wise and the security in the areas has generally improved.

3. Lastly, looking at the importance of such meeting, Adamawa was presented with the award of Excellence on Peace as; The Best Local Government Chairman Of The Year By The “Ambassadors Of Peace Of

This is the second time of such meeting, the first time was held in Maiha local Government on 27th June, 2020 and now in Basheo, Federal Republic of Cameroon.

The meeting was attendance by ; the Member House of Assembly Hon Ibrahim Italiya, Special Adviser to Governor on Security, Commissioner For Local Government And Chieftaincy Affairs Hon. Muhammed Umar Madagali, Seprefe, Mer’ SLG Dr. Yakubu Suleiman Bwade, Special Adviser on Gen. Administration Hon. Hassan Ahmadu, Sup. Councilor Hon. Dauda Abubakar, CO Army Maiha LG, DPO, Head Of Civil Defence corps, Peace Corps, Immigration, Prison warder, Leader of Hunters, Vigilante’s and top stakeholders among others.

Again, Sen. Binos Empowers Another 150 Constituents

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Sen.Binos Yaroe has launched his 2nd phase of his empowerment project by again giving out empowerment Kita to I50 beneficiaries from the nine (9) local government of the zone.

The empowerment event which took placebeneficiarieseach for the transportation back to their various local government. at Mayo was designed to equip constituents with existing business skills to be self reliant and economically independent.

Speaking at the occasion, Sen. Binos Yaroe said, this phase of his empowerment project was targeted at a different group of beneficiaries unlike the previous one where beneficiaries were trained on various business skills before giving them the necessary equipment to begin their trade.

Binos said this second phase of empowerment is exclusively for the women and the aged who already have an existing businesses.

Binos said, “This is not much but at least it will help our people who are into dry season farming and women who are into small scale businesses boost their trade and improve themselves economically.

“Please, these facilities are provided to help you improve yourselves and boost your personal income, don’t sell it for anything.”

Some of the items distributed at the event included grinding machines, water pumps, knapsack sprayers, machetes and rain boots.

Thirty (30) grinding machines were distributed to about thirty (30) women, 120 water pumps was distributed to about 120 constituents, while others received knapsacks, sprayers, machetes, rain boots and a N5,000 cash support to each of the beneficiaries.

In the first phase of Binos’ empowerment projects, he disbursed various empowerment facilities to over one hundred and fifty constituents.


News Rendezvous

The Adamawa APC has shown an outrageous act of civil disobedience to the measures put in place to curtail the spread of COVID-19 by wilful breaching and ignoring the state restrictions.

We condemn this act in its totality considering the efforts the State Government has and is still making to secure the freedom of the citizens as they implement successful public health policies in response to the COVID—19 pandemic.

To be clear: we all know in modern day politics in this part of the world, most crowds around desperate politicians are rented. But it should not be at the detriment of our lives and safety.

The truth is that only few politicians excite crowds to such a point where many would brave the odds and flock to rallies to listen to them. Gone are the days of speakers like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Bola Ige and maybe Tafawa Balewa. Gone are the myths that surrounded men like Awolowo and J.S. Tarka that made many troop out to come and see if it was true that they grew so tall while speaking that their heads reached into the sky.

Gone are the entertainers like Adegoke Adelabu who once drove his Volkswagen car to a political rally and allow crowds to enter in through one door and out the other to spite Awolowo whom he claimed was too elitist to permit such a thing. Politicians these days are too predictable, rhetoric too common and the only person I can think of who still draws huge crowds without mobilisation is Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

Now, crowds do not necessarily translate into acceptability or votes. Uncle Bola Ige in his book People, Politics And Politicians Of Nigeria: 1940-1979 said in relation to crowds that spectators will always be drawn to spectacles – people come to political rallies for different reasons and crowds are not always an indication of acceptance so I think the APC might be counting its chicks before they are hatched with the celebration of the carefully taken pictures of crowds they see at their political rallies. The desperation to make APC appear to many as an acceptable party in Adamawa may not be an exact reflection of what is actually on ground.

Now, crowds work in curious ways but usually in tandem with crowd mentality – a coinage from herd mentality where one goat jumps over a cliff and the rest follow – crowds tend to think in a particular dimension and here, I have a small concern for APC’s image in the mind of the crowds. They see the fanfare, they see the carefully sewn clothing and adornment but they also notice the fact that when they were in power, APC could not pay workers salaries, students couldn’t seat for WAEC and NECO, Hospitals were dilapidated, insecurity rising, gratuities increasing, education only for the rich, communal clashes always on the news, to mention but a few.

The crowds would notice that APC has nothing to tell them in respect to development because Governor Fintiri has now defined development in a way they can see, feel and touch.

A long shot to the way crowds think of course but then again: it’s called crowd mentality and it can work for or against a politician.

We hold that Adamawa APC should apologise to the government and people of Adamawa State for breaching and ignoring the state restrictions.

Concern Northern Zone Forum

Is Bindow In An Unholy Tryst With Fintiri?

By Ibrahim Aliyu

The 2023 elections seem far off but political pundits across the country are already making permutations on the possible outcome of the election that is about two years away.

