Again, Sen. Binos Empowers Another 150 Constituents

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Sen.Binos Yaroe has launched his 2nd phase of his empowerment project by again giving out empowerment Kita to I50 beneficiaries from the nine (9) local government of the zone.

The empowerment event which took placebeneficiarieseach for the transportation back to their various local government. at Mayo was designed to equip constituents with existing business skills to be self reliant and economically independent.

Speaking at the occasion, Sen. Binos Yaroe said, this phase of his empowerment project was targeted at a different group of beneficiaries unlike the previous one where beneficiaries were trained on various business skills before giving them the necessary equipment to begin their trade.

Binos said this second phase of empowerment is exclusively for the women and the aged who already have an existing businesses.

Binos said, “This is not much but at least it will help our people who are into dry season farming and women who are into small scale businesses boost their trade and improve themselves economically.

“Please, these facilities are provided to help you improve yourselves and boost your personal income, don’t sell it for anything.”

Some of the items distributed at the event included grinding machines, water pumps, knapsack sprayers, machetes and rain boots.

Thirty (30) grinding machines were distributed to about thirty (30) women, 120 water pumps was distributed to about 120 constituents, while others received knapsacks, sprayers, machetes, rain boots and a N5,000 cash support to each of the beneficiaries.

In the first phase of Binos’ empowerment projects, he disbursed various empowerment facilities to over one hundred and fifty constituents.

“We Are Disappointed in FG Over Incessant Attacks On Garkida” Hon. Kefas Laments – As Community Recounts Horror Details of Attacks

