Southern Zone Youths Attack Grace Bent, “We Threw You Out, Not Fintiri”

News RendezvousA group, Concerned Southern Zone Youths have fired back at the former the Senator representing Southern Adamawa, Grace Bent, over her attacks on the state chairman of the PDP, AT Shehu, saying, her attacks on the Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and AT Shehu were unnecessary because they did not throw her out but that they the people of the southern Zone responsible for her failure to return to office because they are done with her.The concerned youths said, they through their power of choice, decided to do away with her over arrogant and Demigod attitude she constantly display, the same character she is displaying now in her attacks on the governor and the state party chairman.This is contained in a press statement issued to Newsmen, and signed by the groups chairman, Pwadeno Micheal, Monday, in Yola, Adamawa state.The Concerned Southern Zone Youths said, “Grace Bent, is making frantic moves to blow her trumpet of superiority over the men of Southern zone Adamawa state in her arrogant use of words aimed at the Adamawa state PDP chairman which is a clear demonstration of what led to her fall.”Her response was a total departure from the truth and certainly another display of the egoistic tendencies and lack of humility befitting of public servant that Grace Bent is supposed to be.”The group pointed out that, “Her claims to have single-handedly brought the chairman to office is one of her failed attempts to project herself as the alpha woman that dominated the Numan zone.”But to the credit of the southern Zone, though Bent not biologically daughter of the area and with no discrimination of gender, because the zone has no problem with women taking their rightful places of leadership, she was able to win elections and it is disturbing to hear her make such outrageous claims and attempts to assassinate other people’s character just because she could not get what she wants.”They added that, “It is so funny to hear a self-aclaimed ‘political gladiator’ in Adamawa fuming over lost elections forgetting that in the past concerned citizens kept quiet back then in the PDP owing to the fact that the youruba connection at the national played a dynamic role in imposing her at the southern zone up here in the North contrary to the interest of the Numan federation elders wishes.”The structure of the PDP as at that time was that purely the Yoruba connection.“You cannot brush aside the issue of indigene and non-indigene (which means exactly what the coinage means and you know it exist loudest in the Yoruba land where it is completely impossible to grant a northern woman married to a Yoruba man the privilege given to you) and your arrogance suggests that you have taken our magnanimity for granted.”Quoting the constitution does not invalidate the principle of indigenous interest of the people to want a biological son or daughter vie for such elective positions as in Section 42 sub-section 1.”And your ignorance of the shift in status quo of the events is an embarrassment to the Concerned Southern Zone youths.”The group argues that, “We all agree that the Constitution and the Electoral Act, 2010 (as amended) regarding qualifications for election exist but that is not the issue today.”We are saying take a bow and stop pushing blames as though we the Southern zone are enslaved to you, there was voting, there was an election and we threw you out simple.”One thing is true about us in Adamawa state, we are endowed with reason and conscience and we act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood, that was what informed our first step in giving you the position.The group contended that, “Why can’t this same support and brotherhood be applied to support our Northern women in their own biological state?”Also I ask her, can our women married in Osun state, ever be allowed to teach in a state school in her state?”Well we are homely in Adamawa and will continue to give opportunities to all people but the decision to stop you is the people’s choice.”The party did not want to loose the seat so we went ahead, mobilized and voted, but we the people have overturned it to allow for equal representation of our zone by one of our own biological inclined indigene to fill the space.”The reason being we have learnt our lesson that our liberal tendencies out here in the north are not applicable to our married women down there where you biologically hail from (Osun state).”Please your game plan has been exposed and we want you to face it and stop pushing blames on others, today our Senator is Binos, and we willingly voted him in.”

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