It is a tradition that political parties hold their primary elections to elect whoever will fly the party’s flag at various levels before the general election.

Most political analysts say, it is the most critical stage in the survival of any political party. In Nigeria, most of the crisis witnessed by political parties is due largely to lack of entrenchment of internal democracy. The Adamawa APC witnessed serious intra party crisis in 2019 as a result of dissatisfaction by its members with the way former Governor Mohammed Jibrilla Bindow emerged as the flag bearer of the party. This led to legal battles, massive anti-party activities by its members and subsequently loss of the control of the state to the opposition PDP.

Big players in the party like the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Engr.Babachir David Lawan, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Senator Abdulaziz Nyako, Halilu Modi, Engr. Markus Gundiri and so many other influential members of the party were actually not happy with the way and manner the party primaries were conducted.

The infighting in the APC did not only cost them the governorship seat but two senatorial seats and five House of Representatives seats as well.

Although the 2023 elections is still far, the APC in Adamawa appears to be making efforts to put its house in order as they strategize to take back power from the incumbent PDP government of Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri who appears to be losing its popularity and goodwill by the day.

This is evident by the recent defection of former Governor Bala James Ngillari, Senator Ishaku Abbo, two former House of Representatives members; Nwagubi Fons and Titsi Ganama among others.

This is not to mention the speculations going round that very soon some members of the state House of Assembly and indeed his cabinet members will defect to All Progressives Congress (APC).

Dr. Umar Ardo, a former governorship aspirant of the PDP has severally expressed his dissatisfaction with the leadership style of the Governor Ahmadu Umar Fintiri to the extent that he led a splinter group of the party known as the r-PDP. Today Adamawa PDP is factionalise with one group led by Tahir and the other by Dr Ardo.

While the opposition APC is putting its house in order and loading its arsenals ahead of the 2023 elections, several party bigwigs have started indicating interests openly or secretly to run for the office of the Governor of Adamawa state.

Among them is former Governor, Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow. Although he is one of those who has not publicly made his intentions known, it is, however, clear from his activities since his return to the state for the first time since he lost power to the PDP-led government that he is actually working to get back his office. While some of his supporters are indeed happy with the steps he has taken to reclaim his office, they are indeed sad with his utterances in respect to Governor Fintiri led government. The former governor did not speak like an opposition leader rather a senior member of Fintiri’s government.

For instance, during his first visit to the party secretariat after about two years since he lost power, Bindow asked party members not to criticize or attempt to sabotage the Fintiri-led government.

“Adamawa state Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is my younger brother, friend, and confidant. I will not be a party to anything that will spoil or portray his government in bad light and I will not encourage anyone of you to do so. The Governor is doing his best and needs the support of all citizens to succeed.” Bindow said.

These statements were not taken lightly by the APC leadership during the meeting. The party chairman Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal had in his response assured the former Governor they will not cease to criticize the PDP-led government because that is the role of the opposition in every democratic setting.

Bindow’s statements according to some party members are in a way giving credence to the allegationthat he is planning to team up with Governor Fintiri to defect to the PDP to run for the northern zone senatorial seat which he once occupied in 2011.

Analysts are worried as to why an opposition leader who just lost power to the incumbent drum support for the same person who took power from him? It has become clear according to some members that handing over the APC governorship ticket to Bindow is like adopting Fintiri for a second term in office. For APC to succeed in 2023 they need somebody that can challenge Fintiri with all seriousness.

With the return of Senator Abdulaziz Nyako to the party, and his subsequent alliance with former governor Bindow not minding what transpired in 2019, many thought the party will wax stronger but the utterances of Bindow Jibrilla on Fintiri has weaken a lot of APC members and in particular his supporters.

If Dr. Ardo who is from the PDP and Senator Abbo who just defected to the APC will be firing salvos at the incumbent Governor, one would only wonder why the opposition is instead calling for support for the same government who accused him of not building a single classroom while in government for four years.

Abbo had severally accused Fintiri of enriching himself and abandoning party loyalists who struggled to get him to power.

The senator in an interview in 2019 published in said, “as a result of Fintiri’s pettiness and dictatorship in governance and party affairs in the state, PDP is not only in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but on life support machine struggling for survival. The Governor is running the party like a gangster and I will never eat on the same table with dictators.”

Abbo said his exit from the PDP was as a result of the mismanagement of the party’s Adamawa state chapter by the state Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri who he accused of causing an internal crisis.

While delivering his address when he and others were received by the APC at the Adamawa state party secretariat, the senator reiterated that he is not desperate about power.

“We are not desperate about power, but we are desperate about one thing, which is removing that thief (referring to Fintiri). We have come together to take over power from this kleptomaniac government of the PDP. We knew what Fintiri did in power when he was acting Governor for just 76 days in office, he nearly sold government house and the records are there with the EFCC. The situation now is that a thief was caught in a house, taken to court, and returned to the same house to be in charge. That is our unfortunate situation in Adamawa state,” senator Abbo said.

If people who were in the same party with the Governor and from the same zone will point out defects in the present administration and also leave the ruling party in the state to the opposition APC, one would only but wonder why Bindow, a former Governor who Fintiri snatched power from will want to play soft on the government. If Binow continues with this attitude, it will be better for APC to adopt Fintiri as its candidate.