News RendezvousThe member Representing Gombi constituency in the Adamawa state house of Assembly, Kefas Japheth, has criticised federal government’s neglect of his community to be attacked repeatedly by suspected Boko Haram insurgents.Kefas said, incessant attacks on Garkida has left the entire Gombi local government in distress and members of the community hopeless over governnents failure to halt repeated attacks on their community.Kefas made this known in a chat with News Rendezvous, in Yola, Adamawa state.Kefas said, the recent killing of six members of his community in a Christmas eve attacks and the kidnapping of five members of the community who were subsequently killed in cold blood has left the entire community in shock at the failure collapse of security in the country.Japheth Kefas speaking with Rendezvous on the details of the horror experience of the Christmas Eve attacks and effect of the incessant attacks on Garkida, said, the unabated attacks has created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty not only in Garkida but in the entire local government because no one feels safe or has confidence in the military to defend them.Kefas said, “This consistent and unrelenting attacks has created an atmosphere of great fear in all our communities in Gombi LGA not only in Garkida town alone.”We feel that the federal government is not doing its job or performing up to expectations in terms of security and defending our people.”The sole responsibility of government is to protect lives and properties of its citizens but in the case of Garkida town reverse is the case.”These so-called unknown gun men suspected to be Boko haram insurgents succeeded in killing six gentlemen on the day of the attack, abducted five youths and subsequently three days later, we saw in a viral video clip how they were executed in cold blood, shot to death in the eyes of the world.”Speaking on whether his community has confidence in military protection and the impact of the attacks on locals he said, “We have lost hope as to whether this year our people will go to farm because it seems as if the insurgents can abduct us and kill us and there is nothing anyone can do about it.”This is the the fourth time this ugly situation has happened to my people.”Our greatest worry is that in all these attack in Garkida, we always have information about it and the information were always passed to the relevant law enforcement agents, a day or two before it happens, we always report Boko haram sightings close to Garkida area but no effort seems to be made to stop them and the attacks still happen anyway.”Its sad and we are disappointed and our federal government has to do better.”Kefas added that, “The level at which the insurgents target the community is alarming and an embarrassment to the nation.“I am sad as a person and disappointed that these attacks happen again and again.”Our people are bitter because of the suffering inflicted on them as a result of the losses from the incessant attacks.”Some travelled from far and wide to celebrate Christmas with their families but spent it in the bushes, hiding.””We reliably gathered from our local intelligence, that as at boxing day, about nine (9) trucks carrying the insurgents were sighted hovering around and we might be attacked again.”We have however, resorted to self help and we are mobilising vigilante groups to Garkida, the logistics is quite challenging but that is our best option for now.”We need help, and we cannot be the subject of attacks without end, our people have lost everything.”A local, who spoke to Rendezvous from Garkida said, “We are had to run into the bushes, with my our family members, young and old, all the preparations we were making for Christmas, we have left behind and ran away for our dear lives.“We were just informed that they were on their way to our town again in several trucks, like it happened in February this year, no military was on the ground to help us, so we ran away to the nearby bushes and trees and rocks, hoping they would not follow us there, both the old and young, men and women.”Again, we were forced out of the comfort of our homes, and right now, no one can tell you the scale of destruction they are wrecking on our community because we are all hiding, hoping for the best.”Another residents told Rendezvous, “I am just returning from a journey now, from what I can see, they have burnt down living faith church, about 19 vehicles belonging to a construction company, working on some road projects in the area, shops, homes, and personal properties have been set ablaze.”I don’t think we are part of Nigeria, because these people just come to our community anytime they want, take whatever they want and leave however they want unchallenged, whenever, there are military in this town, there are no Boko Haram and whenever Boko Haram come, there would not be military, I think we are on our own, if you build a house, they will destroy it, if you rebuild it, they will destroy it again, so, what us the point?” he lamented.Garkida Community, a home to the current chairman of the North East Development Commission (NEDC) General Paul Tarfa and to the former Governorship candidate of the SDP in the 2019 general elections, Emmanuel Bello, has become the epicenter for recurring Boko Haram incursions and consistent attacks in Adamawa.The attacks has continued to leave members of the community despondent and perplexed as members cry out to government for intervention as the attacks happen again and again without military intervention.Gombi local government, one of the seven local governments in northern Adamawa that was occupied by the Boko Haram insurgents during Boko Haram invasion of the state in 2014, Garkida, a community under Gombi local government was one of the places worst hit by the attacks, now six years later, no one wondered that it would again become a place for regular attacks and invasion in 2020.In early 2020, February 21st to be precise, Boko Haram insurgents, The Sun reported, invaded the town hours after federal military forces left the community and held the community ransom for about three hours, killed several, looted shops, homes, burnt down churches and left the community members devasted, mulling over their loss as they were working hard to rebuild their lives from the losses of 2014.Just on the eve of Christmas 2020, again, Boko Haram struck Garkida, as community members left everything behind, spent their Christmas Eve in the bushes, watching and waiting, while the insurgents ransack their homes, burn down churches, and killed at least six people, community members told Daily Sun, without any government intervention.So, it was a Christmas, Garkida would never want to remember as residents recount the horror details of their ordeals.

Kano, Sokoto, Lagos, Kaduna, Oyo, Plateau, Other States, Targeted for Religious Uprising-DSS Alerts

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The Department of States Services has warned Nigerians that there are plans by some elements in the country working with external forces to incite religious uprising in the country.

The statement warned that some states including Sokoto, Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, Rivers, Oyo, Plateau and other south east states have been targeted as flash points for the planned mayhem.

This is contained in a statement issued by the Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria’s Department of State Services (DSS), Peter Afunaya, and made available to Newsmen in Abuja.

The statement reads, “The Department of State Services (DSS) wishes to alert the public about plans by some elements working with external forces to incite religious violence across the country.

“Targeted states include Sokoto, Kano, Kaduna, Plateau, Rivers, Oyo, Lagos and those in the South East.

“Part of the plans is to cause inter-religious conflicts, as well as, use their foot soldiers to attack some worship centres, religious leaders, personalities, key and vulnerable points.”

It added that, “Consequently, Nigerians are advised to be wary of these antics and shun all divisive tendencies aimed at inciting or setting them against one another.

“While the Service pledges to collaborate with sister agencies to ensure that public order is maintained, those hatching these plots are warned to desist from such in the interest of peace, security and development of the country.

“However, law abiding citizens (and residents) are encouraged to report suspected breaches of peace around them to the nearest security agencies.”