This surely gives rise to a fundamental question bugging the minds of many, is Bindow having a tryst with Fintiri?

Ibrahim Aliyu is a public affairs commentator and he writes from Mubi.

2023: Northern Youth Leaders Forum Singles Out Bala Mohammed, Atiku, Tinubu,Wike, Others, for 2023 Presidency – Warns Northern Governors, PTF, Against Second Lockdown

News Rendezvous

Comrade Elliot Afiyo is the National Chairman of the Northern Youth Leaders Forum (NYLF), the umbrella body of 42 Northern Youth Organizations formed by the Northern Political, Traditional, Religious and Military Elites in 1990 with a membership of over four million Youths.
Comrade Afiyo is the third National Chairman of NYLF. He is also the Secretary- General of the Association of West African Monarchs and a senior Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

In this interview with Daily Rendezvous, the National chairman of the Northern Youth Leaders Forum (NYLF) Comrade Afiyo Eliot revealed that it would consider supporting candidates for 2023 presidency from the South and north east exclusively.

It went further to single out the current Bauchi state governor, Bala Mohammed, Atiku, the 2019 presidential candidate of the PDP, the APC national leader from the South West, Bola Tinubu, Rivers State governor and PDP power house, Nyesom Wike, the current Senate President, Ahmed Lawan, Orji Uzor Kalu, Peter Obi, among other notable politicians, as formidable and credible candidates that the Forum would campaign foe to grab the reins of power come 2023.

The Northern Youth Leaders Forum also warned northern governors and the Presidential Task Force (PTF) not to impose another round of lockdown on Nigerians considering the lack of stimulus packages for the average Nigerian in the last nationwide lockdown and the unbearable hardship it brought on Nigerians in view of the millions of jobs it crippled.

These and many other revealing national and regional issues was also discussed by Comrade Afiyo Eliot in this interview, enjoy.

NYLF has been engineering the process of producing Presidents since 2003, I recall when NYLF nominated and presented Late President Yar’adua in 2006 and also in 2010 when NYLF insisted on former president Jonathan to run in 2011. In 2014, NYLF insisted on president Buhari. What informs the reason for your nominations?
Comrade Eliot Afiyo

In 2003, there were forces from the north that for one reason or the other, wanted a change because they believed and trueiy to some extent, that the north was being marginalized economically and in terms of infrastructural development.

But we felt that will be a breach of political agreement signed with Obasanjo in 1999.

It was a serious issue. But thank God, former president Babangida and former head of state Abdulsalam Abubakar were able to douse the tension and brought peace and understanding. Even at that, it was a difficult task to convincing the northern youth to dump Buhari for Obasanjo in 2003 Presidential elections.
In 2006, we were able to convince Late President Yar’adua to accept to contest in 2007. He reluctantly agreed but some two terms northern governors opposed the decision and wanted to break away.

They were subsequently faced with an option either to remain in PDP or decamp to ANPP. Before then, ANPP had already endorsed Buhari. They were also threatened by the Federal Government through the then Chairman of the EFCC who went to the National Assembly and told the Senators that almost all of them had one or two cases of corruption against them, weighing the available options, they decided to remain in PDP.
In 2010, it was Obasanjo that persuaded the Northern politicians to allow former president Jonathan to contest and serve for only one term.

Based on this understanding, an agreement was reached and accepted by thirteen senior politicians. This agreement was signed and the original copy collected by one of the Governors from the south-south.

In 2014, former president Jonathan reneged on this agreement and decided to contest the north felt cheated, belittled and ignored.
The attention of former president Obasanjo was drawned to it and Obasanjo thrice warned Jonathan on the consequences of his action and thrice Jonathan rebuffed Obasanjo. Meetings of the Northern Political, Religious, Youth and Traditional Leaders were held in Sokoto, Kaduna and Kano and after these meetings, a final and unanimous decision was taken to remove Jonathan by all means either democratically or otherwise.

A decisive awareness campaign was initiated towards the 2011 presidential elections. In order to prove the political worth, value and supremacy of the north, Buhari was supported by the entire North-West, North-East and North-Central Youth, Religious and Traditional Leaders irrespective of political, religious or ethnic leanings and against all odds, Buhari won convincingly in all the three geopolitical zones in the North. Even Jonathan’s political field commanders from the North were involved in this political conspiracy against him. The defection of some Northern Governors to the APC was part of this conspiracy while some remained in PDP to work against the President from the inside.
Note that we supported and voted for Buhari in 2015 not because we considered him as the best candidate for the North, but because he was the only option and available best candidate to be used to politically chase out Jonathan in other to conserve, preserve, maintain and sustain our only best asset that is political supremacy and power.

In 2019, we knew quite alright that Atiku will definitely win the election but he will not be given his mandate based on the political conspiracy against him despite our efforts towards uniting him with Obasanjo in 2014.

We consequently decided as a Forum, not to waste our resources, time and energy to support him. We could not also campaign for Buhari because we were not happy or satisfied with the performance of his administration especially the security situation in the North, as a Forum, we directed and supported the state chapters in the areas of mobilization and election of individual candidates instead of parties.

That was why PDP won in some states and APC also won in other states. Many people didn’t understand the political mathematics and scheming that resulted in these victories and defeats, but we knew what we did.

So what Bishop Kukah Said was right to have made those remarks at Christmas?

Comrade Elliot Afiyo

Of Course Yes, the only part of Bishop Kukah’s Christmas homily that I don’t expect from him is tagging Islam as having a pool of violence.

That shouldn’t have come from any enlightened or educated elite not to talk of coming from a Bishop and a member of the peace –committee.
I am a senior Pastor in RCCG. Should I come now and say Christianity is a religion of criminals because before now, vices such as kidnappings, rituals, cultism, armed robbery, 419 or assassinations were mostly carried out by Christians who bear the names such as Paul, Silas, Peter, Gideon, Mark and even Joseph? Nobody preached or invited me to leave my church to RCCG.

Jesus personally appeared to me and asked me to leave and join RCCG because my spirit was down and discouraged as a result of the violence I witnessed in my former denomination.

Violence is carried out by both Muslims and Christians. We had witnessed violences even inside churches. Presently, we have Muslim leaders, Sheikhs and Imams that are speaking and condemning these killings and other violent acts more than Pastors and Christian leaders.

The Sultan of Sokoto is the Fulani leader, as well as, the head of the Muslim Ummah in Nigeria. When the conference of Bishops including Bishop Kukah visited him in the early 2020 at Sokoto, he told them point blank that he was disappointed in them because nothing was working and they said nothing.

I remember vividly when the Association of Christian Traditional Rulers paid him a courtesy call in his house in Abuja, he told us that he will never be silent when people are being killed because he is a Fulani and a fellow Fulani is the President. He once said any herder found with AK47 riffle should be arrested.

How many of our Christian leaders come out to condemn the senseless killings in Nigeria? I am from Adamawa state and from Girei Local Government, all my elder brothers lived and studied in Girei. They were accommodated and fed by the Fulani who are Muslims until they completed their studies. What moral ground or right do I have now to condemn the Fulani or the Muslims that they love and practice violence?
To be sincere with you, I don’t mind what people would say, there is no religion or tribe that has no bad elements, majority of Muslims are more tolerant than the majority of Christians. The Fulani have more regards and high standard of moral values than many other tribes in Nigeria. Before now, hardly would you see a Fulani man or woman who is an armed robber, kidnapper, fraudster or ritualist until now when we have bandits.
If you take a genuine look into the history and causes of banditry in the north, you will find it very difficult to blame them although one cannot justify shedding of innocent blood under any reason.

Between 2010 and 2014, they were being killed at will, their cows rustled, wives and children killed or abducted to be used as servants to boko haram leaders and their houses or tents destroyed. All their belongings and sources of survival were destroyed.

What do you expect from such a people? Violence of course. They have to mobilize themselves and with the assistance from their kith and kin to defend themselves (and you know of an average Fulani man), vengeance is a normal and acceptable way of a living.

Unfortunately, some political elites took their advantage to be used to settle old scores and also execute their agenda without any commiserate or proportional reaction from the Governments.

During your NEC meeting in Gombe, NYLF advice the PDP and APC to zone their presidency slot to North –East and South-West respectively, what is your reason for taking this decision?

Comrade Elliot Afiyo

From the analysis I gave you, you will realize that the decision of Jonathan to contest for the second term against the initial political agreement in the PDP, brought Buhari and by extension the APC to power and consequently all these security challenges we are witnessing and experiencing today in the country. That was what brought the alliance between the North and the South –West. If former president Jonathan had respected this agreement, APC wouldn’t have come to power because the North would have voted massively for the Northern candidate who would have came from the North-East.

In the same vein, we were told that there is an existing agreement in the APC that power should be shifted to the South –West after Buhari. We therefore insist that such agreement should be respected so as to avoid a boomerang effect and consequences.

All these agitations for restructuring, true federalism, Biafra or Odua Republic are as a result of injustices. Let’s just avoid them by ensuring justice to all.

The North- East that was denied that opportunity in 2015, should first of all be pacified and the South- West that have entered into an agreement with the North in APC, whether right or wrong, should also be considered. That was our honest reason.

Remember that there were Igbos in APC when such agreement was written, signed and sealed. They did not bother to challenge that agreement when it was being sealed because of their belief then that APC could not have won the presidential election, I was shocked to see some of them gathered to demand for the APC ticket in 2023.
But the South-East is claiming that it is their turn since they have not produced any president in this political dispensation.

Comrade Elliot Afiyo
I don’t really understand how it becomes their turn. The political agreement in PDP is between the North and the South not among geopolitical Zones. It is left for the south to decide which zone to produce the president. Let the three geopolitical zones in the south decide which of them to produce the president in 2023.
Going by the agreement in PDP, Jonathan ought to have served for one term having completed the remaining two years of Yar’adua. But he reneges and was fully backed up by the South-East. The South-East betrayed the North by supporting Jonathan in 2015.
In the APC, there is an existing agreement that the power should not only shift to the South but be shifted to the South-West.
The truth is that the North has learnt its lessons. Forget the fact that there was religious and ethnic differences in the north which was propagated and manifested during the Jonathan era and is clearly being implemented by the Buhari administrations, If it comes to political elections, we always go enmass in one direction because the Southerners always refer to us by our ethnic nationalities names such as Hausa, Fulani, Nupe, Bwatiye, Igala, Igbira or Tiv before elections. But recognized, classified and categorized us as generally as Hausa after elections. An average northern Politician is very mindful of this divisive tendency against the North.