Breaking: Boko haram fighters Sighted Around Garkida Town in 9 trucks, Member Representing Gombi Calls for Help

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The lawmaker representing Gombi Constituency in the Adamawa state house of assembly, Japhet Kefas, has called for immediate military intervention in Garkida to forestall a possible second attack by the Boko haram insurgents on Garkida.
Kefas said local sightngs suggests that some Boko Haram fighters have been spotted in 9 trucks around kalamba, in the outskirts of Garkda, Saturday evening.

He explained that the sightings has triggered panic and unrest in the community adding that movements was similar to the kind which the insurgents made in the attack on Garkida on the eve of Christmas.

Japhet said, his community would not be care free with the information on the movements of the insurgents, because it was in a similar manner that the insurgents operated on the eve of Christmas, resulting in the deaths of six persons.

Kefas said, ” Information has just reached us now that Boko Haram men are mobilizing themselves to Garkida for another attack.
“Now we are mobilizing hunters to Garkida to repel, another possible attack.
“We are working keenly to deploy vigilantes and hunters to Garkida town, the logistics is quite demanding to carter for the hunters who will be camped in the town for sometime.”
Kefas disclosed that, “The casualty from the attacks by insurgents on Garkida on Christmas Eve was six instant deaths and it is still not yet clear if the two persons abducted by the insurgents are dead or alive.
“A search party made up of hunters and civilian JTF, have been deployed to search for the two young men abducted by the insurgents and they are yet to be found.
“Due to similarities of the mode of operation adopted by the insurgents, our communities would not afford to joke with this available information on the sighting of the insurgents in nine trucks heading for Garkida.
“There’s need for precaution, and we have notified all relevant security agencies about the possibility of a second attack by the insurgents on Garkida town because of awkward movements reminiscent of the first attack on the eve of Christmas, resulting in the death of six persons.
“We can’t count the casualties but there were six instant deaths;
“A fourteen year old girl and one vigilante are receiving treatment for gunshot wounds sustained in the attacks.
“The attackers burnt trucks, pay loaders, heavy trucks meant for the construction of Gombi- Garkida and Biu Township roads.
“They also burnt a bus loaded with wrappers, looted shops and houses and set the vigilante and military dent in Garkida ablaze.”
Attacks by Boko Haram elements on Garkida, a town located at the foot of Mandara mountains, exploited by insurgents in the guerrilla warfare, have witnessed recurring attacks, particularly during festive periods.
Early this year attacks by the insurgents left scores killed while churches, hospitals and telecommunication infrastructure in the town were destroyed.
It was one of the worst attacks carried out by insurgents since the recapture of the town from the insurgents in 2014, following the capture of Gombi, Michika, Maiha, Mubi North, Mubi South and Hong by insurgents.

Bloody Christmas Eve: Boko Haram Attack Adamawa Community on Christmas Eve

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Reports just reaching us suggests that some members of the Boko Haram insurgents have once again attacked Adamawa Community of Garkida, shooting randomly as residents scamper into nearby bushes for safety.
A local from Garkida told News Rendezvous that the insurgents stormed the community around 5 pm Thursday evening, shooting randomly.

The local contact said, “Right now, I cannot say how the village is because we are all hiding in the bush.

Details emerging from the Christmas Eve attack suggests that the insurgents stormed the town in the evening around 5 pm driving in twelve trucks and have currently setting so many of the houses on fire, locals told Rendezvous.
Details shortly…

Breaking: Female Suicide Bomber kills Three in Borno

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A teenage girl has killed at least three people when she blew herself up in a crowd in Borno State, militia and humanitarian sources confirmed.

“We evacuated three dead bodies and two people who were seriously injured from the scene,” said aid worker Abubakar Mohammed.

The attack happened in the town of Konduga, about 38 kilometres (24 miles) from the state capital Maiduguri.

The attacker set off her explosives among a group of men at a hangout next the local chief’s home, said Ibrahim Liman, an anti-jihadist militia leader who gave the same toll.