Power is never donated or given free to anyone by God through man. Check the scriptures, all those that were given power by God paid the price. Those that acquired power also paid the price –mostly those that didn’t pay the prize don’t last in power or always misuse or abuse the power. Check the scriptures and history.

Some are arguing that it was donated to the South-West in 1999, the South –West through Abiola paid the price, it was not donated. If I may ask, where were the South Easterners when these agreements were being written by the PDP and APC. We breached the agreement of PDP and we are paying the price now. If we break that of APC, we may pay a higher price by saying bye to Nigeria.

Let me be frank with you, an average Northerner will be more comfortable with an Igbo as President than a rigid Northerner. The reason is very simple. A president of Igbo extraction will be 90% loyal and be willing to play to the gallery and the dictates of the Northern powers than a Northerner who may ignore them, no president of Igbo extraction will summon the courage and boldness to try. Igbos political elites should briddle their tongues, control their utterances and also deal with their selfish interest which they always placed above the collective Igbo interest.
What the Igbos need now is genuine and deliberate National integration. To be frank with you, I know about four Igbo politicians who are lobbying seriously to be considered for the Vice Presidency slot in 2023. They should borrow a leaf from the Yorubas on how to actualize their dreams. They will never get the Presidency through threats, no sensible Nigerian would vote for a Biafran as Nigeria’s president.

We have some politicians from the North-West such as Tambuwal, Kwankwaso, Shekarau and Lamido who are rumored to have interest in 2023 presidency, is it justifiable to have another president from the North in 2023?
Comrade Elliot Afiyo
As I said earlier we are in a democratic dispensation and so the only asset the Northerners are left with in this enterprise called Nigeria is political supremacy and power because of our collective determination, political unity couple with our numerical strength.

Once either of these three things is affected, the north has nothing left than to become push –overs and ready-made vessels in the hands of the Southerners. In order to preserve, sustain and maintain this asset, it requires nothing but justice, fairness and sense of belonging by all Northerners irrespective of geopolitical zones, ethnicity and religious belief. It is injurious and morally unjustifiable and unacceptable for somebody to come from the North –West to contest for the presidency in 2023.

The North-West has produced two presidents and a vice president, we believe it is the turn of the North-Central or North-East to produce the president or vice president which must be fully endorsed and supported by the North-West. Fortunately, we have over two million of our members from the North –West and they have agreed not to support any candidate from the zone in 2023 in the best interest of the north.
Don’t take this as a political threat, if anybody from the North –West believes that they can dominate other two zones in the North because of their preponderance in number, let them try it and see in 2023.

I strongly believe and truly too that even a Fulani man from North –East would never vote for any Fulani man from the North –west in 2023 .

So who are the politicians NYLF is considering for 2023?

Comrade Elliot Afiyo
For now, six politicians have directly approached us and we have not pencil down any. But you will agree with us that we have the Bala Mohammed, Atiku Abubakar, Danjuma Goje, Prof. Babagana Zulum, Ahmed Lawan etc from the North –East, if any of these politicians is chosen to pair with Governors Nyesom Wike, Okowa, Ben Ayade, Raymond Dokpesi, Peter Obi, Rochas Okorocha, Orji Kalu, etc, we will have a near perfect ticket.

From the South –West, we have Tinubu, Fayemi, Osibanjo. If any politician is chosen to pair with either El-Rufai, Ganduje, Lalong, Bagudu or Babandende, we will have a good combination.

Are you then saying that the political battles for 2023 have started in earnest?

Comrade Elliot Afiyo

I de laugh oh. The political battles for 2027 has been concluded already and you are here talking of 2023?
Recently there was a meeting in Abuja where the only agenda was 2027 presidential arrangement, these politicians have their short, medium and longterm plans just like our Economists.

Recently, the House of Representatives invited Mr. President but the president declined, some people are saying that Mr. President disobeyed the law. What is your Forum’s position and thought on this?

Comrade Elliot Afiyo

Mr. President did not disobey any law as far as we are concerned. Mind you that the House invited the president, not summoned the president, It was an invitation not a summon. The president is at liberty to make a choice. He initially agreed to honor the invitation but later declined. You should know that Mr. President is a public property of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and as such, it is the duty of his security aides to guard, protect, defend, advice and guide him. Even though none of his Managers comes out to tell us why he declined, for the simple fact that one of his political aides said that the Speaker was not in control of the House was enough evidence to tell us that Mr. President declined to honor the invitation based on Intelligence Report.

As a security and intelligence expert, I could rightly conclude that the intelligence gathering might have suggested either a breach of Mr. President’s safety and security, possible reactions of the House Members may embarrass or ridicule the President or the Nation, possible leakages of security strategies or plans to the public, exposition of security networking, look-out or buy-in actions and reactions.

The invitation itself was faulty. The House should have invited the Ministers of Defense and that of Interior or at best, the Principal Officers of the House should have sought for a private audience with Mr. President.

This issue is not supposed to be a news not to talk of a news headline; I would rather blame the Minister of Justice who misfired the public debate by quoting section 2018 and other sections of the 1999 Constitution as amended that the House has no constitutional powers to summon Mr. President whereas Mr. President was only invited by the House. Even as a private citizen, you have the right to invite Mr. President to your Birthday party either orally or written and the President reserves the right to honor or decline the invitation whether It is written or not. It is never a constitutional matter; neither does it require the brouhaha that is taking place.
Sir, recently the federal government through the PTF says it is considering a second lockdown because of the second wave of Covid19 (intercepts)

Comrade Elliot Afiyo

I think it is right time to warn the federal government and indeed all northern state Governors not to look into the direction of any form of lockdown.

We have extensively discussed this issue in our last NEC Meeting in Gombe and came to a conclusion that if any of the state governors in the North imposes any lockdown because of COVID-19, such state should prepare for ENDLOCKDOWN protest by the northern youths which will have far more worse consequences than ENDSARS protest and the consequences will be better imagined.

Most Nigerians and in particular northerners depend on daily labor and trade to feed themselves or cater for their families but here are state governments locking down their states without making adequate provisions for their people.

Some even lockdown the palliatives sent by the federal government in their warehouses, can you imagine how many people died of hunger and starvation during lockdown in northern states?

How many were sick during lockdown? How many families were separated during lockdown? How many businesses were closed? How many people lost the sources of their livelihood and jobs?

Check the chart that is being released daily by NCDC and take a look at the positions of Bauchi and Kogi states and then compare them to other states.

These two state Governors refused to lockdown their state even for one hour, yet they have the lowest number of positive cases, must we lockdown because U.K and E.U locked down? Let’s see any state governor who has the guts and courage to lockdown his state in the north. Wallahi such Governor and his household will be lockdown, enough of this madness and gambling with our lives.
You closed places of worship and markets but left the airspace to welcome and allowed people from high risk Countries to import the virus into the country, you impose curfew in the night and early hours of the days, but allowed movements in the day time how possible is this action? Does it mean that COVID-19 moves only in the night when there is less movements and interactions by the people? Which northern state can survive second lockdown apart from Kano? If you lockdown Kano, you have invariably and successfully lockdown fourteen out of the nineteen northern states because these states depend on Kano for their commerce, I repeat myself clearly that any northern Governor that announced a day lockdown of his state without making adequate provisions for the citizens, should be ready for the consequences that will follow his action. Such Governor and his family will be locked down for two months and I dare say nobody will stop us for occupying such Government House for the two months.. We know how many of our members that died during the lockdowns.

We want to also warn the PTF on COVID-19 not to extend the resumption date for all the educational institutions beyond the 18th of January, 2021. We have observed that the Students observe safety protocols in schools more than in their homes.
Thanks for your audience and candid answers.

Comrade Afiyo Eliot
You are welcome anytime.

“We Are Disappointed in FG Over Incessant Attacks On Garkida” Hon. Kefas Laments – As Community Recounts Horror Details of Attacks