Konduga and surrounding villages have been repeatedly targeted by suicide bombers from Boko Haram, which typically attacks soft civilian targets such as mosques, markets and bus stations, often using young women as bombers.

At least 30 people were killed last year in Konduga when three bombers detonated their explosives outside a hall where football fans were watching a match on TV.

Boko Haram and a splinter group, the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), have killed 36,000 people and displaced around two million since 2009.

The jihadist conflict has spread into neighbouring Chad, Niger and Cameroon, prompting a regional military coalition to end the violence

Nigerian Army, Neutralise 75 Boko Haram Terrorist, Seize Ammunitions, Vehicles

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The troops of Operation Lafiya Dole in its operation Fire Ball , has confirmed the killing of about 75 Boko Haram insurgents Or Members of the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) and the seizure of several of its operational vehicles.

This is contained in a press statement issued by the acting Director Defense Media Operations, Briigadier General, Bernard Onyeuko, and made available to News Rendezvous, Tuesday.

Bernard Onyeuko said the military has recorded a successful operation against the insurgent and that the military is committed clearing the north east and the country at large of the activities of the Boko Haram insurgents and other security threats.

Brig. Onyeuko said, “Sequel to the commencement of Operation FIRE BALL, a subsidiary operation under Operation LAFIYA DOLE which is meant to clear the remnants of the Boko Haram/ Islamic State West Africa Province terrorists from their identified enclaves in the North East region.

“The Operation has recorded tremendous successes within the short period from its existence with the last week of the preceding month proving to be the deadliest against the criminals.

“The troops in the various Sectors of the Theatre have continued to carry out their tasks relentlessly. The successes so far achieved wouldn’t have been possible without the sacrifice, commitment and gallantry exhibited by the well motivated troops some of whom have paid the supreme sacrifice.

“Within this period, the troops have carried out aggressive clearance operations, ambushes, robust day and night patrols in order to finally decimate the remnants of the Boko Haram/ISWAP criminals.

“Consequently, as a result of the aggressive offensive action carried out by the troops, several terrorists elements have been neutralized as large number of their equipment were captured while some were equally destroyed in the process.

“In this regard a total of 75 Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists were neutralized within this period. In terms of the criminals equipment 4 x Gun Trucks, 1 x Bedford Truck, 3 x Anti Aircraft guns,were destroyed. The captured weapons include: 6 x Gun Trucks, 4 x Anti Aircraft guns, 1x PKT gun, 4 x General Purpose Machine Guns,1 x Automatic Grenade Launcher, 1 x Dushka Gun, 1 x Light Machine Gun, 48 x AK 47 Rifles, 1x Locally made Pistol and 10 x AK 47 magazines.

“Furthermore, large cache of ammunition were captured also.

“This include: 1 x 36 Hand Grenade, 567 rounds of 7.62mm Special ammunition, 448 rounds of 12.7mm ammunition, 50 x Rocket Propelled Grenade bombs, 17 locally manufactured rounds, 3 shells for making Improvised Explosive Device, 1 x Smoke Grenade and 2 x belts of PKT rounds. Other assorted non lethal items were also captured from the criminals.”

He added that, “Regrettably, one officer and 2 gallant soldiers paid the supreme price while 4 other soldiers were wounded in action over the period.

“However, the wounded soldiers have since been evacuated to a military medical facility and are currently responding to treatment.

“The troops of Operation FIRE BALL under Operation LAFIYA DOLE are hereby commended for their resilience, doggedness and commitment exhibited since the beginning of the Operation.

“They are equally encouraged not to rest on their oars but build on the successes recorded so far.”

Assuring Nigerians and members of the north east he said, “The entire populace of the North East region are hereby assured of the Nigerian military high command determination to finally rout the remnants of BHT/ISWAP criminals from their enclaves in this zone.

“To you the members of the Press, I want to thank you most profoundly for your cooperation and commitment in covering our activities.

“You are well appreciated.”