News RendezvousThe member Representing Gombi constituency in the Adamawa state house of Assembly, Kefas Japheth, has criticised federal government’s neglect of his community to be attacked repeatedly by suspected Boko Haram insurgents.Kefas said, incessant attacks on Garkida has left the entire Gombi local government in distress and members of the community hopeless over governnents failure to halt repeated attacks on their community.Kefas made this known in a chat with News Rendezvous, in Yola, Adamawa state.Kefas said, the recent killing of six members of his community in a Christmas eve attacks and the kidnapping of five members of the community who were subsequently killed in cold blood has left the entire community in shock at the failure collapse of security in the country.Japheth Kefas speaking with Rendezvous on the details of the horror experience of the Christmas Eve attacks and effect of the incessant attacks on Garkida, said, the unabated attacks has created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty not only in Garkida but in the entire local government because no one feels safe or has confidence in the military to defend them.Kefas said, “This consistent and unrelenting attacks has created an atmosphere of great fear in all our communities in Gombi LGA not only in Garkida town alone.”We feel that the federal government is not doing its job or performing up to expectations in terms of security and defending our people.”The sole responsibility of government is to protect lives and properties of its citizens but in the case of Garkida town reverse is the case.”These so-called unknown gun men suspected to be Boko haram insurgents succeeded in killing six gentlemen on the day of the attack, abducted five youths and subsequently three days later, we saw in a viral video clip how they were executed in cold blood, shot to death in the eyes of the world.”Speaking on whether his community has confidence in military protection and the impact of the attacks on locals he said, “We have lost hope as to whether this year our people will go to farm because it seems as if the insurgents can abduct us and kill us and there is nothing anyone can do about it.”This is the the fourth time this ugly situation has happened to my people.”Our greatest worry is that in all these attack in Garkida, we always have information about it and the information were always passed to the relevant law enforcement agents, a day or two before it happens, we always report Boko haram sightings close to Garkida area but no effort seems to be made to stop them and the attacks still happen anyway.”Its sad and we are disappointed and our federal government has to do better.”Kefas added that, “The level at which the insurgents target the community is alarming and an embarrassment to the nation.“I am sad as a person and disappointed that these attacks happen again and again.”Our people are bitter because of the suffering inflicted on them as a result of the losses from the incessant attacks.”Some travelled from far and wide to celebrate Christmas with their families but spent it in the bushes, hiding.””We reliably gathered from our local intelligence, that as at boxing day, about nine (9) trucks carrying the insurgents were sighted hovering around and we might be attacked again.”We have however, resorted to self help and we are mobilising vigilante groups to Garkida, the logistics is quite challenging but that is our best option for now.”We need help, and we cannot be the subject of attacks without end, our people have lost everything.”A local, who spoke to Rendezvous from Garkida said, “We are had to run into the bushes, with my our family members, young and old, all the preparations we were making for Christmas, we have left behind and ran away for our dear lives.“We were just informed that they were on their way to our town again in several trucks, like it happened in February this year, no military was on the ground to help us, so we ran away to the nearby bushes and trees and rocks, hoping they would not follow us there, both the old and young, men and women.”Again, we were forced out of the comfort of our homes, and right now, no one can tell you the scale of destruction they are wrecking on our community because we are all hiding, hoping for the best.”Another residents told Rendezvous, “I am just returning from a journey now, from what I can see, they have burnt down living faith church, about 19 vehicles belonging to a construction company, working on some road projects in the area, shops, homes, and personal properties have been set ablaze.”I don’t think we are part of Nigeria, because these people just come to our community anytime they want, take whatever they want and leave however they want unchallenged, whenever, there are military in this town, there are no Boko Haram and whenever Boko Haram come, there would not be military, I think we are on our own, if you build a house, they will destroy it, if you rebuild it, they will destroy it again, so, what us the point?” he lamented.Garkida Community, a home to the current chairman of the North East Development Commission (NEDC) General Paul Tarfa and to the former Governorship candidate of the SDP in the 2019 general elections, Emmanuel Bello, has become the epicenter for recurring Boko Haram incursions and consistent attacks in Adamawa.The attacks has continued to leave members of the community despondent and perplexed as members cry out to government for intervention as the attacks happen again and again without military intervention.Gombi local government, one of the seven local governments in northern Adamawa that was occupied by the Boko Haram insurgents during Boko Haram invasion of the state in 2014, Garkida, a community under Gombi local government was one of the places worst hit by the attacks, now six years later, no one wondered that it would again become a place for regular attacks and invasion in 2020.In early 2020, February 21st to be precise, Boko Haram insurgents, The Sun reported, invaded the town hours after federal military forces left the community and held the community ransom for about three hours, killed several, looted shops, homes, burnt down churches and left the community members devasted, mulling over their loss as they were working hard to rebuild their lives from the losses of 2014.Just on the eve of Christmas 2020, again, Boko Haram struck Garkida, as community members left everything behind, spent their Christmas Eve in the bushes, watching and waiting, while the insurgents ransack their homes, burn down churches, and killed at least six people, community members told Daily Sun, without any government intervention.So, it was a Christmas, Garkida would never want to remember as residents recount the horror details of their ordeals.

Gov. Fintiri Mourns PDP Chieftain, Ahmed Song

News Rendezvous

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa State has expressed his heartfelt condolences to the family of late Alhaji Ahmed Song who died in Yola on Tuesday January, 12 2021 at the age of 75, describing his demise as a huge loss.
Governor Fintiri noted that “I received the news of the passing of Alhaji Ahmed Song with deep sadness and grief. He was a true patriot and forthright leader with a deep conviction who remained loyal to the end”.
The late Ahmed Song had served as Managing Director of the famous Savannah Sugar Company Numan, founding MD of Rico Gado an animal feed Company in Adamawa State and was the Chairman of Kelele Investment, an agricultural consulting firm which he founded.
The deceased during his lifetime also ran for the Governorship of Adamawa State under the defunct National Republican Convention party and was one time National Vice Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party North East.
While appreciating his sacrifices to the growth and development of the State, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri pointed out that “Ahmed lived a life of service to nation and humanity until he breathed his last. We thank Allah for giving him to us, his legacy and consistent belief in the Adamawa project will live on”.
Governor Fintiri extended his profound condolences to the immediate family, Song community, the People’s Democratic Party and the entire State, describing the death of the politician and elder statesman as “Sudden and shocking. I pray Allah to comfort the family and give them courage and hope”.
Rt.Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri disclosed that the “Government and people of Adamawa will surely miss him and his contributions to the development of the state and Nigeria at large”.

Humwashi Wonosikou
Press Secretary to the Governor of Adamawa State

2023: Adamawa APC is ReadyTo Send PDP Out of Govt—Prof. Mamman

News Rendezvous

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State says the party is highly motivated and is poised to clinch power from the ruling PDP government in the state and that all stakeholders in the party are working together to put the party on a solid footing to boot the failing PDP government out of office.

Tahir Mamman, dropped the hint at during the party’s stakeholders reunion meeting aimed at welcoming the leadership of the ADC into APC in Yola, Adamawa state, sequel to the agreement for the merger which was ratified in December 2020 to strengthen the base and capacity of the APC ahead of 2023 polls.

Tahir, a Member of the National Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee of the APC said that, “We celebrate the return of PDP supporters across the state and we are ready and poised to clinch power from the PDP and bring development and progress to the people of our dear state.

Abdulazeez Nyako, the governorship candidate of the ADC in Adamawa state, who formally led his party supporters to the reunion meeting said his defection back to APC is a home coming because he was among the founders of the party.

Nyako, speaking at the occasion urged all stakeholders at the event to use the reunion as a platform to begin to work towards producing credible candidates to contest elective positions in 2023 polls.

He said, “As from today we are full fledged APC members.

“We want to see justice in APC as condition for our coming back.”

Nyako also lauded the Mai-Mala Buni led Caretaker Committee for bringing them back to the
the party they founded.

In his remarks, the caretaker Chairman of the party, Ibrahim Bilal, assured all stakeholders of equal and level playing field for all members.

Bilal said, mistakes of the past had been noted as he assured all of victory in the next elections.

Buba Sinks Over 300 Boreholes in His Constituency -Calls on Other Elected Officials to Deliver on Promises

News RendezvousThe Adamawa lawmaker representing Gombi/Hong at the federal house of representatives, Yusuf Buba Yakub, had called for wider participation of political stakeholders towards deepening the gains of democracy across the country.Buba said wilder participation by all stakeholders to address the developmental needs in his constituency, has become critical and paramount.Buba Yakub Said, “I’ have sunk over 300 hundred boreholes across my onstituency.”Speaking against the backdrop of pictures making the rounds on the social media depicting acute water shortages in Kulda, a village in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Yusuf Buba Yakub says, “Have personally sunk over 300 boreholes in the entire Federal Constituency and calls on other stakeholders to contribute their quota.”Buba in a statement issued by his media aide, Nkem Anyata-Lafia, “As at the last count, I have sunk over 300 boreholes personally in the whole of the Constituency.”This represents one borehole for each of the 254 Polling Units of the Constituency.”If the Local Government Area whose primary responsibility is to provide such basic needs of the people like water, primary health care and rural roads can do half of what I have done, such villages like Kulda and the reported lack of water will not be existing in Hong LGA or in any part of the Constituency today.”I am proactive and developmentally minded that was why I set up the Captain Buba Industrial Village to train and empower Constituents in various skills.”But this is a clarion call by all principal stakeholders in the State, Local and National leadership spectra to do more to develop their land and offer a new lease of life to the people.”Some few weeks ago, the Member representing the area had flagged off a number of projects and commissioned some completed ones; one of which was at the behest of President Muhammadu Buhari.”Some of these projects, included a hospital project at Gombi North, a flood and an erosion- control project, a road project, a water project at Gombi, Garkida, Hong, Pella, Uba, among other areas.”It was important to highlight some of the above realities in the light of the prevailing circumstances in some areas of the Constituency and as part of efforts towards addressing part of the infrastructural deficits in the area and more commitment was required by all to achieve comprehensive results.”

Sen. Binos Launches 3rd Medical Outreach in Guyuk. -Addressing Constituents Medical Need A Tops Priority

News Rendezvous

Senator Representing Adamawa South, Reverend Binos Dauda Yareo says the health need of the people is his priority hence the free medical outreach to people of the constituency.

The Senator stated this at the commencement of three day free medical outreach at Cottage Hospital Guyuk.

He said the people voted for him to provide dividends of democracy pointing out that the medical outreach would impact on the most vulnerable in the society adding that medical personnel in the team came from Abuja, Benue and Plateau states.

While reiterating his commitment towards reaching out to more people in the nine local government areas in the zone, the senator appreciated the gesture of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, Chairman and Kwande Nuguraiya, as well as, the state Ministry of Health for providing the enabling environment for the exercise.

Leader of the Medical Team, Doctor Dah, said the senator began the outreach in Demsa and then Numan to provide health at no cost and appreciated the local government, as well as, traditional councils for the warm reception accorded them.

He stressed the importance of health and said all services and medication to be rendered have been paid for by the senator and enjoined the beneficiaries not to give out any money for any treatment during the exercise.

He said those who would undergo surgery would have their relatives donate blood while areas to be covered included dental and eyecare among others and expressed the hope that more people would be attended to.

Epidemiologist from the state Ministry of Health in a remark announced that testing for Corona Virus would be available and noted that preventive protocol would be observed during the three-day free health outreach.

Deacon Ephraimu Donkol, who represented the Chairman of the local government described the even as the real dividend of democracy pointing out that health is wealth.

He commended the effort of the senator and called on the people to take advantage of the exercise.

Representative of Kwande Nuguraiya, Mr. Domiti expressed delight over the commencement of the free medical outreach in Guyuk and urged people of the area to take advantage of the exercise.

He urged them to be patient as more people would be attended to and tasked them to adhere to prescription by the medical personnel.

At the palace of Kwande Nuguraiya, Dishon Dansanda commended Senator Binos for the medical outreach.

He said the senator is giving the people adequate representation at the Senate pointing out that the bill for the establishment of school of mining in Guyuk, which has passed second reading at the floor of the Senate will give the people a sense of belonging.