Fintiri Reads Riot Act to Looters: – Issues 12 Hours Ultimatum, Arrests 155 Looters

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Fintiri Issues 12 Hours Ultimatum on Looters Before Security Clampdown
– Arrests 155 Looters, Impound 12 Tricycles of Loot
The Adamawa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, said he would sign an executive order for a house-to-house search for looted goods after his 12 hours Ultimatum elapse at 6am Wednesday.
Fintiri said, homes found harbouring Looters and looted properties, could have their Certificate of Occupancy revoked and risked having homes demolished.
This is contained in an official state broadcast made by the governor on Tuesday in Yola, Adamawa state.
Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri said, he has issued a 12 hour ultimatum to Looters in the state to return all properties carted away, explaining that after the grace period of 12 hours which elapse at 6am Wednesday, he would sign an executive order for a house-to-house search by security and any home harbouring looted properties would have its C of O revoked.
Fintiri notes that about 155 Looting suspects are already in police custody, 12 Tricycles loaded with looted goods have been impounded, and 9 stolen vehicles have been recovered.
Fintiri said, “We condemn in strong terms the outright demonstration of brigandage as barbaric, criminal and a recipe for anarchy.
“As a responsible government, we cannot fold our hands, while criminals are trying to take over our society.
“We are working round the clock to ensure that peace is returned to our society.
“Working with the security agencies, we have activated the necessary instrument for a return to normalcy and arrest of the looters.
“So far, our efforts is yielding result, relative peace is returning as no new attack has been reported in the last 24hrs.
“Arrest have been made so far, 155 suspects are in police custody, 9 Vehicles and 12 tricycles loaded with the loot have also been impounded.
“On this note, I assure every resident of the State of our continuous commitment to the protection of their lives and properties. Consequently, I am giving a 12 hour ultimatum (6:00 pm – 6:00 am) to the hoodlums to return whatever they looted from public and private warehouses and homes to the nearest Police Station and traditional rulers house (from the ward to the district level), whichever is nearest to them.
“This ultimatum will expire at 6:00 am on Wednesday, 28th – October, 2020, after which I will sign an Executive Order for a house-to-house search to commence by 7:00 am of the same day.
“Part of the provision of the order is a sanction that will attract withdrawal of C of O and if necessary, demolition of every house that habours any of the Stolen properties.
“Law abiding citizens should cooperate with the Security agencies to ensure this is enforced to the later. “
Appealing for calm and apologising to the public over the hardship the curfew and looting might cause he said, “As a Government, we take full responsibility for all the hardship attendant upon by the curfew era on decent and hardworking citizens.
“The other two categories of people I greatly owe apologies to, are the vulnerable especially at the 21 LGAs who would have been the beneficiaries of the looted goods but were denied because of the activities of the hoodlums; and the owners of the private warehouses, shops and properties looted. I truly feel your pain.”
Giving details into the amount of destruction caused by the looters he said, “Whatever charity one confers on the description of the perpetrators of this heinous act, they can’t be anything short of criminals.
“Once the warehouses are emptied, the next destination as already manifest in the last two days, are private businesses and individuals’ homes.
“I received briefings from relevant stakeholders on the level of havoc rendered in the last two days.
“With shock, we received the report of attacks on the Customs Office, Road Safety, Primary Healthcare Development Agency, NEMA office, COVID-19 Isolation Centre at Kofare, North East Commodity Association (NECAS) Kofare, public and private warehouses in Demsawo, Nyako Quarters, opposite airport, behind Zenith bank, bakin kogi, Mayanka, Upper Benue, AADP, LEA, Yola South, Red Cross opposite FMC, Aliyu Mustafa College; Belel’s workshop, Private farms, etc.
“we are still taking stock of extent of loot and damages to properties of government and private entities.
“The loss is materially colossal but more enormous is the loss of moral values driven by greedy criminal urge to steal.”
Speaking on the efforts of the state government in curbing youth restiveness he said, “As a government, we saw this coming, right from inception, we knew no government can take all the army of the youths into its employment.
“Even if it can, in this age of enterprise creativity and entrepreneurship, it is the dumbest decision to take. We therefore created the Ministry of Entrepreneurship to build the capacity of our investments and manage them successfully.
“We are training many youths who are willing to be off the street and creating enabling environment for SMEs to thrive.
“We have advertised for employment of 2000 teachers for secondary schools in the State. I urge qualified candidates to take advantage and collect employment forms free from any zonal office close to them
“We have been doing our best in the development of the State, especially with the Adamawa peace project.
“This indeed is a major setback. With your support we shall overcome it.
“Fellow Citizens of Adamawa State, today, 27th October, is my birthday. The best gift you can give me on a day like this is a commitment to making Adamawa peaceful.”

Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Flags off Distribution of COVID-19 Palliatives to 59,338 Households in Adamawa – Lauds North East Innovation Hub’s Giant Strides

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The minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq, has flagged-off the distribution of assorted grains as palliative to about fifty nine thousand, three hundred and thirty eight (59, 338) vulnerable households in Adamawa.

The minister explained that the Palliatives from the national grain reserve was meant as a response to cushion the adverse economic effect of lockdown on residents as government works hard to curb the spread of Coronavirus in the state.

Farouq made the remarks, Wednesday, while flagging off the distribution of the palliatives in Yola, Adamawa state.

Sadiya Farouq said, “I am also here on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari to present to you, assorted grains from the National Food Reserve, approved as palliative for distribution to vulnerable persons affected by the recent restriction of movement to curtail the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

“We all know that the outbreak of the pandemic has brought about changes and challenges to our normal ways of living.

“Most obvious, is the vulnerable persons that depend largely on others for their daily survival.

“Such persons are the aged, people living with disabilities and persons of concerns, that deserve support in terms of basic necessities including foods.”

Giving details of the items for distribution, the minister said, “The food items brought to the state are, Maize 1,366.52 Metric tonnes (46 trailer load), Millet 172.19 Metric tonnes (6 trailer load) and Sorghum 1,428.17 Metric tonnes (48 trailer load)

“These food items are meant to cater for 59,338 households.”

She added that, “It is important to put on record that Adamawa State has benefitted from the Emergency Agricultural Intervention Programme which was approved by President MuhammaduBuhari in 2019.

“It commenced with verification of affected farmers and was immediately followed by the distribution of farm inputs.

“The inputs already distributed comprised of seeds and seedlings, agrochemicals and knapsack sprayers.

“A total of 10,142 farmers have been verified to benefit from the fertilizer for having been affected by the flood and 11, 400 affected by conflicts.

“Modified liquid fertilizer will be supplied for the distribution in place of solid NPK which was suspended in 2019 based on directive of the National Security Adviser.”

The minister also used the occasion to draw the attention of the state government on the need to put measures on ground to curb the possible effect of the impending flood.

She said, “May I draw the attention of Your Excellency to the 2020 Seasonal Rainfall Prediction and the Annual Flood Outlook.

“The Annual Flood Outlook informed that 102 Local Government Areas, in 28 States fall within the highly probable risk areas, while 275 Local Government Areas in the 36 states of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory fall within the moderately probable flood risk areas.

“The remaining 397 Local Government Areas fall within the low probable flood risks areas.

“Unfortunately, the predicted floods have started to occur in many parts of the country, therefore, it is imperative to activate all plans and measures against the prediction as the season moves towards the peak.

“This year, the highly probable flood risk areas in Adamawa State are Yola North, Yola South and Lamurde Local Government Areas, while the probable flood risk areas are Numan, Guyuk and Demsa Local Government Areas.

“In view of the foregoing, I wish to request the State Government to kindly take proactive and necessary mitigative measures in addressing these issues, namely, directing the State Emergency Management Agency, frontline Local Government authorities and other response agencies to put in place preparedness actions.

“Carrying out public enlightenment campaigns, targeting vulnerable communities to undertake mitigation actions and prepare for evacuation to safe ground, identifying high grounds for possible Internally Displaced Persons camps, to shelter evacuated communities.

“Desilting river channels and canals, removing all refuse and weeds from water channels, drainages, and all avenues for river run offs so as to allow free flow of flood waters.

“Organizing State Humanitarian Coordination Forum meetings to prepare all stakeholders for mitigation and response, prepositioning relief materials for prompt response after the flood, the Federal Government through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has taken note of this year’s prediction and has been working with stakeholders to mitigate the possible effect of the flooding.”

While welcoming the minister, the Adamawa state governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has called on the federal government to facilitate the completion abandoned federal government projects in the state.

Fintiri drew the attention of the minister to the abandoned Chochi dam which he said would go a long way in taming the adverse affect of the flood.

He promised to put every possible response of the government in place to provide succour for residents of the state who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and for those that might be hard hit by the impending flood.

The minster later visited the North East Humanitarian Hub where she commended the efforts of the hub in mobilising young Nigerians to deal with the effects of poverty and economic challenges in the region through creative development of solutions.

The minister while at the hub chaired over the virtual graduation of over 800 women representing the Hub’s first cohorts of Women Codeprenuer program funded by the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

While welcoming the minister the Innovation Hub outlined some of its successes over the years including the launching of a 3D printing lab and internship program, the provision of prosthetic limbs to ten beneficiaries including a nine year old Mohammed and DSP Adamu, a service police officer, the organising of free women coding and entrepreneurship program for hundred women in Adamawa state in the first instance and to about six thousand beneficiaries across the the north east states in 2020, among several other numerous outstanding achievements.

Maiha LGA Boss Calls for Funding to Enable Military Total Clampdown on Armed Men Terrorising Communities At Border with Camaroun

News Rendezvous

A joint Nigeria-Cameroun security meeting chaired by the indefatigable Maiha local government council Boss, Idi Amin, has identified poor funding of the security operatives at the border of the country as a major reasons so the unabated rise is banditary, kidnappings and robbery by armed men in the area.

The meeting called for the state government to strengthen the funding of the growing security challenge in the area by supporting the efforts of the Maiha council boss in order to wipe out the illicit activities of armed men terrorising the area.

This is contained in a statement issued by the joint security meeting and made available to News Rendezvous.

The statement reads, “On 27th June 2020 about 1055hrs at Council secretariat, the Chairman, Idi Ali Amin, chaired the above meeting for the deliberation on security issues concerning activities of armed men, that bedevils the two Nations for more than a decade.

“He explained his concern over the protracted activities of armed men that includes robbery, kidnapping, rustling and arms trafficking among others menace.

“He lamented how the two countries have been making fruitless effort to arrest the situation on its own.

“Hence the need to extend collaborating hands to Cameroon, aimed at fighting the hoodlums as a team.

“Which is welcomed by all quarters. While hoping the move will find solutions to not only the threat on ground, but also create future synergy that will ensure peaceful coexistence, as well as economic development.

He notes that there are instances where kidnappers might abducted Nigerian victims and crossed over to Cameroon territory and the cooperation of the camerounian counterpart would be required to overcome the territorial jurisdiction in order foe security men to apprehend the culprits. ”

The council boss’, “Then called on the Camerounian representatives to suggests possible ways to arrest the situation, while assuring them of Nigeria’s, cooperation. ”

The representative of comerounian security while agreeing to the existance of a security challenge affect both countries at the border maintained that dealing with the situation would require a collaborative work between the two countries.

The Camerounian representative said,there country has however taken serious measures to deal with the miscreant and that they have now resorted to taking shelter on the Nigerian side of the border.

Speaking at the occasion, Maiha Traditional leaders, from the hot spot of the criminal activities, Sarou, Belel and Mbilla, solicits the State Governor’s to further boost funding to the council for fighting the group.

They say that, security can not be run on credit and that the efforts of Maiha council cannot be enough.

They cautioned that, if the situation is allowed to continue it might give birth to a situation similar to what is now happening at Zamfara and Katsina axis.

The meeting assured of continued security interface and cooperation between the two countries as well as the sharing of information with the sister security outfit from the neighbouring country.